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Survival food calorie scams exposed by the Health Ranger.

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don't they all say that though? the other guys are bad we are good? it does make me worry though as to what we are eating....


i buy 5 gal buckets of corn, rice, beans, lentils and the some #10 cans of chicken and beef...these are no name brands that are suppose to be heirloom products...

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the comparison chart was confusing,  I do not look at "long term" food as anything but "survival food" something to fill the belly when I cannot scrounge a meal.  Should we all be in a situation where this is the only food we probably be very worried about so many other thing in the environment than the survival meals we are that point IMHO.


NO matter the intake if your body is not healthy it cannot process or convert it health issues in a compromised world is going to happen look at the middle east those people have some of the longest life spans in rural areas but warfare or the toxic chemicals and heavy metals, decaying bodies not enough access to enough water and their normal diet is lowering their life spans.


Any prepping that does not have more than one source of foods like tin canned from grocery stores home canning long term storage food

smoked, dried, salted you really are missing out.  Lets face it none of them are broad enough to keep your pallet from getting bored or have all the trace minerals and full load of vitamins it's survival food not health food !  Some are better but some do not offer some of our comfort dishes some have a better taste so my advice is mix them up buying a year from one supplier is fine but use it before you need it Academy stores have mountain house and you can find others some look good but lack zing others packing looks generic and tastes good

like everything in prepping experience is our best teacher.

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My personal experience is that I rather eat what I hunt, trap, fish & things that I grow in the garden.

I've had enough issues with sodium intake from can goods, MRE's & what not to land in the hospital a few years back.

Pissing out kidney stones was not fun at all.

Make sure you have plenty of water as a chaser, after you've eaten that mountain house meal.

I rather can my own grub to eat, this way I know what's really in it.

I'm not saying my way is the only way, we all have to make choices/decisions in ones life.

The out come is yours to make & not mine.

So do as you wish you live or die with it.

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I'd never pay that sort of money for that sort of "food".. I buy legumes and grain from local farmers at harvest season. Doesn't take much work (fun actually) or $ to put up a lot of venison jerky, either. add some "no cook" stuff like almond butter, Tang, powdered gatorade, instant oatmeal, and some Crisco, and you can be pretty well off for $1 per day per adult. The stuff that wont keep forever, I can replace cheaply, or we eat/rotate it.

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