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DIY untralight wood stove

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This is a DIY version of the wood burning backpackers stove. The link below is the retail version, the Bushbuddy Ultra Wood Stove.


I'm sure anyone can get stronger material to build their own without using juice cans as well.

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great find regulator5


I used to make something like this with a #10 can hang it off my pack with dry found wood until needed

with a can opener ring the sides with holes about an inch apart

to close it will collapse cut out top with p38 deburr edges or cut a center hole

leave bottom in I used paper and small branches leaves.


For those who are not the out doors types the list below will help you can make a print off the

internet of the leaf or nut to identify but make sure below are the reasons.


three leaves let it be as poison ivy, oak and sumac inhaling smoke will cause the same blistering of lungs.

and in a survival situation you will die more likely than not.

any vines on wood use gloves and remove any sign of it with machete or knife before cooking or heating with.

but there are many deadly house and ornamental plants,

Many have died or have been disabled from sickness or gone blind.

below are ones I know are safe there are others I have heard of beach wood but I did not like it.

do not use pine or evergreen as there resin ruins the taste.



use only known wood like;



corn cobs etc.







fruit wood like






Grape vine

Sea weed

paper as long as not direct flame as some inks are not good like magazines / shiny most news paper uses

soy based ink.

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Great designs but hard to pack as I am concerned with space in my pack and durability I love the one I bought here $12


Need to add a 4" piece of small gaugewire thru the one side to hold flaps together to make real stable hole are even drilled for it but it is great fold down real flat heats well just don't use green or wet wood so as not to resin/creosote it up and get nasty

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Guest survival101

Both look good, maybe the same model? The sponsor's website is nice. Attractively laid out, reasonably priced items, as well as the more expensive ones. First one I saw that offers gas masks. I'll be bookmarking them, Matt. They have a nice, US made stainless skillet too. My only wish was that they gave the country of manufacture, and type of metal on that little backpack cookstove. I'm kinda funny about trying to get American made when I can.

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Another idea for the homemade stove would be to drill two small holes in the sides and take either some strong wire or even a metal coat hanger and cut to size to use as a handle. Be very usefull for transporting fire without burning yourself.

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