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Astronaut Busted, trying to hide UFO's near ISS. ( 1/14/2017 )

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L.A. Marzulli has dozens of videos on youtube as well as other sources,  you have to be careful there are a lot of Alien believers that do not understand that aliens are most probably fallen angels or satanic / demonic origin.


I would surmise SWAG method (scientific wild azz guess) our government is in league with some of them there are more than one type (from reports) wethere we are being "played" as there is only really one side (satan can appear as an angel of light) so also can his minions.


This is all conjecture I have not seen any personally only video etc even if I had I could still only guess but, after all the reports it seems people are frightened after encounters I also THINK as do some investigators that these are interdimensional beings able to move in and out of this dimension that would explain why they can just disappear or blink out are all of them "real" I do not think so but some have been touched look up Redalsham forest encounter our military encountered one and all of them swear and been polygraphed something happened what I know that none of them can say but it was not normal.


I think we make a mistake to discount or accuse the videographers or witnesses of deception there are hoaxes no doubt but, we had in the 1950's only a few sightings a year today over a thousand a DAY all over the world. include that we have more violence addiction wars increasing exponentially could there be a connection -- I do not know for sure if we discount the possibility and do not investigate it the next 911 could be a non local threat.


I am very concerned that many would "loose their religion" as in the days of Noah,

Before the flood and worship powerful men instead of the Creator God as men or aliens can be corrupt or corrupted by power or have an agenda.  We would do well to see that God gave us the 10 commandments and in those I see no hatred of man we are supposed to be peaceful and respectful of all that are not trying to be in opposition to that concept we have laws spelled out in the Bible how to handle that from fines expulsion prison and execution.


The specifics are not clear but Greek stories may have been reality at one time (before the flood) magic Giant's demons strange creatures demigods etc etc. A reading of the Bible people can see those things happened and still can or do.

Satan is not dead his followers still have influence on the earth through mankind

the forces of good and evil are still at war, so love God or Satan or by default go to hell.


This world is more than most people can imagine extreme sports prove peoples strength just crossing the line in some makes them a winner, This is a testing ground for the human spirit it is a test you cannot see all the obstetrical ahead as you cannot see God you are given rules (the Bible) your given a time limit (life) and your suppose to run a clean race follow the rules and finish and go the the judges table to receive your reward  all sports politics and scholastics are predicate on the Biblical narrative learn train ask for help stay the course and win so why is life just an accident ? you have no meaning your objective it to get rich or die trying and after your dust no judgment no responsibility no justice for what you did or who you hurt and nothing to those that hurt you,  all an accident  a gamble shot in the dark and in a thousand years who will remember you ? it was all for nothing, you won't remember the taste of food the sex joy hate love kindness fear loathing everything you stood for meant nothing and your nothing  (hey it's great to have no God)


OR you could remember all the good things remember have family friends life forever and I am sure much much more. WHY because I see it in people every day someone cares someone helps someone dies for someone else defends protects loves and babies laugh animals play all those positives are God working through mankind.   now satan works also violence death war suicide depression addiction crime hate separation --- separation from God his love and will in your life.

God is not your doormat your mother butler or ruler your a free agent do as you please when you please joining is as a free agent you can stay or go.  Be happy or stay mad and moan about everything drag your feet beat your wife kick your dog slap your child OR ------

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    • already do all that my traps are right now live traps damn coons and squirrels are my trouble but since they taste good no problem to big with more taters and gravy. anyone that is not up on self defense or "gun" handling is way behind the 8 ball. it's not that training is not important but there comes a point where your gilding the Lilly and dry firing is the cause of more firearms damage than every other use of a firearm unless one uses a snap cap and if you already know how when and what to shoot it's not time well spent.  Prepping the art of being prepared I am already there all I do ow is back fill and reorder until the flag goes up.  I'm sure I will want some new toy but to be truthful if people can keep their head down 90 days there will be very little to deal with as all the unprepared will have dealt each other out of the game. Cabin fever and doing ninja rolls in the urban jungle scoping out all the stuff you should already have only places you in the cross-hairs of a opportunistic sniper who's spotter will clean you like a chicken for Sunday dinner.  water holes are always a bad place to go to as everyone else will be needing /wanting water. depending on the situation rivers streams and wells may be polluted by the dead since animals will be left to their own roving packs of dogs will add to the otherwise difficult task of roaming around. many a good man has walked up on a spider hole handful of punji sticks leg traps fall traps etc etc etc. its great to be an armchair commando the field test is a bit trickier. I can also see where like many countries in the recent unpleasantness released their zoo critters I know of people that keep large dangerous exotic pets. roaming through homes and commercial centers may lead to some real surprises people are funny that way if they want to punish people that try to steal their sh*t  it may have strings attached ! I already know how to field strip or dress most anything I will encounter that I need or can use if it takes a large vehicle to move better to decommission and move on. piles of goods probably have love apples hidden and some have NO DELAY click bang in a real nasty world there are thousands of ways to meet your end and curiosity kills more than cats. most fields can hold hundreds of people ask any Masai warrior .  Mountains or hills can hold an avalanche of rocks and Switzerland has never been invaded by any army since 1499. Defenses are not always perfect as General Patton stated, that fixed fortifications are monuments to mans stupidity".  Sun Tzu, " The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.  My quote is screw em' all but 6 and baptize them in sh*t  or If I follow anyone they are in chains. whoever said it ," if you want a friend get a dog was a deep thinker and knew the frailties of the human condition.  If you see a dog growling at it's own shadow think of me I have trust issues    
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