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survival chick

Survival workshops in San Antonio coming up

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There is a group out of San Antonio Texas called The Human Path

that does online and on-site Survival Workshops. 

Thought I would share this in case anyone was interested.

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I wonder what happened to al lot of our members.  Financially the world ins on the brink I think people should get back in the saddle of prepping.  I also have considered that the normalcy bias kicks in people do not like to be under the gun, and when things do not look like they are changing like the Bible states they loose interest or quit believing altogether when the BIG event fails to occur.


Mount St. Helen was a example because it did not erupt the way thought people were pushing and then demanding  to go into their property

I recall arguing with the police driving around road blocks and even the scientist failed to spot the danger and it was staring them in the face.

It killed 57 people more than I remembered had to look it up, still it should be a reminder that what you think or believe has nothing to do with reality. The most uttered words in the human language before dying are UH-OH OH-SH*T and What was that ?


Women should be preppers they are more organized child centric task oriented and worry about everything and IMHO this is something to overcome by prepping as it covers all the things we normally we and they worry about.


I for one am glad Trump said he was going to turn schools over to the states, regionally we have issues that a national system does not address  like local fire and rescue first aid and there needs to be a focus on children that have more technical hands on ability we need electricians plumbers welders etc etc. Academia as Oriely of the Oreily  factor stated that college did not prepare him for his job on the job learning did college has a place to broaden our information culture and other skills but EGG HEADS have turned it into a social engineering of cultural change and that in it's self is single minded and a dead end like picking one spot to look at and no other -- nonsensical IMO.  It is gradually happening but America need more women in the trades unfortunately I have  worked with some and instead of bringing a different perspective they attempted to over compensate and bark or use femininity as a tool -- hey we all should not lift carry or do certain things alone for safety and injury reasons and there are times anyone should bark and growl but it is not a daily requirement or quotas from male or female workers or supervisors.  I always respected others as I don'tand can't  do it alone it takes a village  LMAO no it does not it takes caring and responsible individuals working together to accomplish any large task, and looking out for each other it should not take a union to do what honorable people should do.  there are point of a union that are good but protecting lazy bums using it to cover their azz it's unconscionable,


In a balanced relationship each needs to look out for the other be secure and ready to take charge in an in the event the other is not around.  My mother did and in my eyes it did not make her masculine

or less than a lady she was not as strong but my old man was a bull but in her way she could get a project done or handle our animals in her own way and she had a sense of humor we need more like her.  Women generally have better memory nothing can replace a good woman more precious than gold I think the Bible states.


Life is not a contest it's a journey and if you loose your (wife or husband ) /best friend or dump them fail to be a friend berate or insult them, figure your a looser self centered and probably an egotist / male chauvinist or a raging feminist neither is good quality in a human being.

The Bible tells us we are "over" the woman --- understand it in the context and original language it means we / men are responsible for EVERYTHING not the mooslim version of me Tarzan you Jane

more your Gods contractor and if something is outof kilter your responsible and just as well the woman is responsible to God to do what is right honorable and good for the sake of the marriage and family, there are no bosses just responsible parties in different sectors of the business andit is a business, OF LIFE and you have to do all the things as in a business pay bills have insurance save money be responsible health and well being etc. a good woman has more on their plate the compensation is a man gets her all the conveniences and ease he can afford in time money or goods as she wishes.

the lady needs to be reasonable it's a good system until one wants to run roughshod over or manipulate  the other.


In another thread women are liars well no more than men I have seen some awful and sick actions against women seems that in most interaction the decent people get the short end of the stick.

but all humans are liars and protect their own interests pride and egos we put more emphasis if it is the other side if we are not careful we paint the whole as bad personal relationships are hard and social relationships are more confusing and if we do not know the whole story we lack the ability to understand who is at fault.

Yes we need more women in our group I do mis the ladies contributions and hope they return.

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I'm content / happy to be here in Survival Cache forum.

I've looked at other Survival prepper forum sites, more or less the same information & ideas being passed along.

Besides if I got involved to all the survival prepping sights, I'd wouldn't have time to do anything else.

Like working for a living, doing projects around the house. Etc.

Theirs only so many hours in a day, I like to use my time wisely doing & making things with my hands.

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I do not want to disparage any of the folks that went over to Dan's but I went there and some considered my post negative and I became persona non gratis ---PDQ I found if you did not keep your comments between the rails you were no longer a member.


My recent posts on the economy would have scared the snot out of them ( the overseers ) they like their TEOTWAWKI to be orderly organized and as they have preplanned.  They resist any narrative that defies their own -- nonsensical to me in a joint chiefs meeting if everyone has the same opinion how is that helpful ?


I realize my post can be long but insert proof and a balance of videos to make points and validate them off the cuff remarks without some relevance or proof to disseminate fact from fiction is cheating the reader of their ability to make inform opinion.


I made a post about delaying comments until after the inauguration today I have seen where some very informed news outlets (on the web) have stated that a coup attempt by releasing the fake sex news story against Trump and that insiders in the CIA were responsible as well one reservist general is to be removed @ 12:01 from the security detail on inauguration day :o   This is crazy town and a post of this nature would not pass muster at least by me posting it on Dan's depot site IMO.


I do not have an agenda I mostly post on what actual things I read on numerous scientific political and organizational sites cut and past to give the reader the exact words used some of my conclusions are my own but I think if a person looks over my post history it is consistent and has some merit.


We live in interesting times and in my opinion that ain't a good thing all hell can break loose I fell the world bankers are NOT going to allow the world to undo their well laid plans that they have so meticulously planed since literally President Woodrow Wilson they want a world currency and be in control of every human on the planet its Biblical but it is sensible since every mogul has tried to control this country by the rail roads and that is why we have monopoly laws but now we have global corporations run by foreigners that control American corporations directing them down a globalist / socialist  path.


Sorry about the rant but it was frustrating to be on a purported survival site and have people snipe at you for warning about the many issues that effect our freedoms or could effect them if you posted anything other than how to turn kleenex into a hammock you were not welcome or at least I was not and it was sited that my post on survivalcache was a factor.

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