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Well the dream was nice while it lasted

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Was watching the hearings for Rex Tillerson.

The introductions were let us say eye opening it was not obvious,  My real concern was what Senator Bob Corker statement was and I was sickened it is and was the same tripe we have heard from the last 2 presidents the total B.S. that Afghanistan is better for us being there that women woke at 4:30 to go vote and little girls went to school blah blah blah destabilize blah we need to trade blah blah !


I would like to explain in detail that this is the exact thinking that got us into this mess the reason why millions of refugees have left the region spreading their poison throughout Europe with gang rape and their "law" superseding the local laws their own courts and all the rest of the B.S. and in Germany the German people want president Merkle's head on a stick after allowing over a million refugees into Germany,


To all the young democrats that think we need to have open borders just look at Sweden Norway and all the recent attacks in Europe and that is what will happen here and already is but not if you believe what our outgoing leaders speech stated that we are safer more secure blah blah.


Warning: What Senator Corker said turned my stomach he used the words "nation building" all he needed to say next but I think the turd in his azz stuck in his throat was exporting democracy and winning hearts & minds Trump has made a serious error the people around him are singing the same tune as those around Bush and even obummer. it called BULLSH*T

peace in our time LMAO peace in the middle east OH HELL LMAO.


Here is a video of Damascus Syria the oldest inhabited city in the world up to what we know as of this point, it did contain almost 2 million.

Isaiah 17: Destruction of Damascus


I don't care what people think this is the reality of war and these are 2 groups that hate each other with the same religion but totally different views one must win at all cost.   That is their holy book command and once you see the slaughter stop get very worried as they are to slaughter every person that is not of "the faith"


Is this a problem well not unless you get involved go there or let them come here it is simple if your biker neighbors family get into a fight don't get involved if it gets violent LOL and it will as that is their nature stay inside if someone comes beating on the door don't answer or the fight will come into your house and when someone gets killed and that may be you because you will be a witness and then a liability after they kill one of their own..... simple don't get involved they have corrupted themselves with their thinking their children as well any side you take will not be forgotten and the children will hate you because you stopped the fight as they want a it to end but as long as both live it will never end they want help but that means one still has to die.

I have neighbors down the street the son fights with the father & mother the mother fights with the son and the father & his mother violent fights the police have come out but they hate the police so they will not file charges .... see where this is the same thing only numerous nations are the mother father and son.


America pays for all of this and uses the U.N. as well Unicef WFP and many supported with U.N. money feed and give aid to them before they crossed the border and went to Sweden Norway and all the other places they have murdered and trashed.  and where did the money come from America most other nations give almost nothing the middle eastern countries give nothing UNLESS it makes them look good and it never seems to go where it was destine ? wonder why and who ended up with that money ?


We all speak of it people need water or in 3 days they die they need food or in 30 days they will be so weak they cannot move and will die so just where does this manna from the sky come from? and you cannot fight without ammo water and food and where did all those new Toyota trucks come from ? yu would think that since this is a forever war they would try to save money and buy Nissan BUT NO they gotta have Mercedes and Toyota.  


Where do all these countries get their weapons well if you believe the media it from us ? but I do not recall a company here that produces all the nifty looking RUSSIAN knock offs this is a proxy war U.S. against the Russians and a certain country that claims to be our friend is paying all sides to keep up the confusion and they stay high and dry ( of blood)


No matter what you do for any of them they will not allow U.S. to have our women without head scarfs and not allow us to have a Christian church there or practice our religion or even speak of it. those Christians that lived there over a million were murdered and where was America ? the defenders of freedom liberty and religious rights bastion of human rights ? how about send us a check and we will fight your wars LMAO  What about those girls that were taken by Bokoharam and used as sex slaves for jihadi fighters and sold ? why did we not send in a rescue team and killed off Bokoharam ? these boys are the next generation, these guys are the Mujahadin of Africa exporting their hatred south and like NERO we fiddle while all of the African continent goes up in flames and terror another hundred million converted to terrorism.

Is anyone watching the zoo all the animals are escaping OH NO TELL ME IT AIN'T SO we have been letting them go from Gitmo and when were were in the MIDDLE east we allowed local tribe counsel powers and they released them LMAO this is an endless war because of rampant endless stupidity of using the same formula of the occupation of Europe and Japan allow the local leaders the power and authority to manage courts police and government functions LMAO the government is all the function they are all corrupt they have never and will never embrace our values and are willing to die and kill men women children to insure that it will never happen.  Anwar Sadat president of Egypt was a moderate and  murdered in 1981 but the real Arab spring was the ousting of the Shah in 1980.


Nazi's did not loose all they did was to be absorbed into many nations most of the thinkers in the middle east loved Nazism as it fostered a hatred for those not worthy of life a concept easily beloved by people who thrive on hate. The Germans hated the Jews as well the Arabs hated them too so it was easy to adopt Hitlers blueprint for overthrowing the governments and indoctrinating the children to hate the Jews.

Of course there are all the others they hate, but the Jews and anyone that relates to them they hate MORE !


If we stay or send more troops we will be fought and will have to fight back

I say stay out allow no one to travel there, send no aid, no money in fact as they are all terrorist and protecting terrorists we can take their money in our banks and pay off our 19+ trillion debt and China still owes us from WWII debt and we kicked Japan out of China ---- Again we screwed ourselves saving the world  from Japan and Germany we gave half of the Europe to Russia and built Japan up to be the greatest technological nation in the world while our infrastructure turned into rust. their children can ace any test and ours can't write but know how to send nude selfies and text a hundred miles an hour using text shorthand script but do not know who is the vice president or where the U.N. is located or name any of the countries they will die in because of their ignorance.


Same sh*t different day boys and girls bend over grab your ankles and get ready for a rough ride. 

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I guess the honeymoon is over for Trump I think the mil complex and cloak & dagger squad has it in for him and of all of them MI6 really James Bond is a democrat ?


I did not see a problem with golden showers reported about Trump but,  I thought the Clinton cigar event  and the Dress saved was quite weird and obummers "friend" Larry Sinclair and the Joan Rivers street interview ---WOW !


All things considered Trump is still way out in front as far as somewhat normal ? AH HELL I STILL LIKE HIM :lol:

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Heraldo Rivera what a piece of work... Fox news is soft soap and they have never in my estimation been serious some of the members are very focused and are journalists. 


It is time to drain the White House press swamp in fact disband it it is a dinosaur from the era before electronic media a decision made after midnight we had no knowledge of before the morning edition news paper and as I recall all you saw on TV was the test pattern before 6AM.

Back in the day papers had morning and evening editions and then we had ABC NBC CBS then PBS they have all become communistas outlet  for social indoctrination political hit teams and CIA leakage ( and you thought anal leakage was bad)  it has promoted misinformation lies and confusion to undermine American exceptionalism  glaringly excludes facts that would lead the watcher to the truth. and promoted communists socialists  Marxist / Leninist agendas ideologies and programs actually geared to undermine our nation specifically.


I hate to sound like an X files / conspiracy theory promoter but "the truth is out there" OM THE INTERNET takes some digging but  I have found everything you need or want to know has been given by the guilty party or accidentally in some innocuous interview with some peripheral players.  One thing I found that for many years we have "external" powers have held high positions and it was never dutifully explained and positions that are appointed so they never need to be vetted or voted on ON PURPOSE ! some people have been shadow advisors with ideologies that are as unamerican and flies in the face of reason and this is both sides they have stated on the record in legalese or in speeches to like minded organizations.  It is maddening to read or watch hours of video to get the truth.


there are a group of 5 business and wealthy people who are all for agenda 21 (removal of 6.5 billion people from the earth) you have watched them on TV or bought from them or their companies. these people are so vile --- EVIL one totally confused the issue of salvation on daytime TV I never knew She was a TV preacher -- for satan O is a big ZERO in my book I recall HER stating there are "many ways / paths to heaven people that believe that are being purposely misguided.


there was a person close to a recent person that ran for high office that has ties to a Dangerous middle eastern group and held that position for a decade LMAO everyone knows it and we the people are treated like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed sh*t.


For years until the Internet I thought certain people were defenders of American ideals only to find that in the background these people were at the heart of stabbing some of our most valued allies in the back using the U.N. to do it  used our intel services to undermine governments and then in front of the camera tell us WE need to give help send aid to the country they destroyed and then want to use our tax dollars example  Haiti --- back in the 70's numerous other countries have been used to forward an agenda we do not fully understand because it is shrouded because it has a financial or evil component we are not suppose to know .


Americas ignorance is voluntary but it is handcuffed by the media, gagged by the politicians and mugged rolled and left half dead in the alley by the intel services if you care to look there are a few news talking heads that have been accused as paid intel lackeys. not a day goes by where we are not diverted or misled  WAKE UP AMERICA  was not a catchy slogan  it was a dire warning.

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I happen to "enjoy" the inherent and very reliable design of a certain Russian designed rifle, in fact TWO different designs, of which I have samples of both.(unashamed too)

In the state where we now reside, our "senior senator", is far worse than Corker, and is, I believe, inherently corrupt and cares not a thing, for the foolish Sheeple, who keep sending his worthless hide back to D.C.

Unfortunately, I've also had occasion to break bread with him in the past, very small private lunch meeting, and came away with my extremely subjective views firmly entrenched.

I do believe that most of the US Senators, as well as ztheir state counter-parts, truly believe THEY are anointed by a Deity to lead the GreatUnwashed, (we, the people), down the primrose path of mediocrity, while they get fat on the backs of the taxpayers.

I also feel strongly similar about our US House of Representatives, and their state level counterparts.

When the Sheeple are too apathetic to vote, or foolishly vote any straight party ticket, clowns like Corker and our SeniorSenatorDouche, are what we actually get from the ooze of the voting booths.

Don't exactly know how this post correlates to what Snakie has posted above, but I am beyond disgusted with the Status Quo, and I for one, will be attempting to hold the President-Elect's feet to the fire of accountability, so to speak. It is OUR duty as minions of this Republic to do so, otherwise, the HollywoodTrash will fill that void.

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You hit it right on the head TPSnodgrass ! 

This is exactly what we all need to do hollyweird has screwed up this nation so well that China has bought much of it and have a lot of influence in media so more so they have smoozed our people with B.S. 24/7 through the media even Youtube and social media have trolls backfeeding or mocking attempting to control the narrative news and redirect searches.


I have the same view of my Representatives the best definition is lack luster  it is their staff that does all work,  most just take the bows and credits.


I was really startled at a few of the agenda 21 videos on youtube the persons involved are the who's who of the rich and famous wealthy industrialists social reformers  media moguls and movie stars.

all of them are rich popular or have status because of population and money spent on entertainment

hardware or services it is insulting and very dangerous, it is a thin veil of smiles and under Nazi's each hates some group could be blacks white jews police but it appears to be whatever could threaten their wealth popularity or power.


I hat to say it but reverse racism is rampant shows on TV used to try to have some racial diversity but I notice that shows except for a couple are all one race or another and if not then they are politically charged one side or the other and for all the demands of equality different troubles are erupting one of the threads about women are liars  shows just how vile some people are no conscience or common sense willing to lie against people and even and up to getting them put in jail for hate crimes or crimes against women it bizarre --- I see so much violence on the news and I am beginning to -- really for a long time son't give a sh*t I figure they got what they deserved half the time I still know some are innocent but I am finding it harder to believe that all of these people were not responsible for their own assaults murder rapes or beatings.   Rape of an innocent I think need to be a heavily investigated crim and in certain cases needs to bring the death penalty but because some people use it like a kleenex many look at it like someone cried wolf.  well if a woman especially or men  tries to go out of the way and emasculate or a man  women dehumanize a woman or either flaunt themselves when they are suppose to be in a relationship there is no telling what evil will happen anger envy hate lust and pride is murder or violence ready to explode.   I recall the woman that ran over her husband a bunch of times -- she warned him LOL if I had been on the jury she would have not gotten murder after all I think she ran over him in a hotel parking lot :lol: he deserved it for not being vigilant after she told him she was pissed ! 

not meaning to gt off the subject but there in is the problem more people are failing in the social graces common sense and good judgment or SIN and wonder why the world is getting worse every day.  That effect the morality of our elected because we do not demand they are honorable (not perfect)  and make a concerted effort to do the right thing.


every day I see where if you want a hookup call this number there are free newspapers that's all of their advertising adult entertainment (trying to be nice in case some child reads this) call here for this and there for that every kind of act is a phone call away people have lost their minds in fact I consul a person that has gotten themselves into a nightmare and it has torn 2 families apart.


As I look at the world and recent politics this is a game delay not in Gods time but ours everything was lining up for globalism and the Brexit and nations pulling out of the EU Trump getting elected it has not stopped anything just put it on pause as anyone of my generation can easily see we are in the days of Noah sexual perversion science playing with genetics (in bad ways) crime violence just for the sake of violence murder is not gasped at I can remember people physically gasping because the disgust or horror of killing a child or some other brutal crime made them recoil in disgust, now the same crimes only get prison when before we demanded the death penalty !


Something in my soul tells me something horrible is coming and it is not just war or destruction it is match for all the marbles --our souls,  somehow we will have to choose and in that choice the grinding of blood and bone gnashing of teeth screaming bloody murder not like anything seen before the flood and only referenced in biblical texts and whether the agenda 21 supporters know it or not its going to happen they think they are in control but but in a chain reaction it will destroy them as well --- at least that my guess.  It does not have to be external it can move slowly over weeks it could be many things as is happening now we have a super bug it is not killed by ANY antibiotic. the wall and restrictions on travel might be an attempt to slow a world wide epidemic 20% of the world is in war 10 nations are in financial collapse, this world is coming apart at the seams because people here are not willing to see it spreading or ignore it watch sports porn drugs partying eventually something snaps.


I realize that some in here do not believe in God but that does not change that science has proved many civilizations have disappeared and humanity has dwindled down to 6 people DNA has shown this I love science always try to prove there is no God and end up proving God and the Biblical text are historically true LOL.  I do not want to enrage people but get them to see the universe is a creation and the creator that has that much power and knowledge is not confined by time or death if there are aliens God created them and I think these are some demonic beings anyway.  That aside if matter cannot be created (by us) or destroyed in our dimension then we are eternal just as a signal to another galaxy we cannot be seen but we exist beyond time and space your about to enter the ----- sorry lost my train of thought but we will all understand our meaning and the truth IMHO.

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    • On a kinder gentler note there is a cool front coming from the artic will be here by ---lets say late October and over to pat with the sports scores and play by play take it away PAT ! and today in America no one used their brain, no animals were harmed and please give to the National Narcissist Network and remember their motto _ like we need your help !   I though I needed to lighten up the atmosphere before hitting the eject button -- I'm outta here until next post
    • All I know is China or NOKO does not need a navy with expensive weaponry as it appears all they need is a fleet of cargo, container ships and oil tankers and they can sink the whole fleet ! Who knew the master plan was to play bumper cars and put all our ships in dry dock for repairs. I am very concerned and like John Wayne said in the movie Big Jake about all the fancy toys that some buster with all thumbs will walk up and shoot you while your trying to get that fancy gun out of it's holster.   In other words I think we are building electronic garbage that is too complicated and too dependent on electricity satellites and too few personnel to insure safe function in an emergency situation not to mention I have a sneaky suspicion there are 5th columnist in our ranks ! Here is another little factoid in the past when a ship was sunk or more man power was required sailors were used for infantry medics or whatever the situation required if we keep building these automated mini me's if a real sea battle with unconventional weapons occurs if the men can make it to land there will not be enough of them to do anything but be POW's I have been sickeningly aware of something odd since the taking of our boat by Iran and it really upset me that our people did not act more military crying ---there is not crying in the military in front of an enemy that has not physically done something to you it is not that you do not feel like it but if they are going to kill you crying is not going to bring about an emotional reaction to release you. asking for any favor like during the revolution in Texas one man asked that he not be shot in the head so his family would not endure a mutilation of his body the Mexican leader had him shot in the face and then the battle of the Alamo all the bodies were burned and no one was allowed to be taken as prisoner or given any status it was surrender or die. Snowflakes liberal thinking and some stupid ideal that words on paper mean something is INSANE. Marcus of Queens-bury rules be damned fight like they fight kill like they kill use their sensitivities against them psychological /mental warfare does that mean I condone water boarding HELL NO there are much better and 100% effective ways to elicit answers to questioning that require NO pain or permanent damage IMHO it was a underhanded attempt to madden the enemy into a furious rage to extend the war and that is not conspiracy theory it is science FACT we have the admission of General Westley Clark that there was a plan to destabilize 7 nations in 5 years --- who in the hell thinks because you dream up a plan that is going to all fall into place Just the way you plotted it out ?  we have "ways" to get information and have since the 1950's so why telegraph that we are going to use torture and then turn around and give them prayer mats and religious books ?  clean clothes religious appropriate food ????? It is time for Americans to think for themselves and quit listening to the idiot box called video media it is all filtered or manipulated or else people that actually believe the horse hockey they read as truth even Fox news is completely oblivious to reality the reality that we are not fighting a nation state we are fighting a war of attrition from a proxy dictatorial political group acting like they are a Religion the members rape murder and torture men women children INFANTS the elderly chop off heads of any all burn victims alive drown them in cages they have murdered 1.5 million Christians and Jews n the region and America the bastion  of freedom equality THE CHRISTIAN NATION has funded armed fed gave medical aid to WHO damn sure was not any Christians or Jews to defend themselves and while our military was there the women had to wear head covering NO Christian symbols like a cross etc.............. WAKE UP it is all a lie wrapped in a horse turd inside is another lie or like Russian nesting / Bubushka  dolls one inside another inside another and another LIES LIES LIES. Zombie apocalypse ? we are living it ! the government is run by zombies regurgitating the total bullshize they are fed back to us as gospel because they are idiots or Manchurian candidates,  turncoats or worse. if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck craps like a duck it NOT A DUCK it is a mask to fool the moronic masses that are ignorant of the truth. Something far more nefarious insidious malicious and planed is going on life is cheap and fools are pawns or meat for the MACHINE we lost 10,000 lives in wars for what exactly ? what end game ? and while we played war game by paper rules the enemy slaughtered 1.5 MILLION Jews Christians and other religious groups and millions more of the opposing religion of their own people ????????? We pay all sides give weapons to one side that is our enemy but because of geography they are now NOT OUR ENEMIES WHAT THE FUDGE----- iT HAS COME TO THE POINT i DO NOT EVEN RESPOND TO PEOPLE WHO ARE TALKING ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST ! Even the people that have been there have been manipulated into a false narrative that cannot be supported by the evidence to the contrary and when told refute the evidence because admitting the truth makes them WRONG. and when there is that much blood treasure time effort pain suffering loss of time with family loss of friends dirty filthy conditions and by orders from on high convincing yourself there is some higher force at work to admit it is all a sham is like getting hit in the face with a bag of crap & puke --------- I have seen this movie it's arerun of hearts & minds exportation of democracy freedom blah blah blah to a people that cannot conceive or are a pariah of the world drug growing dealing freaks of nature or worse. our government tells us we are exporting a better way of life and all the while they are flooding into Europe undermining their government infesting the EU the UN and taking advantage of our laws to build organizations that tell us they are bridges to peace and at any moment KUMBAYA  we are all going to hold hands and sing we are the world -------     Aaaaaaaa;haaaaaaaa BULLSHIZE !!!!    
    • Very good I had a problem with the Aguila mini shells as they could filp over in the receiver and as we all know shells do not feed well backward the shortest I would now use is 2 1/2 shotguns used to be chambered in that now 2 3/4 is the norm,  got an 870 Wingmaster that I had the barrel punched out to 3" just in case I stuffed on in there as it will fire and kick like a drunk mule if it has a 2 3/4 only chamber otherwise the Wingmaster is the slickest of the 870 versions IMHO and still looks good after 40 years as a work gun.
    • Today I made 2 mini 20 gauge shot shell.  They are 1 3/4 inch over all length. Have a buddy that liked my 12 gauge mini shells a lot, asked if I could make them in 20 gauge, I said sure why not. First one I made is a number #4 shot load. Second one is a slug load. Will chronograph these loads at my shooting club this weekend.
    • hmmmm don't rightly know....