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know why a pistol is better than a woman?

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You can spend all kinds of money on a beautiful woman in a dinner date, & still you won't be doing any banging later at night.

Which is a 50/50 chance.

Spend the same amount of money on ammo, you'll be banging a lot more with a smile on your face.

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Especially if it is a .22 with a silencer. My preference is a M21 Beretta with my own design of oval, 3.5" of can in front of the 1/2" longer, externaly threaded after market barrel, for a 9" OAL.  14 ozs and will reliably, standing with both hands, no support, hit 2" disks at 50 ft. Given that most critters dont flee when the shot is quiet, that's enough accuracy for a lot of fun. 


Sig has a 1/2" longer threaded barrel for their .22lr conversion on their P938 pocket 9mm, which fits on the Kimber Micro9 just fine. The end result is a gun that's 6.5" long, so the OAL is 10", but it's still just 16 oz. it's easier to arrange than the "canned" M21, (by quite a bit)  and if you dont mind disabling your 9mm, the kit is a bit lighter than the M21. Also, the .22 conversions, of any type, are not considered to be guns. They can be shipped in the mail to anyone. My preference for hikes is to have both the 14 oz canned M21 and the 15 oz Micro9 9mm. The total weight is less than a 4" .38, and no more than a glock 17's empty weight. For most any shot on the trail, the .22 is what you want, but when the .22's not enough, I like to get field experience with my ccw gun and load.


When on the deer stand, it's nice to be able to silence that bluejay thats yelling:" danger here, danger!".  :-) or pop starlings/grackles for entertainment, or take any rabbit/squirrel that comes along, all without running off any deer that's headed my way.

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I'll say it onetime, ( ITS NOT A SILENCER ) it's a suppressor.

If you have a can on your firearm, it only suppresses the sound.

The end user of any firearm that uses a can knows, it's not completely silent. LOL.

If your using a can & this is a big if, you can hear a pin drop when using the can, then I would call it silent.

It's not so silent, if you can't hear a pin drop when using your firearm.

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