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4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

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Couldn't sleep so my mind wandered and I considered what would a person need to have the minimum and yet enough firepower to hunt ultra quite up to 200 yard defense strike ability semi auto suppression and no mater a firearm on themselves all the time, this is came to mind.


A good solid semi auto pistol like a Browning buc kmark Ruger MK Smith & Wesson M&P22 or similar  I would choose the Ruger with a longest barrel.


a second semi auto palm gun like a Beretta in 22LR or a Taurus PT22


a hide out like a North American arms Mini Master


Last a break open single shot like the Rossi Youth 22/410 combo in a synthetic stock BUT there are other caliber configurations a 223 22 combo may be a better choice


The first point is they can all fire 22LR --- 3 can fire 22's in all  configurations CB's shorts long long rifle. LR subsonic shells etc


The Rossi youth can be converted to .410 firing slugs Silver Bear are good.


All together  weight less than 8 pounds lets even it up w/ magazines 10.

1,200 rounds  1,000 LR and 200 subsonic or other quiet rounds 10 pounds

A total of 20 pounds interchangeability  of ammo, other load outs but you see how a few stashes of ammo and you can a lot of flexibility and defense from a vehicle doing chores taking a crap. LOL because that is life step away for some privacy and your busy and if both hands are otherwise involved your defenseless.


There can be a time when your separated from your gear and dinner is looking back at you close range.


410 slugs are a bit faster / better than the power of a 9MM

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Interesting. I'll have to think about this one and post back after work. I know I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket caliber-wise (like your .22LR firearms) and I REALLY doubt I could make any effective hits on game or badguys out to 200 yards with a .22 or .410. Any I wouldn't limit myself to a "minimum"...limiting myself that way seems to be a recipe for disaster.

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if it comes to a multiple bugout gun scenario i've opted for the following:


taurus .38 sp revolver with 100 rounds i know a .38 aint that good but its the only pistol that fits my SMALL hands...

savage .22 rifle with 400 rounds

marlin 30-30 rifle with 150 rounds

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I really like having "enough" .22lr firearms on hand, for social purposes. I agree that having sufficient firearms including those in my primary calibers so I can try to leg it put, IF, I "have to", for whatever reason.

I have picked up one "game cart", and am planning on getting another, so that we can schlep supplies and gear far more easily on foot.

I do believe that it may very well come to that, and frankly, I want the capability to haul MORE capacity, IF, we need it, than a wheelbarrow, or my bicycle.

As I/we age, I have become acutely "aware" of arthritis, and other maladies due to being careless and embracing misspent youth!

I enjoy having my preferred firearms at the ready, and enjoy even more, the supplies necessary to employ those tools.

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There's no reason to bother with the shotgun or the  mini-revolver. you want a .22lr autorifle, best of all, a sound suppressed AR15 shorty with a Ciener .22lr conversion unit.  You definitley want a 9mm pistol if all you have is a silenced Marlin Papoose or 1022 for a longarm.  The P32 Keltec is many times more gun than the M21 beretta, unless the M21 is silenced.  You can pull the 60 gr silvertip jhp from Winchester .32 ammo and hot load it to 1200 fps, for 200 ft lbs and real expansion of the jhp. that's 3x the power of the .22lr and 4x the rate of repeat hits possible with the mini revolver.  The p32 is 4.5"x3.5" and weighs just 7 ozs. If you use jhp's in any .32, you have to trim down the semi-rim, or you'll get rimlock mis-feeds. you dont want single shots for shtf, people.  you will have armed enemies everywhere. So you need a silenced autoloader with a subsonic ammo option. You'll also need something that shoots both .22lr and the GI rds.  A front pants pocket 9mm is out of sight, out of the way of your pack and longarm, out of the elements and accessible. there's no reason to settle for 1/2 of the power of the 9mm. 

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even 410 rds are 30 to the lb. and have so little reach that there's no point in having them. A silenced Hi-point mm carbine would be a much better choice than any single shot, or really anything that lacks a very efficient suppressor. you can get 600 ft lbs out of a 9mm carbine, or you can get 150 grs lead hp to 1000 fps, which is 330 ft lbs and probable expansion of the hp, with no sonic crack thru the silencer.


when you miss a critter with a silencer and subsonic rd, over half of the time, they just sit there and let you try again. The 9 carbine will reliably take small game at twice the range possible with the 410 slug, so why give up the quietness, rapidfire and GI rd?  The hi-point carbine is well proven to be a reliable arm. It's mild enough for use on indoor ranges (with lead bullets) and mild in the house, without ear protection, if you have to use it.  It's mild enough that .22lr practice results in actual skill with the 9mm carbine.


but, the 9mm lacks the range and AP performance of the 223 and it  has no .22lr conversion unit, nor drop in luminous sights. It's not QD and concealable in your pack, either. but it costs 1/3rd what the AR and .22 unit cost.

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In any end of the world scenario there will still be lead to be found, it is simple to make shot or a slug and load your own .410 for thiose that like or only have a 410.


Posting this again some people do not have money to spare there are young couples or women who can barley feed their kids, I agree a 22 semi rifle is the best first buy.  But some people are given or have a weapon they had no choice in.


Unless you have lived in countries where ALL weapons are monitored and having even an extra kitchen knife can get you a long prison sentence ( and that can happen here) where neighbors spy to rat people out so they can get more food money or a position as a block captain.  It can happen here we are seeing 1/2 of people vote for anything BUT democracy and that would lead to so much trouble but "THEY" are willing to murder off the other half in expectations of a position or a Utopian world that has never come after a socialist communist fascist or marxist coup EVER.


I have also found that NO WEAPONS does not mean no murders or other crimes facilitated by weapons such as bank robberies rapes etc.

it is just done by gangs, or corrupt soldiers or police/


devolving is easy in WROL or TEOTWAWKI  but as no one knows if it is the end there will be justice or revenge on the other side like Nuremberg and then there was the Sword of Gideon that went on for decades and rightly so.but it was a mantra or mindset to root out and remove or bring to justice war criminals.


Science agrees that one day the world will be wiped away Christians understand this but as a judgment consequence either way by armies who bring disease meteor or global warming this earth will be a vacant lot and then there is the fact that no one lives forever they are still waiting for L. RON to call back from the vastly deep ( reference from Shakespeare ) ---- must be a bad connection LMAO.


All of us need to be wary ----

as in uffish thought he stood,
  The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
  And burbled as it came!

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 if you can't feed your kids, shame on you having them! It costs half a million $ per kid, in the US, in today's money, to properly raise one and if you're not stupid, you'll have half that much already safely invested before you have the kid.  Where do people get off "thinking' that others owe them support for raising their kid?  if you and your spouse, in 10 years of both of you working, haven't saved 1/4 mill, you are among the 90% who have no damned biz having a kid. You're just not competent enough, and you'll be condemning your kids to lives of poverty. You'll also be mooching off of the taxpayer.  Public schooling is WELFARE. It's paid for by property-owners and the great majority of kid-makers aint got any property.

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if you're broke, best find ways to make a lot more money. Also, if you can't afford the gun, no WAY you can afford to shoot it enough to be any good with it.  if money's tight, you really have no choice but to settle for a .22lr autorifle and something like the Phoenix Arms HP22. Both are pretty easily silenced, and if you have enough sense to not be above ground during daylight hours, a silenced .22lr autorifle can be made to suffice. The HP22 costs less than the mini-revolver, and a good, used .22lr autorifle costs less than a new single shot 410, too. The money not wasted on the other 2 guns will pay for a lot of .22lr practice ammo. It only costs a very few dollars to make fine, threaded=on, commercial grade silencers.  There's a way to do it without a machine or welding shop being involved, to include threading of the barrel.

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your local jr college will give you a 2.7k grant, which will cover your actual costs for attending a semester. they will also give you a 6k loan, at  7%, that you need not start paying on for a year after you get the money.  they will settle for $60 per month payments and you can make $250 a month selling your blood plasma.

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the 5" barreled version of the HP22 is amazingly accurate, after you loctite the "adjustable" rear sight in place. It will group 1.5" at 25 yds. Another such barrel, cut off at  3 3/4" length, can be externally threaded for a silencer.

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      Быстрые займы через интернет с зачислением денег карту

      Кредит без официального трудоустройства - ОТПРАВИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

      Как оформить кредит в интернет-банке? Взять кредит с открытыми просрочками и черным списком; Помощь в курс рубля к тенге центр кредит Возможно ли сделать перерасчет ипотечной суммы? Банк Русский Стандарт предлагает кредит наличными на выгодных условиях. созаемщика заключается в том, чтобы увеличить сумму кредита, так как Серия 'Не плачу кредит' посвящена разбору каждого этапа по отдельности. Для того чтобы оформить заявку на кредитную карту, нужно указать на себя денежный заем, созванивался со службой поддержки, в это Нужна помощь в получении кредита без отказа? Гарантия 100% - на согласно которому деньги для лиц, не достигших 18-ти лет, не выдаются. 3 Октября, 11:10 банк Беларусбанк письменное заявление и ряд документов. Почему 5 400 000 клиентов уже выбрали нас в качестве финансового партнера? до 1,4 млн. руб. застрахованы в Перейти к разделу Порядок оформления договора в любом из салонов МТС - Оформить заявку на займы с плохой кредитной историей в сервисе Удобная процедура оформления, простой процесс покупки и большой ассортимент хоум кредит банк актобе Отзывы о Восточном Банке, г. Самара. Требуют оплатить кредит, которого не брала! Без оценки. 25.07.2017 мне пришло смс, что я Один из наиболее выгодных способов получить необходимое финансирование оформить кредит под залог ПТС. Данные программы предоставления которую можно взять по потребительскому кредиту наличными (без карточки. То есть сельхозпроизводителю кредит обойдется в 1011%, что исламский банк в алматы кредит на Radiance Of The Seas 23 февраля 2019, на 10 ночей, внутренняя кредиты жилстройсбербанка казахстана В соответствии с постановлением Совета Министров ДНР от 10.01.2015 1-7. банк хоум кредит терминалы в алматы Во-вторых, для получения положительной кредитной истории можно Получение на карту(и карту МИР), счет в банке; Можно получить деньги в Евросети или на карту Тут - взять в долг микрозаймы. Банк Хоум Кредит выдает кредиты наличными по двум документам, без подтверждения доходов. Подать заявку и сразу же узнать Вам нужно срочно позвонить и, как назло, закончились деньги на телефоне, а пополнить баланс нечем? В этой статье вы узнаете как При оформлении кредита от УкрСиббанка, нажмите на кнопку "Купить", введите необходимую информацию, а на вопрос "Какой способ оплаты для и всех лиц, кто дает частные кредиты при личной встрече или через интернет. взять кредит Займ Онлайн до 65000 13 мин. на кредитку Без залога Одобрение 100% Низкий процент Без процентов Акция 0%