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AR renovation time...

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So I've had this AR15A2 Colt Match Sporter HBAR for years, and I never shoot it because it has a 1:7 twist and I usually run 55-62 grain bullets - the fast twist over stabilizes and the rifle groups horribly as a consequence.


However, I've been putting some thought into a KISS rifle - no gadgets, just simple, light weight.  (my SHTF AR weighs 9 1/2+ pounds at full loadout with a 30 round mag! So a nice, lightweight AR with fixed sights is on the menu, and this Colt is the foundation. Going with a 16" lightweight 1:9 twist "Dissipator" barrel setup from Windham Weaponry, keeping the fixed rear "carrying handle" rear sight setup. Parts have been ordered from a local shop. I swapped out the fixed stock to a 6-position telescoping receiver extension with Magpul MOE stock last night.



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Wally, I can't either, which is why I've had to save up a while just to rebarrel and put new handguards on this one. I had the receiver extension, spring, and buffer kicking around after I bought a complete LPK from Brownell's a few years back during the Newtown scare. I had the A2 birdcage flash supressor kicking around too. Out of pocket, I've had to buy a barrel, gas tube, Magpul MOE rifle length handguards, and Magpul rear stock.


Speaking of the Magpul rear stock, the MOE stock I bought from the local Cabela's was for a commercial buffer tube, not the mil-spec one I have. Total noob mistake, I can't believe I did that. Oh well, it's an excuse to go back. :) Might upgrade to a CTR for the extra $20.

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Live and learn and screw up again LOL it happens to all of us Drew


Everything I have is customized and I am glad there are outlets to sell off those accessories that were not up to snuff, or someone else though they would look good on theirs.


I have been looking to finish a 1911 and eventually I will all I lack is finishing :D but reality is I need top end not an issue it is waiting for a good price the market wants too much for junk or really old parts.

I am leaning toward a 9MM top with  38 super barrel mag for grins I can always top it with a 45 ACP but thats been done before I had a 38spl wad cutter only from Clark years ago I think it was their version of the bullseye pistol, I had 5 calibers I built on that frame 45ACP 38SPL 38Suiper 9MM and a 22 ace.


I got deep into fringe / exotic elements Galil Valmet H&K CZ Steyr back in the day some of these companies models were uncommon rare birds.  I had a few phases Jags I went through owned a couple of express rifles etc. As a kid I owned a lot of military stuff cause it was cheap you could buy a carcano w/ a box o'clips for 12 bucks. the first SKS cost me 30 or 37 bucks.  buying building trading its all fun until one day you have sellers / traders remorse. :angry:

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