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Reminds me of something between the movies the "Burbs" and the "Time Machine's"  Eloi underground cannibals hovel.


Anyone that lives in that zone knows the frost line is between 4 to 6 foot deep so incoming water lines have to be deeper.

and these shelters would be like a cold freezer or fridge in the winter so a geothermal heating & cooling system, and no way would I trust electrical it would have to be a mechanical pump and when it gets that could you cannot count on that at all.

Solar would need to have a wind generator backup as the state gets 200 to 226 days of sunshine so 165 to 138 days of OH SH*T

It would take 40,000 BTU to heat the smallest unit,   thats a lot of cow chips per day and I did not see any cows and in 6 foot of snow that would be one hell of an easter egg hunt.

1 lb dung = 7,500 BTU NOW THAT WOULD TAKE A LOT OF SH*T  maybe your could borrow a cup from your neighbors --- fact is it is NOT feasible.

These numbers relate to growing gardening periods  snowfall is 20 to 44 inches so if your short your going to need a periscope !

Work in the winter ? where to shelter your animals ? where's the nearest town Where is the nearest tree ? 

Rainfall is 16 to 27 inches and I noticed no trees so where is all that heat people need going to come from ? and water to circulate


Blah blah blah --- I don't think so and if we have an EMP or some other anomaly that turns anything that runs on electricity to junk UH-OH 


Crunching the numbers it had to be a government facility it was loosing money on the drafting board........

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it makes ZERO sense to set up anyplace where it gets/stays really cold or has lots of snow.. It makes very little sense to set up where it's hot, swampy, desert or barren mountains, either. A year after shtf, so many will be DEAD that you'll be free to travel as you wish. So set up someplace where moving  less than 50 miles (ie, easy bicycle ride in one day)  changes your elevation by 5000 ft and your temps by 40F. You'll be glad that you did so!

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So go where everyone else is going ?  I thrive in inhospitable places and it keeps the vacationers OUT.

Without refrigeration the swamp is the perfect place for tons of food on the hoof both salt and fresh water fish fowl and beaucoup  mammals.


above the tree line there are fewer food critters or so large as you would have to process and make lots of smoke to keep it


Eskimos exist in cold Indians lived in the desert it was not because they were stupid but chose a life of isolation /ism to defend their families and bloodline from other groups and tribes either by a wall of snow high ground or inhospitable climate.


Your ONE size fits all has never worked the world is a HUGE PLACE not the place you envision as utopia.

One rifle fits all or one caliber fits all and 50 miles in a day UPHILL OR DOWNHILL what age group what about people with disabilities or children pregnant women what about animals to start a homestead like chickens goats rabbits wild rabbits do not do well in captivity !


planting beds for nomadic people plant now eat later ?  Weather has not been our friend Colorado and other states have had massive wildfires  try to escape with all your gear in a freak storm flood hail drought people mastered their region in order to survive. moving injects different conditions more wind rain more or less water from one side of any mountain range to the other can be a world of difference.

at altitude freak storms can drop the temps to life threatening levels and without antibiotics a simple cold / chill can turn into pneumonia.

mountain regions day temps are in the 60's 70's at night can be below freezing. mountains generally mens large carnivores and less resources than a SWAMP. where your surrounded by water in the mountains water may or may not be easy to find so foreknowledge would be helpful.


Making general statements without informing readers of the negatives is irresponsible.  rearing animals carpentry gardening reloading  welding mastering firearms hunting tracking are SKILLS that cannot be taught in days or weeks. and are the only hope for a future.and future generations IMHO.

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    • The "A" Team might want to know what brand stabilizer as I recall no one got shot blowed out a lot of tires and flipped vehicles and made them jump off roofs LMAO  I would watch it for a few minutes and had to change the channel to something serious like a game show.
    • its gonna be my 52 b-day on sunday the 30th i'll probably be getting about 40 bucks to spend on a pack at amazon any suggestions?the one i have now isn't very good it has just one main compartment and 2 side pockets...
    • Ross Seyfried was my least favorite always some weird caliber he must have laughed himself silly thinking of those people he got to reloading fire forming and anything else he could dream up.  Don't get me wrong he probably could do all that BUT WTF for ? X- weight X- velocity the case is a matter of action or capacity I always thought if you think you need more gun go up a common caliber. So if 223 is not it 243 if not that 308 if more go to 358 or then 375.  The .338 anything has never impressed me it was an oddball and still not legal in Africa for the big 5,  375 is,  if you decide to kill a dinosaur here is your 3 gun setup 375 H&H (ouch & ouch)  and OR 416 Rigby and a Browning A5 in 12 ga. w/ some wicked Russian slugs as you can find IMHO.  I had a 458 and it sounds good but barley cracking 2,000 FPS w/ a 500 solid is OK but 416 has more bullet weight choices. If you really want to kill on both ends 505 Gibbs. Being an old head I would go 460 Weatherby magnum take some tylenol most all of these will give you recoil headaches IE whiplash. A long eye relief scope mounted forward  is a smart thing so you don't get "ringed" once your familiar it still jars your bones. still not going to be burning up 4 or 5 boxes off a bench session and Kynoch shells come in 5 round boxes.5 to 10 bucks a round. Many moons ago I watched a boy with Napoleon complex get knocked out of a shooting bench rifle slid off on the ground beside him he tried to roil over on his right side and found he could not use that arm to raise up so he fell back and roiled to the left and finally got up he didn't look to good, someone should have told him never have both feet under the bench with a real caliber always best to have one leg behind you and not set like your going to take a nap / dead weight. it was funny as hell kinda both recoil and pain he may have broke his collar bone at least I kept my composer and acted like I did not see a thing.   
    • I Agree Smith & Wesson was going to go the safe and easy route of it worked before is working so why change it --- until OL' Elmer,  Power attracts and others had the same idea that a handgun could do more.  As the weapon you would more than likely have was a revolver as back in the day people got to their hunting ground on horse back and the rifle was in a scabbard so if you took a break searching for tracks an opportune close shot or a attack from a animal or as animals do they go off and your with what you have not all horses are named trigger some are called knot head some only come when you have a feed sack ! Attacks from animals are not uncommon and in the south large snakes are invading like Boa's and Pythons in my life I have raised about everything or helped hunt herd or wrangle it and right now I have a doe rabbit that will attack sound silly but she has 1 inch long fangs and has clipped right through leather gloves I breed her and treat her ears and she is a handful. I clip her nails from under her cage prss her down and clip what poke out it's the safest way for both of us.  I have been bit stomped run over charged kicked spit on clawed and that was from ex girl friends animals -- well,  they just don't know any better.  
    • While I will admit that Elmer was a puffed up blowhard and braggart, I also have to admit that he is one of my heroes in spite of it.  I have 4 of his books and have read each of them more than once. I truly believe that Smith & Wesson would have gone the way of the Dodo if it had not been for the collaboration with Keith.   BF