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short of alaska, there is almost no wilderness

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almost anyplace, climb the tallest thing around at night and you'll see lights. Start and tend a smoky fire, and in a day or so, somebody will come to check it out. If you're really remote, you might need a rental satellite phone for a few days, but most areas a cell phone works fine.   If it's shtf, you're not going to be doing much of anything but hiding in a hole in the ground, during daylight hours, or the odds are very high that you'll get shot by some desperate thug or nutjob. So no chainsaw, no ATV, no fires in daylight hours, or at night except in a dakota pit. Leaving footprints in snow will be dangerous as aitch, as will firing un-suppressed shots or showing a light at night, or being in a building.


almost everyplace, there's abandoned cars, or buildings, or at least, hay bales or fencing or culverts, or phone wire, etc, stuff that can be used and which is FAR superior to anything that can be bush-crafted. So just look around and move to where the stuff is, instead of beating yourself ragged trying to make lame, short term field expedients. Natural cordage falls apart from rot, burns easily, , wood objects are bulky, heavy, etc. Cache some modern items, so you dont have to lug them to your BOL and you'll be way ahead.


I have lived out of a pack for weeks at a time, and the great majority of the time, it sucks, folks. It's almost always too hot, too cold, too buggy, windy, raining, etc. There's a reason why we have homes with AC, central heat, bug screens, bug spray, running water, nuke ovens, refrig, etc. :-)  The great outdoors is not great, when you are stuck out in it, especially if you have lacked the money/knowledge to be properly skilled equipped.

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I've spent a great amount of time backpacking in Northern Maine's "paper county", and I would say that still holds fast as true wilderness. I certainly wouldn't want to have to bug out there - though wood and riviers/streams/lakes are abundant, actual supplies or camps can be few and far between, or plain old nonexistent. I'd rather take my chances in a modestly rural environment where supplies can be found/scavenged within a day's walk, and, more importantly, shelter is sturdy houses and barns, and more likely to be untouched by ravaging masses for a longer period of time.

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i think you need to travel the USA a little bit more there are plenty of wilderness areas left to get lost or hide in...


washington state


parts of maine

the ozarks

the bayous of louisiana

the swamps of florida

northern california

parts of oregon

parts of the blue ridge mountains

swan valley in montana


to name a couple...



here is even a list of all the major wilderness areas...

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