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Year end Inventory..

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As we get close to the End of this year we should be taking Inventory of what we have and what we may need for next year.

Ever year things change and we need to change with it.


I was doing a little searching around in the closets and Found a AERO air bed in queen size,My wife bought it before we were married.Could not find the charger for the battery(shit) took 2 hours to hunt for a replacement on the web.Wasted time.The Tecky of the family had a Mulit use charger hidden(yes she did).Its going to the bug out location as soon as I find the right one.


On a personal Note.Lets take stock where "DAD" kept us safe and do the spirtual Inventory we also need.

Preping for them Golden Gates.

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I find that year end inventories are always a good idea. My mother-in-law died two weeks before Christmas so it has been a little unusual around my place. It did start a train of thought going that may or may not lead anywhere but:


When it comes to surviving, none of us will. The only 'given' when we are born is that we will die. With that as a background, part of surviving and prepping is the legacy that we leave behind. What have we taught others? Have we helped or harmed? The Pilgrims don't make it in the new world without the Indians helping them. We have a lot of knowledge, much of it hard won. I offer as a suggestion that you keep a diary of sorts. Things that work and things that don't. You will probably never know, but it may be of real value to your kids or grand kids.


Just a random thought as the year comes to an end.

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