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Nuke map your home town.

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This interactive map allows you to target any location on earth you like or dislike, & then detonate various yield nuclear bombs on it or above it.

There's a menu list of known missile strengths or you can input your own data.

My findings tell me that if they drop the big one on likely targets here.

I'd better not be outside at the time.

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If I look toward Houston I should be able to see the halo as the mushroom cloud pierces the vaporized cloud of water ---------  COOL !  then the shock wave --- that ought to clear the leaves and the lawn furniture I hope it clears out the gutters I would hate to leave them dirty.  the great thing is there will be few coming from that direction  and none coming toward it either --- looks like I picked the [perfect spot LOL.

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A LOT of that "targeting information", is based on OLD information that is no longer valid from a military standpoint.My hometown in NorCal STILL shows an "active" missle base just north of town, which was deactivated more than 50 years ago.

Where we live now, we are about five miles from an active USAF base that WILL be nuked into dust IF/WHEN Vlad or "Our Chinese Trading Partners" decide to let us have it.

Upon seeing the flash, I will simply place my head between my legs and attempt to kiss my a** good to wake up in a "better place"!


All of that being said, having been "around" actual nukes while in my USAF indentured servitude, it's really not a bad way to go overall. Beats a NORK EMP event. I am truly concerned that the NORK-Malignant Dwarf will at least try to EMP us as soon as he gets a working middle delivery system. Hopefully, our "Chinese Trading Partners", will remove him and his putt-buddies before that ever happens. (Just wishing for a Happy Christmas is all)

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