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Voting machine fraud. ( watch the video footage. )

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Carl Rove said it ain't so LMAO ..... he is a funny guy, all I know is Alex Jones makes him go into spasms LOL.


The reason for electronic machines in the first place was to control contrive and manipulate the vote AGAIN people are STUPID if a virus can infect a computer and a voting machine made by a company owed by George S what did anyone think would happen ?


Here is your problem a certain amount of the left believes in "BY ANY MEANS" look up what all the socialist leaders did they used people to gain power and then put them in jails and or killed them after a lie is as good as the truth if they do it it is not stealing the laws are for the little people and their children don't go to or use the military as a spring board for their future political career they carry their arrest record from social engineering and violence as a badge of courage or status while accusing the other side of violence and hate ???


Political correctness is the new religion free speech is only their soap box no other ideas or exchange of ideas is allowed watch Ben Stien's Expelled no intelligence allowed heres a link


Then watch this video on political correctness of of all people George Carlin


Everything is rigged it just depends on if it is individual or a group everyone has experienced it or will it has come to a point where comedians are quitting stand up because there is always some overly sensitive to most any subject and get booed off the stage without the allowance of content or comedic license.

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That may very well be the case but remember, Americans voted for this and have for the last 60 years each time getting worse.  I never understood the union backers I do understand the need for unions but the people need to run the unions not gangster lawyers.  There are enough educated workers that can handle running a union but when the union leaders make more than the highest paid company exec they represent greed and graft slide in.


Everyone wants to blame our leaders problem is our leaders cannot lead or run anything without the walking dead-heads who back them.

One example is everyone complains about the schools the education curriculum as well as anti Christian / pro agnostic and atheist teaching secular and social engineering but no one inside fights it in mass but bend over and grab their ankles because they fear being fired over teaching their own children things that appall them.   Same thing in government mostly sheep no rams. Face it we are a nation of followers and whiners I see it all th time where 1% do most of the work and the other either want to give their opinion or dictate what they want and it is usually selfish driven.


The American people have gotten what they deserve and if we keep on this path we will be in WWIII real soon and all the worrying about their children, grandparents and their retirement will be over in a FLASH literally Russia and China are pressing and we have waited too late and for too long now we are in a box and it is the fault of our educational system and leaders lack of focus and singular vision of peace and strength.  We have allowed voices outside of our nation to dictate our direction and limit our freedoms and they have used our system and leaders to do it. while we watched sports porn and bought on credit what we could not afford now we are up to our azz in debt on the edge of war with most every nation backing enemies calling them allies alienating our real allies and throwing our pearls before swine.


Let us pray we do not get what we deserve for our lack of vigilance because guards that sleep get killed either by the enemy or by the people that counted on them OH I forgot thats to harsh we need to me a more kind and gentler nation we need to give everyone a trophy or ribbon free love smoke dope and believe LMAO and click your ruby slippers together and say, There is no WWWII There is no WWWIII there is no WWWIII and crap your drawers cause somethings coming and it ain't friggin Santa. 

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