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Pemmican for health

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I've been looking into it for some time now, I'm looking for something that doesn't use lard as a binder. I have found some that uses honey and one that uses peanut butter. I'm going to give it a try with in the next week.

As far as whats in it, Dry meat until theirs no water left in it. It snaps when bent. Grind it into powder. Add anything else you want and can dry. nuts, blue berries, raspberry, things like that the key it no water left in anything. Also trim all the fat off the meat. Everything must be ground to a power, and then mix in the binder, just a little at a time, you want just enough to hold it together. Cut it up how ever you want it and wrap it up. most use a cotton cloth.

It's almost like a power bar with meat in it. I seen some where they had found some in a rabbit stomic pouch that was like 500 years old and was still good

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Lard whats wrong with lard up until the 1970's no one cared and so what if people are living longer


during TEOTWAWKI you think your going to power up the old hoveround and scooter to your bug out

carry on fat is energy and it has collagen your body must have it.


and in a rabbit stomach pouch OK rabbits carry tularemia and other things like parasitic worms and other

fun stuff if this is true then the twinkie myth is REAL they will last forever... NOT!


people act like we are going to be worried about our weight I have seen people eat bugs and grass

people will be starving they ain't going to be reading labels and saying I ani't eating that sh*t its got lard in it


nothing is healthy I have proof because everyone dies if it was healthy then do you not think it would have

caught on by now I have lived long enough to know it is all bull sh*t your genetics have everything to do

with how you age and how long you will live and GOD if a healthy person who is allergic to peanuts eats one

scratch one healthy person how many allergies are there more than we can count.


they have found that multiple sex partners each have a different yeast form has been found to cause

cervical cancer {paploma virus} i ain't sure of the spelling also going DOWN SOUTH has been found

to cause mouth and throat cancers we are just scratching the surface of why disease is caused and long

term effects of insecticides and cleaners cosmetics deodorants etc.


so if your worried about lard well i think your barking up the wrong tree

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juzcallmesnake, All that crap might be true but I'm looking to do it for health right now. Things are bad all around but It hasn't hit the fan yet. WHY eat something like Lard if you don't have to. Lard is great in cooking stuff. Ever opened a can and ate a big spoon full???? When making Pemmican Lard is uncooked and taste like crap, And at 320 lbs I really don't need the extra lard, I have enough of my own.

The good thing about Pemmican is you can make it out of what ever you want as long as it is fully dry, the lard is just to hold it all together.

As far as all the other crap you wrote It doesn't even make any scene and had nothing to do with making Pemmican so maybe someone else can figure it out

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all pemmican is


is like gumbo whatever you got goes in the pot seeds like sunflower mesquite beans whatever


the other crap I wrote has a point all of the bad things like insecticide and yeasts etc

are in everything the rancher raises hay he sprays the hay with insecticide to keep the fu@king

locust from coming back as they did years ago , and they used bugs in pemmican also.

also yeasts that now are wild did not exist in the days Indians made and stored pemmican

we have genetically modified fruits and vegetables also so in order to get anything close to

what was pemmican your going to need a time machine.

the wild yeasts and altered foods as well as runoff from farm lands of insecticide means

it ain't as healthy as you think and all food can have a percentage of insects


if you want to do it the Indian way use wild game trim the fat {as per your not wanting it} and make strips

and dry over a hardwood fire roast pine nuts and sunflower any edible seeds in your area as these are

area specific do this on a rock by the fire your drying your meat over

here is a list of edible seeds and nuts remember that some nuts have a lot of tannin and it needs to be

leached out by boiling like certain acorns.


in a Molcajete a mexican version of a mortar and pestle chop against the grain and grind your meat into

something looking like shredded pillow stuffing and grind into it roasted dried seeds

berries are not original to pemmican but can be used when dried as with most fruit in the day it was

sun dried chopped and mixed in


and you said it yourself you can make it out of anything you want but as far as being long term

it only is good as log as it stays dry and that includes humidity which causes mold from YEAST

that will KILL YOU ever heard of ergot? well it one of only hundreds of molds yeasts and fungus

that can KILL the only way to inhibit the growth of such things is to add an acidic element like

lemon juice or lemon juice powder lime etc.........

or you can use sulfur flour or dusting powder but if any in your party are allergic to sulfur forget this

salt is a preservative but if you have high blood pressure do not use this


if you want to make it healthy use any of the natural oils like the dark olive oil sunflower oil

I would put it in a pump up sprayer and mist it olive oil is the healthiest of all it acts as a collider

{it draws bad cholesterol out mixes and is removed from the body.


and nothing I wrote makes sense because everything is not as easy as it seems its COMPLICATED

one mistake you will be in the hospital or the morgue all natural means to me is potentially deadly

like nightshade crepe myrtle mushrooms of all descriptions even expert mushroom foragers have died

so carry on I gave you all the information but if anyone decides to make this THE NATURAL WAY

they better have a tribe of people collecting berries seeds and nuts also processing them

it was also considered woman's work

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and regulator5 I have a great respect for his / your knowledge and posts


but we must remember that many of these parties that make claims on the internet of health and wealth are

in it for money or fame or self aggrandizement, and do not care about YOU.


I am in this blog to impart information to HELP just because it is written does not make it truthful

the internet has spawned and dangerous and conscienceless society in my day it was buyer beware

today it should be web surfer beware.


I realize I wander in my posts my problem to many bits of information are intertwined you cannot

just make a statement without informing of the dangers as Capt Bart reminded me I forget

some will forget the safety part and KILL themselves.


and no written information is nonsensical you must mine it and many times read in between the lines.


another bit of useless information a person sheds 8 pounds of skin a year

a sneeze travels 600 mph and goes 20+ feet

toilet use: the vapor carries microbes throughout the bathroom

incubation of flu and other viruses 5 to 10 days

A armadillo carries leprosy and eating them can cause the disease rare but is has happened

charcoal can be made into a paste to draw or absorb bug bite venom etc..

thieves oil cloves, rosemary and cinnamon and olive oil can include lemon and eucalyptus oils kills viruses.


MacGyver was a lamer


so whats the point until you need the information or can assimilate and use it to protect defend or

reverse and use it as a weapon or deterrent it is useless like E=MC2 it changed the world but unless you

know what it means and how to implement it its CRAP

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Brother(JCMS) we were looking for a better way to store meat,and it sounded like a great Idea.Im going to try it as soon as I get some more apple dryed.I have some deer burger thats beging to be used.I promice to be carefull and Im not using lard but peanut butter.Im not scared of

u b good..

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great matt101


and this is a good thread make sure no one is allergic to peanuts LOL


I have found cranberries dried on sale at wally world for a buck for about a cup and a half


forgot to mention that honey is also an antimicrobial and it's sugar is not like processed sugar


make sure to dip your apples in lemon juice before you dry them it keeps the color stable and the taste



the Chinese make a shredded beef pork and chicken product comes in a plastic butter looking bowl

I have found it on the internet under dried shredded beef named "Rousong" and FU and SUNG


the Vietnamese call it ruo'k and it is found all over the far east under many names

also have seen cuttlefish and squid


the Mexican culture calls it Carne seca or Manchaca

I mention this so if you can find it this is the consistency like wool very stable and easier to

eat than jerky for the young and old.


I have kept it for a couple of years and it was still edible and tasty


have had pemmican food made from anteater salmon trout bear beef chicken, pork to seal and zebra

sometimes your better off not knowing whats in it of course our forefathers could eat almost rotten

meat our digestive system has gotten more urban and I am glad some sh*t it to exotic for me

I do not eat spiders any way or how and most bugs taste terrible so I avoid them.


a side note just because you eat chicken eggs does not mean you can eat other eggs so my advice is

to try a piece the size of a eraser on a pencil of any new food and wait a couple of hours some people have a internal violent reaction other than a skin rash or swelling.


rots of ruck who flung dung

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101matt did you spell that right LMAO


and yes I hate the taste of burnt tarantula hair I think many in these threads ate everything at one time

or another.

being part coonazz I have been known to eat the odd gator or two frogs and all creatures great and small

with rice!

when in country I was at a friend of mine we were having dinner and stated

"did this guy come in last at Pimlico" while holding up a pronged piece of meat, I found out later it was horse

and it was not as tender as good beef but hey I got some meat lately I ain't sure wasn't kangaroo.

at least I thought it was once in my stomach...

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Snake, the object of any business is to make a profit. That being said, the site offered a free recipe for those wishing to try it. The site (I referenced) offers a published paper once a month for $1 and online version free. Like all else, I recommend having several sources and comparing them for accuracy. We must also take into account people's allergies and other issues that can arise from homemade anything, pemmican being no different. I've also read recipes (supposedly from Native American sources) that say to use the fat from around the organs. There are several recipes out there and several opinions on ingredients but it comes down to personal taste and preference.

I do agree that the biggest threat to pemmican longevity is moisture and I always vacuum seal mine for storage.

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Snake, the object of any business is to make a profit. That being said, the site offered a free recipe for those wishing to try it. The site (I referenced) offers a published paper once a month for $1 and online version free. Like all else, I recommend having several sources and comparing them for accuracy. We must also take into account people's allergies and other issues that can arise from homemade anything, pemmican being no different. I've also read recipes (supposedly from Native American sources) that say to use the fat from around the organs. There are several recipes out there and several opinions on ingredients but it comes down to personal taste and preference.

I do agree that the biggest threat to pemmican longevity is moisture and I always vacuum seal mine for storage.

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hey sorry I am a pessimist but it was forced on me by life experience.

and I do hate to rain on a good parade I think its a knee jerk reaction to

what I hope is not a severe downturn in our lifestyles I did not mean to undermine

a good idea.


A few friends after being told they had health problems attempted to try homeopathic and natural

concoctions and died anyway and a friend right now is suffering and some quack has run him through

the wringer and he is worse off now and I knew it would be this way I just hate seeing it.

and the thread just hit me wrong.


IMHO we are all dead men walking and no magic beans or nectar is going to save us we are meant to die

and I have this thing about false hope we try, I am not against surgery or drugs but there comes a

point when we need to get real and face what could be our final moments and there is always some

joker trying to steal our dignity by scamming people into a false sense of future health if we just

drink their kool aid.


I have had death breathing down my neck most of my life and Christmas really drive it home

each year less friends make it through and it bugs the sh*t out of me sometimes.


And I am native American whoopee that and a dollar will get me a cheap bottle of water maybe.

my grand mother looked like Cochise {scary} and none of them are alive soooooo all that

"natural" food did not help them.

In fact one side of a whole cemetery is filled with them and they did not seem to get to the

ripe old age part of life and they died from a myriad of problems so apparently that food

had no effect on any particular disease.


And if its for a business as long as its good tasting and not implied that it heals anything it's fine.

I hope you make the best of your business and do well


God has set a limit I have yet to see any proof that His law has been contravened 120 years.


and in the immortal words of Porky pig "thedeb thedeb that's all folks".....

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Snake, you got me I do not have a business. I'm just a reader of the site and found it helpful. I too have some serious health issues; brought home extra "baggage" from Iraq. I agree, everyone dies sometime. The "health" benefit that the owner of the site referred to is to help people with diabetes. He has diabetes himself and is sharing what he's been finding to help himself.

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I wish you all the best and hope you find something that will help you.


we all brought home something i am dealing with mine the only one who seems to have any idea

on what it is a doctor in japan.


Ain't I the lucky one out of less than a 1,000 {as far as I can find}


the doctors just treat the symptoms and nod like a doggie in the rear window of an old car


I have been given the long face by doctors and out lived them got the BIG D also

along with other problems Drugs baby Drugs.


I am not too concerned about death but it's inconvenient right now LOL

death is never timely and no one can be truly prepared

list me in the column of don't give a sh*t because i am not in control God is he know when is best

and I am OK with that I do what i can to help myself and my doctor to stay off my azz

but like I told him I am here to live life not exist in it watching like a starving man through a keyhole

at a feast but of all the ways possible to go for me a diabetic coma may be a blessing.

I was told if i did not watch it I could die in my sleep my reply was unexpected by the doctor

as I ask if it was required to be conscience and screaming was preferable to him he was speachless

and now we have a good relationship and think he is more in touch of how "we" perceive death.


I will know later unfortunately I will not be able to relay weather I was right or not.

and to each his own, you pays your price you ride the ride.

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OK, it's all done. I made three batches. I made all three the same except for the binder. I couldn't find a elk, Buffalo, or anything like that to kill around here so I had to do it from the store. Got the leanest top round stake I could find and sliced it and dried it until until it could be turned into almost a powder.

Got two large bags of mixed frozen fruits, it had strawberry's, blueberry's, raspberry, and a couple other things, ground them up in the blender and then dehydrated them.

Bought 5 lbs of hard fat, again beef fat, rendered it and made tallow out of it.

Mixed the beef and fruit in a bowl and split it into three smaller bowls.

Mixed the first batch with a little honey, just enough to hold it together

Mixed the second batch with peanut butter again just to hold it together

Mixed the third with the tallow again just to hold it together

The one with the honey is great, the one with peanut butter is fair to none. As I thought the one with the tallow sucks, I plan on eating it and hope the taste will grow on me.

I'm not planning to carry it long term or or not looking to see how long it will last but Plan on taking it to work for a snack at break. I will have to keep the one with the honey and peanut butter in the fridge to keep it firm. Just wanted to see how it all turned out

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This has to be HANDS dOWN the most entertaining, funny thread.

Juzcallmesnake .. YOU are a RIOT! Even when macabe you're funny

I think you should write a book


I am wondering what is the difference with beef jerky.

I could simply dehydrate the hell out of the beef. Grind it to powder then do all the additions of honey and berries.

Wouldnt it be the same

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