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Hunting the quiet way!

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Braiiiiiins.....BRAIIIIINS!! don't want to run into you two when SHTF and i'm the only food around

LMAO@ Tinder. No worries, we prep so you won't be the only food around for us. Like you, we are smart enough to know we need to be ready and not dependent. I'll admit that's probably where my smarts end.

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Thankyou for the Hillbilly .Dad was from Arkansas and so Its an Honor for me,seeing I grew up on the streets of Detroit.

Ok so how about Coon?My father raised "Blue Tick Hounds" and said you have to slow cook with plenty of carrots and taters<and yes I have but would not now.

Sorry off subject...:}

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Matt, I too am called a hillbillie all the time. I've had coon, rat, muskrat, beaver, deer, moose, bear, gator, snake, etc. I have just quit eating the organs (brains, kidneys, liver, heart, etc). It's more a personal condition and preference, that came about in my late 20's. I can't eat pork any longer, or at least pay a price when I do. My liver is not functioning properly after my trip to Iraq and pork causes some pain and other problems.

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If you really want to have fun, tell someone you are eating robin egg omelets for breakfast.... they usually have a very disgusted look and sometimes even lose their breakfast (so becareful).... As an aside though, they are edible, just small so need a couple dozen if you want to be full after eating.

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I stoped eating organs also after learning what the liver REALY does and whats in it.Gator,ya baby my son in law has some REAL Redneck friends in south Florida.

For help with your liver,Milk Thistle is what I use and make a tea out of dryed Goldenrod,a pinch of cinnamon and black tea with it.Im waiting for my order of black "Brick tea"now.

Eggs oh heck yes..

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I take milk thistle, SAMe, Swedish Bitters, and do liver flushes. I've even been to Mayo who politely asked me to leave and said they didn't want involved. This was after 2 blood test batteries, an MRI and ultrasound. I still can't get an answer to what the problem is or what caused it. I have 65% of my liver working and it doesn't regenerate any longer. The VA told me they could find nothing but told me I wasn't to even have cough medicine if it had alcohol, so wonder what they "didn't" find that was useful?

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must have the same dr's I got lol

sounds like a friend of mine he had type III hepatitis from heavy metals not other type /disease

his wife did what your doing homeopathic and watching what he ate protein like steak would make

him feel bad so he had to eat a lot of salads but she would not let him eat iceberg lettuce others only.

a little fruit and vegetables but not too much starch I do not know just putting it out there,

get your records of liver test results sanitize them {no hospital or DR. info}and find a doctor

at Baylor college of medicine they are a teaching hospital they work the VA in Houston also

under certain circumstances the VA will pay outside or bring in a specialist.

and raise cain with your congressman be on his door step and email many will go to bat for you

I had a problem it was resolved in hours I got a call from the department to set a appointment

and I had tried for over a month...


and I really like beaver or am I off topic .......again LMAO

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Holy liver batman... Regulator, thats fucked up man, im sorry your going threw this. I wish you the best of luck.


Ive had gator & I love it. Ostrich sucks. Kangaroo sucks as well. Dont coons have rabies?

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Snake, Thanks. I've sanitized my records and am going to a hospital as John Doe to have a team look it over. Long story short (and keeping the classified portions out), I was exposed to something on deployment but they won't admit it. The VA swears there's nothing there but asked me to have my blood tested every few weeks to help them monitor things for other troops. I have completely given up on modern medicine, so to speak, and use only my herbs or other items "prescribed" by my herbalist. It has helped and I just need to avoid pork to keep the pain tolerable. Iceburg lettuce is a hybrid and has zero nutrition. It is only good for fiber. I eat ALOT of salad, mostly red and green leaf lettuce or wild greens foraged like dandelions.

No worries about off topic.... it's a "loaded" comment any time it gets brought up...LMAO

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Sean, Coons can have rabies but so can any other game animal. Skunks are major carriers of rabies, where coons are more commonly infected with distemper (at least in my area). Like any wild animal and most domestic, you just need to watch for the signs. Rabbits can have hare fever and can be deadly as well, especially in a survival scenario. Rabbits are best taken after a few days of really cold weather to kill off the sick ones, but I've eaten rabbit down south with no problems.

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Thank you for the links and tips. Now I have researching to do. I agree with the living history. I think 1800's not 1100's but your point is well made. I'll shop around for a local store before I go to the big box. I'm very into helping the local purveyor of lead launchers when ever possible. I'll extend that to bows as well if I can.


I like the Mountain Man sites also.

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Capt, Anytime. I agree with the 1800's or at least Colonial America era. I see the 1100's as a very fitting era tho, probably before that even, as we will enter another "Dark Age" if society collapses; much like the Roman collapse precipitating the historical "Dark Ages". Plus it gives me an excuse to be a history

I posted a few more links under the Fires thread also.

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My ex wife was infected with distemper had to get rid of her LOL


this is for all those unfamiliar with preparing wild game


I inspect them once skinned any round blood spots look for worms in a sack in it.

I also inspect the internal organs for any abnormalities inflamed extremely blotchy or

obvious signs of worms I slice the liver open and look at it like liver in the store there are

areas that are arteries and bile is green and the ducts but it will not have infection or inflamation


fish can have these worm like anomalies between the skin and flesh


Basically you want pink to nice red color interior organs and exterior white meat similar to chicken

and no body deformations.


Squirrels have red meat and internals are more to the red than pink as long as they look like normal

they should be fine.


the heat of cooking kills such things and that is why a internal temp of 160 degrees but if an animal is

infested then you should pass


I do not eat internal organs of WILD animals except grazing animals {eat grass} as I do not know

where they ranged and in TEOTWAWKI we will not know and things could be polluted.


meat in your store has been inspected but it does not mean they are clear of all problems

under cooked meat can cause problems and the medications to clear the animals of worms

is stated on the bottle that they are not to be used as food until its has time to evacuate

the animals system.

chicken eggs are destroyed until they medication is gone figured by time

some use diced garlic in the water for birds and other methods I used Wazine Piperazine 17%


as mentioned by regulator5 after cold weather snap is the best time to hunt and after animals

have mated to insure another generation.

but in drastic times I fear some will be hunted to near extinction the big spring frogs I knew as

a kid are hard to find and when you do they are not as large I blame the introduction of

non native species like the Vietnamese grass carp and the nutria rat and in the winter some

lakes put pike in the lakes here this is an ill conceived and poorly thought out idea

and in many areas have similar problems I am sorry I cannot remember the source on one of these

threads but they mentioned kudzu we also have Africanized bees and fire ants.


I really do not like to disparage any group but some times college folk get me ticked

and of course I am sure they are going wild over all the lax enforcement of our animal importation

laws I have a real problem with exotics they do not belong and are now infesting and killing off our

native species owning tigers gorillas and monkey's and chimps etc etc is shear stupidity

pit bulls are being bred for ferocity and no one can convince me they know their blood line

well enough and I do not trust AKC or any other organization anything man can create can be

defrauded animals that are wild should be returned to their natural habitat people who think they

cannot integrate are possibly right but nature is hard many animals die in normal course so it is

an erroneous assumption in my mind but because I use common sense instead of a PHD my

input has been scoffed at until now.


TEOTWAWKI will not be anything we have seen wild animals and packs of dogs diseased and

outbreaks of rabies and political correctness is going to destroy our natural areas

and animals they are trying to catch pythons have you ever heard anything so stupid

it took years to wipe out the buffalo and they are as dumb a critter as I have ever seen

they will never cure the infestation with such a slow paced effort.

many cities are allowing their swat teams to eliminate nutria rats from undermining the banks

of rivers and damaging levees and spill ways.


we have too many problems facing us they are like sea water and barnacles eating away a wood hull

ship it takes money to fend off or fix all these problems and we are not able to make it

some yahoo was talking about a 33% tax on everyone and even that will take years to effect our

financial problems and infrastructure and health care we are watching a ticking time bomb

and add the pure venom and hatred from extreme groups overseas and the European financial

problems and natural disasters as in the drought that has damaged crops this year

oil problem we still only produce 40% of our needs my mind boggles at the shear number of problems


So I ask many of you to start prepping in earnest because we can do this it is like any other

problem the solution is to take it seriously and make a plan and store enough to get us through this.


and to keep on track this is why I never go anywhere without being armed within miles of here

lions and tigers are being kept dogs always a potential threat just because it has not happened does

not mean it can't exotic animals are being raised for hunting purposes and they are larger and

more powerful than our domestic ones so even if you go fishing have protection.

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Good post Snake. An old folk saying during the pioneer days was , "hunt in months that end in Burr (ber)". This was to allow the cold to help kill off the sick and allow the mating as Snake mentioned. We will probably have to hunt year round but it is good advice if possible.

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me and some friends were at a mall waiting for the girls to shop for a wedding

we got drunk and went to the movie afterwards they said that he had my temperament

and that was 25 years ago + we were kicking azz and taking names workin' in the system

he retires next month I had my fun and was lucky enough to be out before P.C. took over

and went on to BIGGER things, at least they thought the were big anyway.

I am just an old adrenalin junkie.

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Sean, to get back to trapping the squirrels; I'd recommend a few 110 body grip traps ( I prefer OneidaVictor and Sleepy Creek; they are American made). These do cost more than Duke and Bridger which are made in Korea or Taiwan (I think), so it's a personal choice as they all work well. They have an accessory, one brand name is "Killer Klips" that allow the 110s to be attached to a tree trunk or limb and held in place. I attach twine or rope to the spring to swing the trap and catch away from the tree to keep other animals from getting my dinner. I also use alot of snares; keep at least 3 in my BOB and have several more available. Rat traps will work on squirrels as well. They are best purchased at trapper conventions; usually around a $1 each there for the Victors. Traps are great as they are even quieter than a bow normally and you can be doing other chores while hunting.

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