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Mike Uher

Priorities of work

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I am unsure if this goes here, but seeing as there was very little here, i thought I would increase the thread count. I am wondering, what are your priorities of work with regards to building a BOL, or survival cache/dump? We had an acronym that read SAFESOCKR. It was the priorities of work when setting in a defense. Security, automatic weapons, fields of fire, entrenchment, supplementary and alternate positions, obstacles, cover and concealment, key terrain, rest. Is there anything like that for building or setting into a survival location? I love acronyms, as they organize things so easily. Like GOTE (an acting term, but I think it applies here as well) Goals, Objectives, Tactics, Expectations. What is a good all round set of steps for surviving SHTF, TEOTWAWKI? If your plan is gone, what do you fall back on and expect a reasonable level of success? I honestly don't have an answer right now, but I would love to hear yours.

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My plan is to bug in, if that fails I have a bug out location about 20 miles away in the middle of about 1500 acres of woods , if something happens that I can't drive I plan to hit the woods around my house. Theirs about 50 acres here but a lot more people

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my bug out is 100 yards away they ain't gonna' like trying to get my place and they ain't keeping it.

if I have to move it won't be far and when they make a mistake LOL


and until some measure of civility I am not coming out unless at night and no moon so work is out of the

question good way to get sniped...

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I think I failed to adequately ask the question, what general plan do you go to, when all your other plans fall apart? For instance, while in the Marines, if my mission were bunk, I was cut off from my lines of support, and I found myself alone, or with a small number other Marines, I would fall back on my mission as a rifleman, to locate close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel his assault by fire and close combat. Or I would attempt to execute the commanders intent. If, by some series of events my plan for TEOTWAWKI falls apart, and I am left with no plans, what general guidelines can I follow that could increase the level of success and accomplish the mission (staying alive, and keeping my family that way)? I know we all have (or should have) secondary locations to go, but what happens if you get there, and it has been destroyed/looted/occupied by a superior force/overrun by the undead or otherwise untenable? Sorry to beat it to death, just making sure that I was understood this time (communication breaks down not at the point of listening, but at the point of speaking). ;)

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Mike not to put down your question but it seems to mean it would be fairly simple and obvious. If everything fails, you have to start from the ground up and get a weapon, water, food and shelter, those are the only things that ultimatley matter for survival. I can't tell you much more unless once again I misunderstood the question, if that is the case I do apologize.

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tinderwolf said it well. It you have nothing you salvage what you can and start building what you need. You have no knife/ax a pointy stick is a good start then as time allows scraping a chunk of steal from a car and working it with a impromptu forge and rocks or what ever you have. Eventially you have something useful and can improve what ever your living in and so on until you don't really worry about it or drop dead from not being very good at it. Way back when before metal working people were able to live a good 30 year life with no gear at all. You will have a lot of processed materials available to improvise from. No shoes wrap your feet in the thickest material you can find until you get some decent leather to make moccasins out of. Or make tire sandals. Improvising isn't an exact science.

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Mike Uher


I think I was rather precise I stated i would maintain contact S&D

superior force? now does that mean intellectually or numerically LOL

the domino theory works here misdirect and draw in to a trap

mislead and redirect attempt to get your enemy against it self

low light near dusk.

Recon for caches first of supplies taint the water supply make it seem bad

make them distrust the food disrupt comm and supplies foster mistrust and fear

make superiors look inept or corrupt by stealing and redistribute personal items

set traps, arson damage transportation.

you know like being a member of a union SEIU during a strike LMAO

the dirty end of the stick that is all I can say...


Something wicked this way comes ooohhh scared myself, it me LMAO

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I don't have a lot stored in my bug out location. I will have to hump it in. I keep everything I need in my BOB. Really just for that thing. Why store it just so someone else can get their first and take it. I really think in a true SHTF thing The words "this is my land get out" will get you killed quicker than anything. I thing places like the woods will be running over with people. I live in Ga. and it seams like everyone down here hunts, So I figure they will all be their trying to live. In a small detail I plan on trying to get to the BOL and build a wickie and start to gather water and trap and hunt for food. Theirs just me and my wife. I figure the kid and grand kids will show up their, That is the plan.

I personally think we will never truly be ready for what's going to happen. It only takes one little oops to totally screw up every plan you can make in a lifetime. All you can do is truly adapt and over come.

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I think I need to rethink the question, or maybe just postulate a solution myself. No matter, you all are making very valid points, and I appreciate the input. And I take no offense to anything said here, as I hope no one takes any thing I say as offensive. That complete, I will give the question I have more thought, and maybe put it here as an answer (very Mystic Wise man to put it that away, but its the only way I can think of to word it... Oh well). Again, thanks for the input.

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Mike, i may be off key here but i believe your are looking for some fall back basics. Upon finding my BOL in a bad way, first i need to secure a site and shelter for the group. With food and water being at a certain level, i can scout area for possible enemy contacts and try to find another site that may ofter superior cover and defend-ability. Next is to check ability to hunt, fish, trap food and find a water source. I am still working out some kinks in my fail safe thinking. One part includes a three member team based on a rotational 8 hour shifts of sleep, security and daily chores. The marines use the phrase "adapt improvise overcome". I would default to lessons learned from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Knowing the surrounding areas of your BOL and having several caches might increase the odds of success.

Edited by awake

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Ok, so here was what i was wondering, put in a little bit of perspective. the FM on Survival has the acronym SURVIVAL

S- Size up the situation

U- use all your senses/undue haste makes waste

R-Remember where you are.

V- Vanquish fear and panic

I- Improvise

V- Value living

A- Act like the natives

L- live by your wits, but for now, learn the basics


Basically, what are some mnemonics, acronyms, things to help aid in memory, when all you have is a pointy stick you made grinding it against rocks, or the gear on your back. Any acronyms for starting a fire? Maybe for digging a well? how about setting up shelter? Sometimes these little mental tools can be better than all the kit you could buy with Trumps fortune. hope this clarified things.

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1. Security

- Siting and digging in fighting positions (shallow pit, deep enough so i can duck down and not get shot)

- Setting up early warning

- Secure withdrawal routes


2. Acquire water

- Filter, purify and refill water bottles

- Setup bulk water storage if I'm, staying for awhile


3. Food

- Eat once water bottles are full.

- Search for food/set up snares once I've got a meal into me


4. Shelter

- Depending on weather and time of day. If the weather is good, I'll setup once it gets dark

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THere are simply too many unknown variables to definatively answer your question Mike.

I do believe though, that if all my plans fell through and left with nothing more than my schlong, I'd head towards something familiar, scavenging as i go, for anything usable or tradable.


Or ... find a National Guard/ Air Guard installation. Fema won't be much help. Neither would the Police.

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