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UBBC Guide

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Here is a guide to UBBC. For those that don't know, UBBC is the code that vBulletin uses to give visual effects and perform set functions. Here they are:


NOTE:All shown UBBC codes have an extra space after the final closing bracket ] in order to use these tags correctly do not include the extra space.


Text Effects


Bold - type [b ][/b ]around the text. Therefore, [b ]Hello[/b ] becomes Hello


Underlined - type [u ][/u ] around the text. Therefore, [u ]Hello[/u ] becomes Hello


Italics - type [i ][/i ] around the text. Therefore, [i ]Hello[/i ] becomes Hello


Center - to center text, type [center ][/center ] around the text. Therefore, [center ]Hello[/center ] becomes




Colour / Color - to add color, simply type [/color ] around the text. Therefore, [color=red ]Hello[/color ] becomes [color=red]Hello, or Hello[/color ] becomes [color=blue]Hello - Please note, use the American spelling "color", not the British spelling of "colour".





Images are easy. Simply type img around the URL to your image. So for example, [img ][/img ] becomes




Note: to center an image, simply use the center tags around the img tags. You can mix and match alot of these combinations together.


Linking Images


This is a little more complex, as it takes us into the next level of UBBC coding.


To link an image, you could type like this:


img[/url ]. This would then be translated like this:







To make a direct link, you can do one of two things.


First, simply paste the link, for example




To make is simply appear as "Google", you can type this:


Google[/url ] which will then appear like this:





E-Mail Links


you can also add an e-mail direct link.


In order to do this, place the tags around either side of the address. For example:






You can also use Name[/email ], and this becomes []Name.


NOTE: This is not a valid email address, it has simply been used as an example.



Text Size


You can also change the size of your text using UBBC - its a great thing innit!


In order to do this, you must add [/size ] around the text you wish to resize. So, for example:


Hello[/size ] becomes [size=1]Hello.



Subscript and Superscripts


In order to use the Subscript or Superscript, you can add the [noubbc] or [/noubbc] commands respectively. Ergo:


[sub ]Hello[/sub ] becomes Hello and

[sup ]Hello[/sup ] becomes Hello.





As we all know, we can simply hit the "Quote" button on the message we want to quote. But say you want to quote an external site, or quote something someone has said without giving the direct link to the comment (not recommended), simply add the

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