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Get Me Home Bob or Grab It and Run Bob Could Be Used As Either

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Hello Guy's and Gal's

Just want to get some feedback from you all on the above title, I have just finished putting together a BOB that I can be used to get me home or grab it and run in a hurry. I had been collecting items for this bag for the past few weeks and decided tonight to go ahead and put it together then run it past u all for your comments or sugguestions. I will upload the pictures when I find the cable for my camera, but anyways here is what I have.


(1). RealTree Fieldline Pro Series Hunter's Day Pack....Bought at the local WalMart for $24.00....for something to look so small it sure holds a bunch of stuff...listed below are the items I have in the pack so far....and have over half the pack left for other items if I need them.


(1). Outdoor Product Compass

(2). Coleman Ilumstick.....(1) Yellow and (1) Green

(3). Pack of 4 Rayovac D4 Batties for my flashlight

(4). Ozark Trail Emergency Blanket.....52inches x 82.5 inches

(5). 2 Rolls of 50 foot GI Plus Type III Commerical Nylon Paracord

(6). Guardian Survival Whistle and Compass

(7). 1 Meal Ready To Eat....MRE To All Us Old Military People

(8). Gerber Mupl-Tool

(9). Water Proof Plasic Box...Used For Keeps Things Such As Maps, and Other Important Documents Dry

(10). One Survival Bracelet

(11). A Combonation Smith and Wesson Knife and Hatchet With Scaboard

(12). Personal Hygene Kit

(13). Military Flashlight OD Green In Color

(14). Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Series Ultimate Knife....(I know some of you all don't have a opion of this knife...but I own 3 of them (1) in my truck....(1) in my jeep and the one in this bag....I have to say the one in the jeep has been treated really ruf and it keeps on preforming good for me.

(15). Bear Grylls Survival Scout Drop Point Knife

(16). Rothco Snake Bite Kit

(17). Saber Red Defense Spray

(18). Kel-Tec P-11 9mm luger with hoslter and 200 rounds of hollow point ammo

(19). And Of Course An Update Inventory List Of What Is In The BOB


As I stated earlier I have all this in the pack and still have roomn for other things such as wet weather gear.....A change of clothes.......


I will post pictures sometime next week to show the items I placed in the pack....and all feed back positive or negative is welcome........




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Just because I don't like Bear Grylls and think his, let's call it showmanship to be kind, doesn't mean Gerber doesn't make a solid knife. I just don't like what the guy does badly enough that I am avoiding giving him royalties. My choices are not yours nor would I try to force my pet peeves on anyone else.


The contents of the bag look good. I also think that some source for water or (depending on where you are) some way to get and purify water or both might be useful. Also the trash bag suggestion is a good one.


The other thing might be a large zip lock bag with several smaller bags in it and a map of the local area. Even if you know your area, you might need to direct someone else.


Something I have in my EDC and in my BOB is a note pad and pencil. Taking notes, leaving directions, whatever but I've never regretted having it and on occasion have missed having it.


I assume a way of making fire is in your EDC but a BIC in the bag might prove useful.


I also have pen flares in my BOB but that is just me. One thing for your consideration. While I think the MRE is a solid choice, I replaced mine with a 3600 calorie protein bar. (3 X 1200 bars). Not as good as the MRE (not bad either) in taste or balanced nutrition but for the short term, more calories (read fuel for the body) in less space. Just for your consideration.

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You might want to add a Med kit, Maps (I suggest having 3 routes planned), a bandanna and seasonal hat and gloves. A change of socks. Dont forget the chap-stick. Keep a solid pair of boots with the bag as well. You got a real good base there. Thanks for sharing it.

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Not knowing what is in your "personal hygiene" kit, if you haven't put any TP (yes, toilet paper) in there, you will DEFINITELY want some. If you are on the go the last thing you are going to want is to look for something to clean up with after you are.... well, done doin' ur dooty.


I would suggest that you take a new roll and re-roll off the tube to save space. Also, make sure you put it in a zip-lock bag. Nothing is crappier (yes pun intended) than finding out your TP got wet while you were out on a hike and it started raining.

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After reading through your list again I would also perhaps suggest some more MRE'S depending on how many days you are designing your bag around. If nothing else, go with the (gulp) FEMA recommendation of 72 hrs.


Also, I noticed you have a "survival bracelet", but you may want to consider some more cordage than that as well. Maybe another 25-50 feet? This of course depends on your situation, but thought I would mention it anyhow.


Other than that, and what others have suggested, looks like a really great set up so far. Good luck. Looking forward to your pics.

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