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Remora holster

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If your like me you have bought lots of handgun holsters and had mix feelings about them.

About six months ago i bought a remora holster. Best Damn 35 bucks i ever spent. This thing goes inside you waist band and stays put. You can run, jog, and jump and this thing stays where you place it. I placed my order on a Sunday night and had it on Thursday when i got home from work. $25 for the basic holster, $5 for added sweat shield and $5 for delivery. First night i had it i was headed out of town. Four hours of driving with my .40cal sitting at about 4 o'clock and i forgot it was there. I wear it everyday and have bought several more and found them all to work as well. Check them out on the Internet and there are several YouTube videos as well. They get a 10+ from me.

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