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The "Everything Survival" Get Home Bag

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Hey Nick. Welcome.


You've got a great start and a lot of great advice from the previous comments. As a fellow city dweller, here are some of my thoughts. Forgive me if anything I mention is a repeat of others (read the post on the phone).


1) Fitness - You got a long hike ahead of you. Sounds like you spend time outdoors, so I assume you are fit, but you do not want your first 100 + mile hike to be in a SHTF situation. go on some long hikes, run, lift weights, take advantage of the school facilities. bars


2) Food - You will need a lot of calaries to get home. However, the more you carry the more you burn, so everything has to be a good calorie to ounce ratio. I have a couple of these emergecy bars. I like them because the bars are indivdually wrapped.

3) Camping gear - A BOB is great, but you will likely have enough time to grab more than one thing. Sounds like you did a lot of camping before. So if you have it, pack you backpacking bag with the sleeping bag, tent, stove, TP or any camping gear you got. Then when the time comes, just dump your BOB in your backpacking bag and get out. That's my plan. I have my BOB for the 2% chance I only can grab one, but my other gear I can quickly assemble. If you dont have anything other than your BOB, check out eBay or Craigslist for good used gear.


4) Maps and Routes - It was already mentioned, but get a couple maps. One for the city and one for the region. A topo is nice if you can read it. Now mark the routes on the maps and any other realative info. Also let your folks know your plans and maybe give them a copy of your main and backup routes.


5) Phone - Can't remember if you had one, but grab it if you can. Also put an extra phone charger in the BOB


6) Transport - Someone mentioned if, but get a bike. You can cover a lot of ground more easily on a bike. You don't need anything fancy, just something sturdy. Check around campus, lots of people probably brought a nice one freshmen year and now need some beer money. Also, check out Craigslist. That's where we got our 'cit/bar bikes'. Also Craigslist might have used kayaks or canoes, which would be cheaper and easier to buy for your water getaway. Lastly, see if any of your friends have a car. Maybe they could take you part of the way.


7) Documents - Be sure to have copies of all the important stuff in your BOB.


8) City Sense - Lastly, no mater what the situation or how you are getting out, be aware and use common sense. Blend in, stay low and avoid any confrontations on your way home. If you are on your own, you need to be doubly aware.


Welcome again and sorry for the long post.

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Thanks Rick.


Nick (or anyone for that matter), another great resource for training in my opinion is CERT: Community Emergency Response Teams. Each state (and some cities/districts) have a CERT group. The purpose is to training citizens to be able to take care of their family and community for 72 hours in a major disaster and to assist first responders in other events (handing out water during Fourth of July to tourists for example) .The main office offers free training on various emergency response topics. The first 'orientation' training is about 18 hours long, but at the end of it you get a backpack full of gear and access to the more advanced training. This is a great way to learn some skills for you and your family, as well as, see how your community will respond, something that is very important to know if you live in a city. Even is you don't ever plan to volunteer, it is still great (and free training). The backpack and gear isn't great, but for someone on a budget it is very nice. Included were CERT Vest, gloves, small first aid kits, flagging tape, flashlight tool to turn off gas and water, dust mask, etc.


Its something I've done and I think it is a good option for someone in your case. Of course that is just my opinion.

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