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Hi all,


We're Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, and we will be serving, along with Joe Knight, as co-moderators of this section of the forum.


Dr. Bones is a recently retired M.D. and has been a fellow of both the American College of Ob/Gyn and the American College of Surgeons for many years. Dr. Bones has extensive experience in patient care, abdominal and pelvic surgery, and obstetrics. His main focus is providing medical strategies for collapse situations, where modern medical facilities are no longer available.


Dr. Bones is interested in identifying the person who will be the medic in your survival community, and making that person a stronger medical asset than he or she is now. Dr. Bones is a regular contributor to Survivalist Magazine, and has contributed a medical chapter to the 13th edition of James Talmadge Stevens' Family Preparedness Handbook. His other interests include history, especially medieval, civil war, and WWII.


Nurse Amy is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and a certified nurse-midwife. She has worked in various hospitals and private practices. Nurse Amy is well-studied in herbal and natural medicine and is in the process of becoming a Family Herbalist. She has an extensive medicinal garden. Her focus is providing alternative medical strategies for collapse situations. Nurse Amy is a regular contributor to Survivalist Magazine.


Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are both certified Master Gardeners for the state of Florida and are interested in aquaculture, having success raising large spawns of tilapia in ponds. They both have ham radio licensure.


Together, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy host the Doom and Bloom Show, a weekly preparedness podcast on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, airing live 9pm Eastern time every Thursday. They have over 100 articles on preparedness, medicine, and gardening on their blog at


We're honored to be here, and hope to help everyone keep it together, if things fall apart.


Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy;)

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I read somewhere on this site, but I can't remember where, about antibiotics and other medicines that would be critical if and when society breaks down. Can you please restate how and where we might acquire those for our bug out storage?


Thank you,



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