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Do any of your guys make room in your BOB for fishing gear? My brother gave me a slick collapsible Coleman fishing rod that telescopes down into a case about the size of a large cigar, and a few hooks, split shot, and a bobber don't take up much room if properly packaged...so I stuffed it in the back of the bag, since there is a LOT of fishable water scattered about here in Maine. How about you? Does fishing take a place in your bug-out plans? I figure even a bluegill or pumpkinseed on a stick is better than starving...

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My son & I recieved one each as a gift about 2-3 years ago from a military buddy.

The cigar sized telescoping fishing rods are handy to have in a BOB.

In a real survival situation.

The fishing reel is the size, no bigger than a ping pong ball.

Hock, rod, reel & sinker all can fit in a mans front pocket.

Nice compact package to have.

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I also have some of those rotary spring-operated galvanized steel "set" reels that have about 20 feet of string for line. There was a string of people giving these things to me, so I bet I have ten of them...yet I've never used them. Anyone ever tried these? I've never bothered due to the fact they only reel in a set amount then stop.



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I have spools  of  20# test and 6# and a mess of stainless steel hooks in all sizes if I need to I can use 550 cord and tie on a length of fishing line, or make a trot line it all depends on the underwater structure I do not want to loose gear.


hand lines are basic and I do not like too much but I have a Popeil pocket fisherman but it would get buried or traded quick as I have fished without equipment a lot. retrieval of a fish needs to be fluid it is when the pressure of the line slacks they are able to spit the hook so 2 handed hand over hand trying not to allow slack or continuity will help to get your catch in.  A Mexican reel or a soda  can or bottle works well if you practice.  as far as floats or weights some split shot is about all


People need to consider spear fishing with a sling shot look that up there are different forms I have speared fish with a inner tube band and a bamboo pipe guide and then I carry a couple of home made stainless gigs with a hole in them so I can either have a free gig stick them and retrieve with 550 cord I would never use them with out a cord as some things twist and will snap the pole and there goes your gig.


Some of the gigs and fishing spears made on some of these survival shows and they were pathetic ill conceived badly formed 


Fishing is about experience in a certain area and with certain species but basics are not to let them see you and ambush them by enticing stealth or trickery but if a person does not know how to tie on a line or know their quarry it is all a moot point too thick a line the fish see it or you cannot have the tactile sense to know when to set the hook or else the fish will snap it like a thread. big fish with alternative fishing methods need a shock cord so if your not present they do not break the line. Turtles here can weight up to a couple hundred pounds as well as Gar and we do have alligators.  I have fished many places and some like canyons require a minimum of a hundred feet of line just to get to the fish and  mot much on the bank as the walls are straight down then there are swamps filled with hydrilla or lilies grass etc. each area will have its own challenges and species that are elusive or known for a certain aspect that makes it difficult if not impossible to catch them.  Indians made nets and caught fish going up or down the falls and did it in seasons. 


Nature has a rhythm and element they thrive in if we are to be successful we need to use that to our advantage otherwise we are going to waste calories time and gear only to starve eventually.

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Since I introduced the sport of fishing to my young teenaged older grandsons, I cannot manage to catch a single fish. I will have to resort to using grenades pillaged from the Blue Helmets for my fishing needs, If, I were to forage for fish.

My fishing tackle "disappears" from my tackle box, as have MY packable rods and reels specifically purchased for that purpose! Oh, I KNOW where they walked off to....

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