Trump supporter leaves CNN anchor speechless.

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Oral office LMAO yea what Trumo said was unsettling for holier than thou types BUT I have heard worse from young children now of days believe it or not.


But what she said was pertinent it is not a 2 way street when demoncrats so the same or worse and as I recall ol' bill tried to act like Lewinski was a groopie liar and I remember the quote, I have never had sexual relations with that woman miss Lewinski ! and how all the women were portrait as "bimbo's" and until know I did not know the scope of punishment Bill got and now we see he lost his law license and 800,000 fine.


I see where if you cowar when attacked everyone will pile on even your own supposed party.  IMHO I would rather have a contrite person that apologized than a person that has only after they have been caught in the rat trap FINALLY gives a hlaf azzed apology and then turns it into a swipe at her detractors --- like an eel you never really sure what end you have.

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