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Saving "Junk"

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The saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."


So, what do you save that maybe ordinary people who don't prep would likely toss away?


Our vacuum of 14 years bit the dust; we got a new one, but now I have a pile of vacuum bags and filters as well as an 8' hose and the brush attachments from the old machine. I suppose people would toss it all, but I am at least saving the bags and filters.


So, what do you keep? And, if you saw it laying on the curb at someone else's house for trash day, what would you "rescue?"


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Good post Mommy.

Where I live come trash day, neighbours throw out bicycles, lawn tools, snow blowers, Windows, wood Etc.

I will salvage parts or repair them.

The best find was a John Deer sitting lawn mower that needed a fuel line, it cost me about $ 3 & about an hour to repair it.

I then sold it to another neighbor for $500 .

I've been salvaging old windows now to build my second green house.

Last year I got a Natendo game with about 3 dozen games, they were all working fine.

I ended up trading it all to a guy through Kijiji for 5 chain saws, all the same model, 2 of them work really well the other 3 are kept for parts if needed.

Wood that I collect, I will cut off the rotten ends & keep the good parts, lord knows how many planter boxes & deck chairs I've made & sold to people. My cost was next to nothing, only time spent building it.

There is a gold mine of trash that people throw out, the whole idea is knowing what to do with it & give it a second life with ideas that it could be used for.

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I am a freak about iron and pipe also sheet metal and 4x4 posts I keep a rack full and am always buying or finding tools in the kast week I picked up 2 shovel heads a mattock head and a hatchet head as well as some older welding chipping hammers, for nothing nada no money froma person that was moving I also got a couple of motors single cylinder gas not frozen and kept in a building.

A couple of alternators one is for an 18 wheeler I still have to look it up and check it for function.  I know where a electrical rebuild place and at worst it will cost 50 bucks but I know it is high amperage output.


I also collect nails screws bolts nuts staples (fasteners) and hardware of all kinds If I want to build something I can usually do it from stock.  a few weeks ago a friend that does garage doors gave me a milk crate full of garage door hinges bell wire and 1/8th inch cable etc  I also snag plywood or buy it so I have a short stack of 5 tom 10 sheets of all dimensions as I make bunny boxes and other projects in other words I keep a stack of assorted lumber and another rack of iron and a bread rack full of PVC fittings. then the shop I have 24 or so plastic shoe boxes full of all kinds of stuff for vehicle wiring plumbing tools fittings copper and other sh*t. as well as tools to build make or repair.  I am not a hoarder it is fairly well organized or I can find it if I need it.


I think I can build a good size building from what I have on site perfect no but functional and water tight I also have a stack of concrete blocks bricks and slabs some concrete test cylinders still pick that up when I find it. one day I will build a smoke / processing house once i have enough blocks the pain will be pouring the slab,

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