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Polycase ammo ( ARX by Ruger )

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This is the worst idea ever off the top of my head if this catches on throw away your reloading equipment next no brass ???? just think about that REAL HARD especially in the light of the context of why they made it because "THEY" were picking it up.  What                 

no one polices their brass they and like they cannot load steel cases the same way or that Russia China Yugoslavia etc etc cannot or would not supply all the ammo their black little hearts want in trade for oil gold or whatever.

this is a marketing ploy to sell an inferior product that will NOT last the test of time and by the time people figure that out it would be way to late.


those morons do not have money  (middle eastern fighters) Follow the money.

Now analyze the content they act like these security forces are dropping barrels of brass in one instance B.S. 

Are they picking it up oh yea but in the light of there has been a billion rounds fired or more this is nothing.

As we recently found in less than a few months a 3 year back stock was sold out SO nada nothing on the shelves.

Polymer or plastic REALLY this is nothing new in WWII the Japanese used Bamboo for bullets the Germans used wood and they had one thing in common they were not a long term solutions storage or otherwise. Field expedient munitions are not new  but now it's a problem it was done in Korea Vietnam any firearm owner that buys this is a traitor to their own sport as when we ran out of ammo the last time at least we could buy brass and roll our own.

There is already a short range target rifle ammo made of plastic and only a brass rim like a shotgun shell.


I know what steel cased ammo did to the American ammo producers cheap ammo flooded the market and American producers could not increase prices and it damaged the market for years there was a secondary market that did not come back until the ammo shortage and a surge of sales of reloading equipment. 


Lets get into the dynamics of lead verses powdered copper there is no comparison lead is easier less costly to mold more potential energy from mass easier to increase its density for use in rifles by the addition of antimony & tin it can be extracted from spent projectiles and reused what are you going to do with the spent projectiles of this junk melt the plastic OH thats better than melting lead.

It is fact that polymer and plastics age and change their density / strength copper and brass we are still finding intact from thousands of years in the ground I very much doubt we will find this working and intact in 50 years functioning stuff from this.

REREAD this last sentence and let that sink in REALLY REALLY think about it I would not accept it if it was given to me.

It is MIND NUMBING that "AMERICAN" rifleman with ads from the NRA on the same page REALLY does anyone have a brain and see where this would lead.


I have fired ammo made in the 1800's let that sink in.  Type in Glock frame problems then look at your plastic framed loved one and fast forward 30 years and consider that is what your leaving your children to defend themselves with,  Then stuff it full of this ammo 30 years old ?????? I DON"T THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA !

The fact that Ruger came up with this is more insane but we live in STUPID self serving short sighted times.

One last analogy there are model A's and T cars still running I Know for a fact that POS your driving now won't be on the road in a hundred years some won't last the payment term, this is built in obsolescence or TTF ( time to fail)  isn't that what the anti gun people been pushing ?

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All "new" ammo is touted as the latest Super-Death-Ray, instant fight stopping incapacitation', blow holes in ya' the size of a watermelon. Then reality arrives, and proves that Wunda-ammo- death-Ray stuff is non-performing crap.aWhen I was younger, and FAR more impressionable, I believe that ammo and gun manufacturers would never "lie" about the reliability or efficacy of their products, just to sell them.

Oh, I was deceived a few times before learning, that a whore is still a whore, even and especially when it advertises in Guns & Ammo and other gun porn mags.

I would suggest kindly, that one wait at least one year from release to the civilian marketplace, to avoid becoming an unpaid "beta tester" for any ammunition or firearms company.

You can choose for yourself what you want to carry or not.

I prefer tried and true, even when it's not tacti-cool.

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For the record, any new type of ammo that's manufactured I would try once.

That does not mean I would want it to be my main source of ammo I would use. Lol.

The projectile seems interesting, but the polymer case I couldn't careless about.

I reload/roll my own ammo for many years, and that's not going to change anytime soon.

I cast lead projectiles slugs, made my own primers & powder.

Reloading is just another hobby of mine & that's not going to change.

I my lifetime I'll try, test drive any firearm & any manufactured ammo produced by a company at least once.

It does not mean that they're all keepers, far from it.

Like it, love it, hate it, it's all personal, in the eyes of the beholder.

Part of my bucket list, is to test drive every model firearm out there, still have a long time to go.

Same thing goes for ammo manufactured.

It is, what it is in my nature. Not changing anytime soon.

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