At a pivotal moment in history in here silence ?

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At a pivotal moment in history, in here silence ____ I pray when the lead "you" away you will have more to say but at that point it will have zero effect.


The time to do anything "GOOD is now,  the past is over the future unknown and the grave is silent.


I guess what has concerned me most is police being targeted has not been of concern enough to warrant a post it as a topic. Is there worry about condemnation or --- just what I am at a loss to understand this.


My personal opinion it is a race war black against blue and I hate to say black because most people of color do not agree with violence killing of anyone or usurping authority or WROL but I can see where the numbers of dissenters have increased.  We should remember that all it takes is a 5 to 7% group of militant thugs to upend any system look at the middle east.


I base my opinion on the fact that in most mass shootings at least one of the officers were black in one instance If I recall none were white.  This seems ridiculous to condemn the killing of black people then shoot a black officer.  Therefore I conclude it is not really about race but authority, rule of law and common sense.

We all must realize that there are criminal elements in all elements races / society that despise law and order they have no morals or conscience.


I am one that considers the militarization of federalization of the police as insane we have separation of powers for security of the individual so that no group gets too big for it's britches. 


This election is a wave of insulted and belittled people flexing their muscles in a last attempt to throw off the oppression of fascism and bureaucracy and the loss of rights --- rights that belong to all Americans regardless race creed color ethnic or sexual orientation because criminals and crazies menace us all.

Social media has become a fascist regime kicking people off because they have an opinion but not if it is radical or threatening or worse inciting carnage or murder.  Freedom means responsibility you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater.


There are too many people with mental instability and the race baiters and ditocrats want those people to be infalmed enough to act out and use this for a excuse to restructure the constitution remove and restrict our rights and what stupid people NEVER realize that friends colleagues and family may not believe as they do and will suffer under oppression or jailed maybe even killed when we turn away from our path.

ask anyone from a nation that went through a communist socialist or fascist  take over look at Venezuela just because you get what they want today does not mean it will make "them" happy.

If we remove speed laws and allow people to drive as fast anytime any where I know that in less than a year speed laws will be enacted because some people have NO SENSE.  Even if we allow drug use would you get on a plane flown by a doped up pilot ? would you allow a drunk to teach your children or a heroin addict to be a crossing guard at the school where your children go ? or babysit or operate heavy machinery ?

Would you allow a child molester to be a police officer or a parole officer ? or be forced to hire a kleptomaniac as a loss prevention or security guard for your company ? 

There are a thousand reasons why some are not suited to work or be relied on as they can cause disastrous or deadly results 


I take the police as they come some are fantastic other good some hit and miss others are not discernible from those they are suppose to arrest. No matter you respect the uniform and do your best act your best when they are doing their duty, now that does not mean that they are right or you are and that moment is not the time to discuss or argue the point better to use the chain of command next day when heads are cooler ask to talk with their supervisor if that does not reach a level of compromise or understanding this does not mean you will be happy with the outcome but at least everyone will know where they stand.


Stop as soon as possible and consider the officers safety as well as your own hand signal if your going up the road etc.

Do not be moving finding things in the vehicle have your window down and your hands in sight

Smile greet the officer  wait for the officer to explain what he wants before you do anything ask or explain your going to do something BEFORE you do it

Officer speaks your silent ask to give your view on that and only that issue or you be silent.

Once the incident is done thank or tell the officer to have a good day and not like a smartazz genuinely like you would a friend I rarely get pulled over 2 times in the last 10 years both were not for a ticket but a light out or a trailer issue so apparently drive friendly and safe works.


Hate is like drinking rat poison and hoping for the rat to die, NONE of the seven deadly sins enhances or makes your life better ALL of the people that operate under those rules fail die or are in prison PERIOD.

Call it karma call if fate of personal engineering it will fail your words are a knife or a kiss guard your words it is better to be kind that to have to apologize or regret your actions later IMHO.


I am watching the news and I see where Leslie Jones from the movie Ghost Busters 2016 has been dumped on by the haters on Twitter I do not know her or her work but being hateful over social media and not knowing that person is to me the lowest form of personal conduct.  If I make a statement I hope it is concise and within it criticism that could be used in a positive manner not to harm someones feelings or erode their being for what comes to personal attacks.


If some person is using my moniker on a social media site other than here IT AIN"T ME I avoid social media per-say here is about the only place I post I "try to promoter respectful communication and living as well as act like a thinking caring person not a selfish brat.

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I think a lack of discussion on this topic does not equal a lack of caring or concern.


To be honest, I like these boards and I find them highly relevant and helpful. I also enjoy reading and discussing with like-minded people, however, these boards are SLLLLOOOOWWWW. No one ever posts and there is rarely any discussion like there used to be. So for me, I tend to pop on every few days to see if there is anything new and I read it and maybe I will respond.


I am highly concerned about the cold-blooded killing of police officers and others (civilians too). Here is what I have to share on the matter.


God has always spoken to His people/children. He does so primarily through Scripture. However, the recorded history of believers over time and even now, proves that He also speaks to us individually/intimately, at times. Sometimes it is that "still small voice." Other times He sends a "word" through another person meant to admonish, correct, encourage, or edify the Body. God has never stopped talking. Some church-goers say He stopped when the last of the Apostles died. However, Scripture in NO WAY indicates that AND church history and recorded history of people in the church does not support this either.


I believe that the other night the Lord gave me a "word." First the word, "anarchy" popped into my mind. Then, the name "Barabbas" popped in my mind, followed by this sentence. "'Barabbas' was a person, but is also a spirit."


What we have going on all over this nation, is spiritual warfare. "We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against unseen things." Just as God and His angels have names, so do the beings on the "other side" of the battle. Maybe you have heard of a "Jezebel spirit" before. There are powers and principalities, which oppress families, individuals, churches, cities and whole nations. It is why Scripture sometimes sounds like it is discussing a nation, but at the same time it seems like it is also discussing a being or person. "Babylon" was a place/nation, but it is also likely a spirit that oppressed an entire geographical area.


I believe, and I have shared with my pastoral staff, that the spirit of Barabbas is what is oppressing the U.S.A. (if not other beings as well). Who was he in Scripture...a murderer. He is often depicted as greasy, slobbering, messy and maniacal. Doesn't this appear to be what we face today in the U.S.?


Romans 8:26-27. "Likewise the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Holy Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words."


When I initially received these words, I immediately told my husband. He immediately quoted this verse to me as it had instantly popped into his head. It is likely that the Lord also reveals to us what we ought to do and what we ought to pray for and about.


So, here is what I am doing. I am praying about this. But, I am also moving ahead with other plans to keep and protect our family. I can only be on social media so much and I can only go around and around with people in debates about such matters so much. This is not a political or social issue; it is 100% a spiritual one. We can wax on and on about social structures and "if only" and we can point the finger, but again, this is not a war against people. It is a war against powers and principalities that oppress the entire nation.


We need to protect ourselves, but we had better start on our knees.

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I don' t for a second believe that any of the previous posts were by "coincidence" nor, an anomaly. First, I fundamentally do NOT

beleive in "coincidence, and second, that all three of your posts reflect what my wife and I deeply hold dear and sacred.

Our Republic's issues are not a matter of social justice, equality nor the economic uncertainties.

It is all about the lack of spirituality within society as a whole in our Republic, and the lack of spirituality in the majority of the so-called disenfranchised people.

Satan is real, and one of his more active acolytes/disciples is I believe, George Soros, who as a young Jewish man in his native Hungary in WWII, hunted his own people for Nazi pay. That tells me all I need to know about his motives, character and WHAT he has allowed himself to become and what he has wholeheartedly embraced.

We cannot allow ourselves to "hate", but we must, I believe protect ourselves and homes from the predatory advances of the "dark side's disciples" who espouse vile and disturbing morality, violence and hatred, for hatred' sake alone.

Ends of my rant, thanks for being in "the choir", until next practice, you all stay safe!!!

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I am totally impressed with all the posts and I should not be because I have seen previous post that are as sincere as these.


I pray that we will get out of this devils trap and it is a spiritual war we are in the people that are killing and those that are stirring up hatred and fear.

These people that create this false perspective of inequality and racism because it fuels their bank account all these race baiters are rich and many are of color so how did they make it out ?  The turned it into a business like a fake religious cult they use Gods and other intellectuals and deities words and repetitious slogans to bring their crowds to a fever pitch but NONE of them do anything other than talk  They know that there are weak minded people that want to be regarded as or hero worshiped and use them like tissue paper wipe their brow and throw them away.


But I digress the only way to combat evil is with love and perseverance teaching your family to follow God and not false doctrine or hate mongering.

This does not put a welcome mat on our backside we are not weak or unwilling to defend or protect I pray we all choose peace love and kindness first above all.


Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


I am bolstered by the decent and earnest responses that all IMHO tell me that many are holding the line against destruction malice and evil.

Let us all hope this election we can turn this train around kick out the people stirring the pot and get people in that will return our country to sanity.and common sense And Wally I pray we can avoid tribulation.


I pray all of you and families are healthy prosper as well as hold the line wherever you are.

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