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no electricity challenge

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just did a no electricity challenge and here is what i observed...


okay this is what i learned from going from monday to sunday without electricity...

1. i was met with immediate hostility by my elderly mother she refused to try it so the experiment was somewhat ruined...
2. i have way too many TV dinners it was a bummer having to chisel them out of thier plastic trays and put into pans to to eat healthier....
3. using my little portable wood stove drew attention of my nosey neighbors they were over immediatly and wanted to know what was up...i did all my cooking outside...
4. i had to buy wood from the store for my cooking needs i have no wood stored at my place and that will be a problem when the SHTF...
5. without AC and my CPAP i am a GONNER i was only able to sleep about 5 hours a night(not all in a row either)
6. in my room using a lamp or candle to read by REALLY SUCKS i don't know how our ancestors did it...
7. i hate doing dishes... clear.png
8. trying to start a fire in a wood stove with a rod and striker is tuff thank God for matches and BIC lighters
9. boredom is a real mental killer...
10. if my mom hadn't had the TV on i would have never known about the dallas sniper and riots i do have a crank radio but the thought of no info out of the loop is a little scary...
11. i did one small load of clothes with a bucket and washboard it was tough on the old hands i'm thinking of getting one of those crank kitchen top washers...

so these were the things that struck me off the top of my head if you have any questions feel free to ask....

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Forget the table top washer Wally I got one from a garage sale for a few bucks the size is for socks and underwear and not many of them may be larger Items if one at a time.  Consider a barrel open top upright on a stand with a plunger  have a spigot to drain the water and a old hand wringer I have been hoping to find one myself.


Detergent instead of all this new stuff I buy Dawn 2X it won't work in a machine as it will suds up and overflow but it lasts a long time very efficient per bottle and cuts grease well,  Back when that is why people used lye soap (home made) and boiled clothes otherwise their clothes would have been filthy with grease and food oil now you know why those whites were so white.

I keep 5 to 6 large bottles of Dawn same with bleach softener you can pipe the used dish and cloths wash water to your garden or take it by pail to each plant if you need to conserve water.


Fire making I use a piezo electric striker torch on a 1 pound propane bottle screw matches but not to be wasteful I insure my tinder is enough have extra and I also keep 6 bottles of Bar-B-Q lighter fluid I love to cook on the grill and I also keep a couple of barrels of cut limbs from my fruit and oak trees (limbs fall out or I prune) I also keep a barrel of NATURAL charcoal so I can crush it and use it for filtering water can't use charcoal briquettes or brands as they are made as fuel for fire in fact I do not use them as they are really poisonous with chemicals etc.


I do have matches candles and Bic lighters etc etc etc to start fire as far as being bored back in the day whittling was as much to make things like furniture toys handles and you kept the scrap in a tinder bin the older the more dry.  Hay was also a starter unlike some years back we kept newspapers and paper sacks now we have good for nothing plastic well not really if that is all we have you can twist and weave it but I like bamboo fiber cloth bags I have canvass and muslin bolts of cloth I buy on deep discount or garage sales etc even sheets and such from garage sales as long as they are white jam them in a barrel and keep them sealed.

We will need rags mending cloth and bandages sheets curtains replacement clothes etc.


I am not too overly concerned with news I live in Texas but an event in a far off town is not a concern 300,000,000 in the U.S.A. 5 dead (NOW DON"T EVERYONE GET PISSY) but that happens in Chicago and Detroit etc. every night, put things in perspective. I do not like the implications that they were officers of the law and detest a sniper except in war and even then it is because we no longer fight as we did and we also have to defend against our enemies snipers and that takes intense and special training.


Then there is disinformation misinformation that is why it is so important for all of us to have stock of useful and trade items.

some years ago we had a hurricane my neighbors were in unprepared so they went to the next town (radio said ) to get fema aid and were told your not from OUR TOWN you have to go to the county shelter and get your stuff after waiting in line for a hour and driving in a serpentine conga line then a 10 mile drive to the county and another conga line there to get a box of MRE's 10 pounds of ice per person and we have to have an ice chest or it would have been wasted (in Texas we all have Ice chests) and back then we did not have YETI coolers so the ice lasted barley till the next morning.

Since then I bought a mini ice maker to be used on a battery and solar panel makes ice in under a half hour you have to pour in the water keep it in a shady / cool place and I have a 12 volt cooler not real good but a 60 dgree drink in 100 degree heat is heaven.


I pray for no event that destroys electronics or flips the magnetic poles or we will all be in the crap as nothing will work there have been many events that have almost extinguished man or winnowed his numbers to a skeleton crew by famine war pestilence and it will happen again if Christ does not come before "WE" pass on.  We are suppose to die, I do not know where people get this stupid notion that we deserve to die in our sleep pain free ? really in what contract did anyone read that ?

Death IS any death is better than we deserve even the best of us left something undone failed our fellow man etc.

I feel very very sorry for atheists and agnostics their death will be full of questions and even the best will have some remorse or a bucket list unfinished anyone that thinks that is not true is lying to themselves, think of all the things undone family or friends you won't be there for etc.


As of now I have a computer with backup drives and dvds filled with music and movies I keep in a ammo can if I have some way to charge or store my electricity I will be able to watch a movie now and again when I replace this smart phone and it still works it goes in the can and I know batteries dont last but I can rig a 5 volt jumper to run it.


Wally as far as your CPAP you need to look into solar setup or wind generator and batteries so you can run it without fuel a small diesel generator with a alternator to charge or run direct I say diesel as gas will not store for long this E85 is total crap

and gas engines are not worth a sh*t either now all have crap carburetors tiny plastic parts and built in obsolescence to where you have to have them worked on every season.  The conversion of diesel wind or solar to 12 volt and storing it in batteries is about all we as middle to poor class have even with a lot of money the more complicated or larger a system is the more likely it will breakdown IMO,  Look for a 400 watt wind turbine or one of these 2 panel solar setups from Harbor Freight or alike minimum of 1 but 4 batteries would be way better or more as we want to be able to outlast a long overcast or short days of sunlight.

This will also run small leds in out house and buildings run a computer fan I run 2 off a 12 volt mower battery during a power outage but have switches at the source if for some reason it grounds out it will drain the battery.


I srap computers etc for the fans and keep a 10 gallon tote full I have seen but not tried where you put a stick on metal tab on each blade and use high powered magnets ( I get mine from old hard drives) and place in a push pull opposite sides the fan will run on its own with no power I have yet to try this recently saw it on youtube.

I lived in many tropical areas and fans and a little sweat and you need a sheet it does take getting use to I remember a toe operated fan that hung fro the ceiling pumped your foot and the board moved back and forth it sucked .......


No I do not think many with any health problems will survive long but we gotta try anyway.

as far as your food rice flaked potatoes quick oats and other grain cereals QUICK so you do not have to use a lot of fuel / energy

honey and drink mixes like coffee tea chocolate fruit drinks etc and have meat once a week or as you hunt it,

that is why I keep chickens and rabbits it is a sustainable source of protein as are gerbils guinea pigs  or any fast growing animal

chickens hatch in 21 days and are grown in 6 to 9 months rabbits are 31 days and in 6 to 8 weeks are at the best size for eating and their hormones have not kicked in.

I do like freeze dried vegetables as gardens are hit and miss too much rain heat not enough sun etc. that is why fishing trapping hunting and collecting naturally growing berries and roots etc is so important and have a good book to recognize if it is edible or not.   I can make and have traps of all designs but game gets scarce in unrest / war or famine pestilence.


I do not know if I am telling this right but I am grateful for living where I do because of the weather has forced me over time to be ready for anything thank God but I have not been flooded -- flooded in yeas without power but I have propane generator and vehicles that can recharge batteries etc I am totally against all electric living that is just insane power outage and your dead meat IMHO.


Mark 13:8

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.


Anyone that thinks we are not there is kidding themselves and we are just getting started look at the geologic report hundreds of quakes exponentially more than any other decade since reporting became regular murder war drugs rape molestation OH WE ARE HERE be ready for anything but be happy and enjoy your family friends but take time for God and remember we do  not know the day or hour of our death or when Christ returns so no matter what the radio or tv tells you you may live to be over a hundred or not  but if everyone were happy and well adjusted just how would that be a bad thing ?


then there is I Peter 3:14

But and if ye suffer for righteousness' sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled;


In every life IT will hit the fan PERIOD so know you will face a time where your own understanding power money or influence will NOT sustain you or give you another day on this earth ot maybe a loved one.

that is when the rubber meets the road for both believers and non believers and I have see both crack up because it is not that God or even yourself that failed in the physical but that we all know it's coming or possible and refuse to face it and fro me with Christ I have weathered all things except that last journey,

Does that mean I won't crack up NO that is another thing there could always be that point to deny it is foolish the old saying youth is wasted on the young is so true recently lost my very best friend painful but I am still here and we carry on teach my youth group make my plans fail at some win on others that is life --- walk it off take a deep breath and know we are eternal we never die neither do we come back as someone else or thing nice notion but if we did we would not be "SPECIAL" hell a turd feeds a flower if we have been alive as a species for as many thousands of years then reincarnation means itself is a lie as there were never 7 billion people or that the premise that we are reborn and learn is STUPID because it appears millions maybe billions are incapable of learning.


I know I am on a tear but everything is connected all knowledge is out there we think we are the first to find dirt or air space or time but think is was already there we just figured it out like the fact your dad did not really steal your nose ------ people are so self centric Columbus I found the new world DUH no no we found the Vikings and maybe the Chinese or Japanese but really God made it us and everything  ALIENS well considering God never was human like us He is a spirit and like gravity we have no real clue what that is either we have a word for it a feeling but no rational concept of how it works how to use it  or were it comes from now we think space is not a vacuum but plasma / energy I say it is God all power etc etc.

We are a infinitesimal speck a reasonable facsimile of Jesus "make man in our image"  If there was a ALIEN it was God he seeded this place and maybe others but that has NO bearing on my responsibility to Him and his creation I am to be a caretaker of all because things die I am to use them for benefit only to the degree I need to exists and thrive even plants communicate and have life so the notion that being vegan is silly on the face of it because we cannot see their cannot see their beauty and wonder like a cute bunny we can kill and eat them without remorse ? --- mankind is a raving fool because we are bigger live longer than a bean sprout we can kill it consume it and fell no guilt ? well I digress because we have aborted 50 MILLION babies since the 1950's again we are arrogant selfish self willed and I have been and will always be just as bad as anyone else I am Human not God the creator fallible but we can all invoke reason learn and be humble there is that if we are willing.

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Thanks TPSnodgrass & Wally I hope the post was seen by most as information and not too preachy.


fear is a word I try not to use as it can be a bit overdone But in certain circumstances I am "acutely aware of danger" once I realize it or in some cases a 6th sense,  I give God the thanks for those times because once I recall them there was not a way I could have known.  I do not see visions or hear voices but it appears my reflexes are still good.

I cannot explain it but I have killed a couple of copperheads this year and they do not telegraph except in dry grass or leaves and my hearing is faulty so something had to make me aware they were in my proximity.


I do consider no electricity a real challenge in fact I think most of us can think back were some cold water or a cool place when we were sick probably helped is through and all the medicines vaccines xrays blood and blood plasma I would have been long dead.

and pain killers I have used them all over my life I was blessed never to have gotten addicted I was more of a Myer's 151 man.

Through all that I know I am not invincible  and the older I get the more I know older is closer to the graveyard.  I not to worried I know way more on the other side now it will be a grand reunion.


TPSnodgrass ---- Ths quotes of Clint Smith  "Beware the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it!"

And  "An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity."

with a ton of other saying that will make you laugh or think real hard.

That first quote make me think of all the posts and writings that dismissed anything smaller than a 45 anything moving at over 600 FPS is bad juju I am with you some people are not to be fooled with no matter what they carry.


There is a reason why apartments are mostly in town people that live in them have to be next door to everything they never have what they need.  I am not a hoarder but I scrounge  but I keep it organized (to a degree) I am forever building repairing or trading.

I got some plywood off of some pallets I used that to build rabbit boxes cost free same with scrap metal lumber I buy all the concrete blocks and pads I see as well as sheet metal I would rather roof with sheet metal than anything else it's faster lasts longer and light compared to shingles slate or tile.


Really and I am not kidding I pray there is never a time where we have a long duration or permanent loss of electricity I have lived without AC and wood heat and cooking it sucks wood does not fall out of the trees in just so pieces and it shore don't split itself.

if it is damp or green it is hell to light even indoors with good dry tinder.  if you don't stack it it is not hot enough for a large room.

you have to fiddle with the damper keep a pot on with water or your eyes and nose get raw or bleed from dry.


Sh*t don't shovel itself it has to be moved piled and aged to use in a garden rabbit poop you can use as it happens chicken poop is hot enough to kill your garden plants unless it has aged even then better to put it at the end of the row and let rain water carry it.

I have dug a garden hoed planted tilled burned scycled returned and replanted and it is nothing by hand but hard work. thank God for plumbing / running water.

People just have no clue how damn hard life is without electrical power running water and plumbing, open sewer and cess pools are have killed more people than all wars.


I love the show Naked and Afraid only because it shows how really bad it can be clothes only make it slightly better I have lived in places where there is no deodorant everything smelled like sweat or smoke and not good even the mud smelled like rotting vegetation all water has a slime finish even running rivers when there was no wind smelled like rotting critters as life is in a constant state of life and death. no electric fans clothes do not dry it's too humid rainy season is really flooding like walking on a slip & slide  it's just a B*T@h.   Then there is the desert where even the shade is hot at night your cold everything is gritty including your crack your food water and your eyes, to make a hot meal lay it on a rock but all you really want is ice shade and at least a fan. don't get me started about snow or cold it great for a ski resort snow bunnies hot drinks crackling fireplace but I never got stuck there dadgummit.  From 60 below to 130 degrees and it sucks I like my living room and my AC and heated vehicle water on tap ice in a bin remote control ceiling fan and AC and a bath anytime and  300 + CHANNELS  dvd collection WAHOO a clothes dryer dry clothes that smell clean. and there are people that want anarchy REALLY those people are idiots in less than 30 days they will be singing the blues crying for their mama IMHO.

I do not need much anymore just EVERYTHING !

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