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Orlando Killer!s Father "knew Obama"? Schmoozed in Washington, Sought Afghan Presidency

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Read this article, it's a eye opener as to what's going on in Washington.


Media refusing to cover numerous witness account of multiple shooters in Orlando Massacre.


5 Things the Establishment slipped by you while focusing solely on Orlando Shooting.

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None of this matters people are so entrenched in their thinking no matter how true or untrue it is they will only resent hearing it.


Problem today is information overload and so damn many trolls on the interweb feeding false information, seeding or blatant lies.

I could care less any more we have come to the fork in the road "take it"  (Yogi Berra quote) the world is so corrupt debase twisted sick perverted or just down right evil, trying to inform people they are the problem it's like pissing in the ocean thinking your accomplishing something.

People (generally speaking) want to be part of a group of evil doers look at Son's of anarchy now it is all the rage to act all badazz get a flock of tattoos and curse blue blazes and act like a criminal and once they become one reality sets in and either they buy into the lifestyle or it breaks them.


Our society has lost it's common sense due to Television somewhere they think they will never pay the price for their indiscretions or try to live some fictional life to become something they are not.

This is true of our illustrious leaders problem is they are 99% lawyers and cover each other posterior as if it's their own because one day it just might be.

From all the news I can see it is all a blackmail racket as each person becomes important a group looks to find a chink in their armor once they get them on the hook it is a lifetime of selling out all anyone has to do is look at the voting records and compare it to their speeches and quotes then watch them walk it back or "I misspoke" political theater is being an empathetic looking cold blooded bald face liar., willing to murder children and lie to their parents about how bravely and commitment to their country blah blah blah.


Ever wonder why they put a flag on the casket ? to hide the evidence.


P210SIG your post about the public and the troops being nothing more than lab rats proves it.


It took 4 days and 5 lives to wipe out Iraq then our leaders got us stuck there 10 more years and killed off 9,000 more for NOTHING.

the original idea they had chemical weapons we knew because we had the receipts and some of the equipment was sold by American companies.


I have posted so many times on all the crap we have pissed away in blood and treasure but nothing has changed people still join the military thinking they are protecting American Freedoms from what ? Iraq, Afghanistan before both these debacles we had a couple of near disasters and we knew the twin towers were on the list from the first attack but was anyone watching out hell no.

The more we have entangled ourselves with the middle east the more we get attacked we give Hamas money and then we turn around and give Israel money then beans and bullets if we are so damn interested in peace side with one or the other not play both sides against the American people.

When the Achille lauro a cruise ship was attacked our navy could have intervened but it was not our area but when a commercial ship the Maersk Alabama was attacked TAAADAAAAA .

America is pretty fickle when and how they interfere or intervene and it always seems to involve money oil banking world wide conglomerates minerals etc and then we nation build over stay our welcome or never take the natives seriously when they say LEAVE like Afghanistan, now we have 5 times and growing heroin addiction and influx of heroin like a river.


Funny isn't it

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