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Chechnya: Republic of Contrasts.

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ugh Islamic propaganda...

Propaganda or not, all religions have their rules as to what's acceptable to them in their faith.

When it comes to Islamic faith, from what I've learned to my understanding is that the Sharia sect is the worst of them all.

Their are different sects, when it comes to Christianity. ( Baptist,Catholic, Evenglical, Prodiston, Johova witness ).

From my life experience I'm not to fond of Catholics, I've had alot of bad experiences dealing with them.

Your mileage may differ.

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You might be correct there Wally.

Your ( Google Fu ) is much better than mine, but one tends to wonder is everything posted in Google is it absolutely correct. .???

I've caught a thing or 2 that was false/wrong information.

It's like saying a joke about something, theirs at least some or half truth about it.

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