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The situation on America's college campuses is worse than we feared.

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I have been saying this for a LOOOONG time Americans are "STUPID" --- well ignorant same difference but you can be both and some have evolved further or devolved however you choose to look at it.


since only 30% of Americans vote and of them apparently there are 30% socialists from the Feel the Bern polls then you have the extreme right wing hob nail boots & swastikas the legalize all drug crowd and then the save the planet hug a rock bunch leaving me and you and I am not to certain about you (whomever you are) ...


I have come to the conclusion that unless it lands on my feet or gets on my shoes not my problem.

Any group sends up a balloon to see which way the wind blows gets you to pay for it or send your children to die for it and feather their nests while everyone under them totes the water.


Thinking back we would have been better off to have not involved ourselves in WWI so the Kaiser was a prick so who has not been since ?

we all raced to get the bomb now we have had 3 nuclear disasters so that is really working out for the planet.


Social engineering another way of saying it's fine if your child ______________ fill in the blank as long as mine is better than yours or NOT like them.

I have watched for the last 40 years people falling for the same B.S. like a child being asked to pull uncle Joe's finger and they never ever learn.

It does not matter what side as the opposite side will take the conspire to seem against whatever the other is for.


Bait and switch bigger and bigger lies it is not the candidates but the morons that cannot see the forest or the trees.


Psalm 122:6King James Version (KJV) Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

It is very simple if Jerusalem falls or is destroyed so will the earth because people HATE God they do not care for the Jews and I do not care if you love them or hate them just for your own sake never abandon or abuse them as it will boomerang and get stuck in your AZZ.


People know better than to spit on a police officer or cuss a judge or walk into a biker bar and call them a bunch of panty wastes but for some totally stupid reason they think they can tell God what to do and think they won't have HELL to pay now that is the definition of a dumbazz.

These same people cannot see in 30 years the number of prisons has increased 5 times drug addiction 5 times divorce is a steady 50% single parent families suicide and incest pedophilia etc etc etc and they do not know why ? they have kicked God out of the schools government and public view and wonder why oh why is everything turning to bat crap GEE I wonder why ?



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