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US Seizing Gold & Silver Mines Across America.

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Yeah this is on the Lunatic Outpost web site along with the weird animal and UFO sightings in other countries along with warnings that squid are taking over the oceans. It makes me think of one of my old favorite shopping checkout line papers. The Weekly World News used to feep me up with the doings of Bat Boy a partial vampire kid that they had pictures of from every where. After 911 he went undercover and over to the Middle East looking for the bad guys. We got our weekly reports.


The above is not untrue but it isn't happening either. At one time they DID grab the mines AND outlawed private possession of gold. There WAS a bill in something like 2007 that allowed the treasury to do it again BUT it was only under specific circumstances. Mix it all together and presto chango you have NEWS.


If you want to buy silver in bar, rounds or plates try Vulture Peak Mines. I've done business with them and get regular offers from them. A lot of the mines that are being seized are in DEEEEP trouble. Mining, extracting and purifying Gold is a NASTY process and if you start to cut corners you suddenly have a just HUGE environmental catastrophe. They use mercury and various acids and don't always store or dispose of it right. Google "Gold Mine Pollution"!!


What the assholes that own these places do is try to bail just before they go bankrupt or get got by the Government for polluting the entire area. As usual we the people end up paying the bills while the big boys  walk and laugh as they count their money. The workers lose their jobs and usually their retirement the ones that had already retired may entirely lose their pensions. Hey this is the American way!

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