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They need to fire the ******* that runs the VA

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That a$$hole said that since nobody complains about lines at Disneyland because they look at the overall experience. You can't look at the wait in the VA for the same reason you need to look at the over all experience. First off how great do you think the satisfaction rating would be at Disneyland if it took 30 days to get on a ride?????  Secondly if you look at the satisfaction rating at the VA I bet those that died while waiting and their families weren't very damn happy! To me, basically, he called the Vets a bunch of whiners. I personally think he deserves the same treatment he gives our vets...put a bullet in him and then tell him to get in line to receive medical care. OR Try him for murder for the Vets that died while he was in charge that died because of gross negligence and not giving a damn. At the VERY least he should be canned and lose any retirement he had coming. My guess is that very little will happen to him.


The problem is that our leadership not only doesn't care about the military they despise it! We have the smallest standing military that we have had since BEFORE WW2. that's why the weekend warriors had to fight the war in Iraq and now about the only on the ground military that we have left is special forces and support for them. We can't even arm them and provide ammo for them. No fooling the Seals have to SHARE a firearm. The Air-force is literally scrounging parts off of museum display planes to keep what we have in the air.


Obomber has disarmed us and now wants to turn the country over to the Mexican Cartels and the Radical Islamist and Hellery promises to continue with the Obomber legacy.  Russia and China are laughing their butts off at us because they KNOW that America is now a paper tiger with no claws. To top it all off our manufacturing base has been shipped to China and India and Mexico. We won WW2 at least in part because we could replace ships and planes faster than the Axis could sink them or shoot them down. You had places like Schwinn making parts for machine guns and all sorts of places went into production. All those places are GONE now. If we went to war we would be lost. Not only are the factories and shops gone the skilled workers no longer exist. Middle Management is all we have left and they can't do much of ANYTHING as far as producing.


Have you ever heard of Zebco Fishing rods and reels. Zebco stands for ZEro hour Bomb COmpany. LOL  After the war they had all this equipment and switched from Bomb making to fishing reels. Like almost everything else they fires all their American workers and move out of the country.



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LMAO DUH ! our  LEADER runs everything and all that work except for elected officials work at the behest / authority of the president.

Sorry I cannot remember the proper word but basically if the boss no longer needs you your history.


I get so sick and tired of bureaucrats and functionaries that have no common sense, morals  or empathy you have to be a really sick sh*t to work anywhere and not be helpful or at least try then in my mind your a sadist / freak of nature that needs to be removed and some more deserving person needs to be promoted.

Once you have a honorable person in charge that person needs to weed out the deadwood and try to form a group that has a vested interest in their work as in promotion extra days off and other considerations, those that do a good job deserve a pat on the back now and then IMHO.


Government needs to run like a business where citizens are customers and satisfaction is important, this is why I think Trump may be a upside to the entrenched political animals who's only interest is pad their bank account.

I realize that some will never be happy but if we could get a 70% total overall satisfaction rate that would be excellent.

Most people want to see an end to their problem not the light at the end of the tunnel being a train barreling down on them


I see where Hogan at the TSA was fired for slow lines at the airport so now you know veterans are crap on the governments heel as it took no time at all to react to travelers but veterans no one on the hill gives a rats orifice.


Our government does not discriminate it treats everyone like sh*t except their friends (with A LOT of money) ........

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"Government needs to run like a business where citizens are customers and satisfaction is important,"


In order to force them to act like that we HAVE to do like consumers do. If someone offers a crap product with no customer Service and their warranties are just a pack of lies what do they do??? They stop buying that crud and the company goes toes up. YET the Republicans AND the Democrats lie and lie, never keep their promises and as far as warranty and support look at the VA. I assure you that the IRS, TSA and Social Security are all at least as poorly run...Yet every 4 or 2 years we hear the same lies from the same people and instead of not buying that crap we buy it again and again. We deserve what we get as a people. WE are the fools that buy it again and again. So sad, the fall of a once great people.

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