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I have had my own for many years it used to be a Stanley stainless thermos now I have 2 large  KRU vodka stainless bottles and a stainless camp cup that sits on the bottom inside a old hydration pack, the other snapped with a D ring to my belt or pack.


I love all these purported "survival experts" water is useless if you cannot have on hand or travel with it  a plastic container is useless as well it will not withstand heat for extended periods so you have to baby sit plastic becomes poison once it deteriorates from heat.

Every novice knows it takes about a gallon a day and in 3 days without water your in trouble if not dead.

Food without water puts a strain on the body harming kidneys and liver etc etc.

Survival food I found is stew or soup + water seeds nuts roots leaves or small game try stuffing that in a plastic bottle and cooking it.


Bic lighters mini and large

waterproof matches in / container with mix fishing hooks ass. sewing needles

about 100 foot of braided fishing line (on a fly leader spool )

Safety pins

Swiss army champ or explorer (depends which kit I have )

diamond steel (pen / pocket)

ferocium rod / striker

3 inch magnifying lens

credit card signal mirror

Lensatic compass and a watchband compass

whistle made from bent metal strapping

Ben's 100% DEET

travel tube of Advil

tube of life savers

bullion from ramen noodles packets all flavors about 6 of them

packets of instant coffee Kool aid

chap stick

water treatment tabs

test tube of crushed dry pool bleach

shoe polish tin candle home made has 4 wicks

emergency blanket

large bandanna

head net

50 rounds B) and my LITTLE friend 22 mag convertible to 22 LR

leather gloves

LED light w/ extra battery 9 volt

tiny AM/FM radio

Hank of 550 para cord ( 100 foot )

4 "D" rings hung off the pouch

dog proof coon trap w/ chain

4 key rings

John Wayne can opener P-51 large size

tiny bottle of weapons oil

Pair of fence pliers cutting pulling hammering etc etc.


I need to add a small tarp but I have one in my Bug out bag that has freeze dried food peanut butter and a pint of honey sardines and MRE crackers and dried fruit and raisins more first aid tools and electrical electronic stuff.

I can eat a jar of peanut butter in a couple of months so I exchange most all my food every quarter so it's fresh


Having a take down rifle in a compatible caliber the model 24 Savage was great now the prices are ridiculous

A Rossi 22/410 is a way better deal if you have a semi pistol in 22 LR

Arguing caliber is a waist of time if I hunt I use a medium bore or a shotgun as game necessitates.

No matter what game I carry a 3  of each buck and slugs on my stock carrier if something happens shuck the bird shot and pop in a hard hitter if you ain't got the time try to blind it with the first shot


we got miles of barbed wire nails and fence staples every where maps O l know this state / area well in ordinary times a few days to a week is all you need in hard times no one can tell.


One thing all people need to know never never never leave a boat vehicle without proper clothing never count on it being there or some calamity makes it where you cannot get back or get stuck,

this is an impossible lesson for city folk and not any easier for country people to remember until everything turns to crap.

A boat is the most dangerous even if you can make it to land how will you make fire to signal or warm up / keep mosquitoes and sand fleas off you or defend yourself from whatever predators as water draws them along the coast here lots of snakes

keep a waterproof bag with other clothes towel etc. if your boat quits, sinks or you get stuck on a sand bar you have dry clothes and

water food & hot drinks.

People especially on water seem to loose their minds every game warden will tell you tales of stupid people on water no paddles or enough vests much less proper safety rescue equipment like a light whistle horn or first aid most only have one bilge pump if any.

someone asks you to go fishing or boating bring your own rescue / survival equipment it your azz.

off shore or a large lake you need a truck tire inner tube and a CO2 adapter and a 6 pack of cartridges to fill it even partially.

water sucks the heat from your body 25 times faster than air it is also good to have old neoprene dive suite spending the night in a small craft without a cabin is tough at best.



depending on others means at least failure or worst death I had learned from my father hunting in deep woods and fishing in swamps

I learned a lot offshore sport fishing and work / travels.

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