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your get home bag.

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(looks out window to see if tinderwolf is looking in) LOL.

its killin me to see some of these tinder. my better half and i have been revamping

the way we want to do things with prepping and we are starting with the GHB's first.

so yes im very excited to see some examples LOL.

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Alright Rick, first of did you NOT see me behind that tree?? LOL

Second this is my GHB, though this was not the first one I had, that one got screwed up...rather not talk about it. So I just recently got this together so it is somewhat lame at the moment but I just wanted to get something posted before your head exploded.

Here is what is currently in it since it is kinda of hard to see in the pic.

One blue Nike back pack

One shamwow!

One box of 250 strike anywhere matches

One lighter

One fire striker

Bear Grylls scout pocket knife, Gerber paraframe folder ( these two knives are on me at all times...literally)

A length of paracord and paracord bracelet

One tube of chapstick

Two Mayday 2400 Calorie E-bars

Camo hood with felt liner

One stainless steel water bottle

Smith knife sharpening kit

One old canvas belt ( my gut is too big for it but an old belt can make a good bandage wrap as well as many other purposes)

One large rat trap, for catching things well as a security alarm

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Nice. Interesting thought just popped into my head. I you drill 550 cord sized holes in your rat traps then its that much easier to rig them in place or into a larger alert system.

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yes rick I understand the sound is the alert and not the trap itself, I just thought it would be fun to go a little "home alone" stying trap setup, you know just for s@#$S and giggles. by the way.....where are your pics of your GHB....I know you are revamping them but come on...its been days now.

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