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What a shocker

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I get up this morning and as I drink my coffee I check the news. Low and behold everyone is all a chatter about new revelations from the previously sealed 911 files that seam to indicate that one of our allies was involved. OH MY!!!!!! There are indications that Saudi Arabia might not be the bussom buddies that everyone thought!!


DO YA THINK!!!?? What was their fist indication? Might it have been that virtually ALL of the people involved were Saudi citizens?? No evidently we weren't swuft enough to notice that. Maybe the fact that the families of the terrorists got pensions from the royal families might have been a hint. No, it takes us 15 years to come up with this.


I'm sorry but we gotta find a new way to run this country. As it is we are too stupid to survive. So sad a once great country brought to its knees by political correctness and the inability to make the hard choices. They blew up the twin towers and we did basically nothing to the people responsible for a decade. A few terrorists shoot up a bar in Paris and the French DEAL with it right then. Did you EVER think that you would see the day that the FRENH of all people would have bigger balls than America? We even have to hitch a ride with the Russians to get into space!!



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Damn I had made a few great paragraphs bolstering your points and even had facts to support that we the people had been played.


Problem is so matter how you explain everyone has already made up their mind or are so embedded in their position if they did open their mind to the truth it would destroy them.


Anything laid out here would either may seem like a betrayal or some might think I was insulting them and most of those are the people that do not deserve it,  most of all it has been stated by people with stature rank and a following and it has yet to make any difference so who the hell am I to keep beating a dead horse ?

the other side it is an accusation of the people we have called leaders and some that are sheeple and always will be IMHO.


It is so hard to explain without hurting the people that have already lost everything sacrificed suffered and will never regain the life as they knew it.


This is how politicians thrive and avoid blame or responsibility before they all voted for the war now they are  against it but want to bring over millions of refugees and cannot call IT what IT is ----?

If someone busted out and said it was all a joke that went to far or we did not see then what we know now ????? this whole damn country would fly apart the truth about --------------- just fill in the blank and have someone we all know tell us the unvarnished truth the world would crack like an egg IMO --- remember Humpty Dumpty ......... and all the kings men could not put him back together again.


Sometimes I think that if I had x-ray vision and could see through walls that what I would see would be the last bit of the movie Dr. Strangelove LMAO.

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