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counterfit silver coins

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Very interesting! I have some walking liberty silver round but they make no claim to be dollars. They are just 1oz of 99.999% silver. The engraving on them isn't near as detailed as on the real coins or evidently the counterfeit. .

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I found this to be a part of another puzzle China counterfeits about 1.000,000,000 dollars PER DAY of American paper money and have been for years.

our government has yet to place sanctions on this or any counterfeiting from China.


As much as I do not care about musicians here as most are commies or socialists but China as well as ring of fire network illegally copies anything that will make them money.

it was a problem in the 60's and it is thousands of times worse now no American product has more than a 18 month lifespan before some Chinese corporation gears up and produces a counterfeit product and rakes in millions and our artists and inventors loose big time.


The Chinese are the financial equivalent of ISSIS / Jihad group and our government looks the other way they are also number 1 in corporate and industrial spying during the Clinton they stole everything but the white house lawn -- thats why I would not vote for Hillery.

But even through Bush and present day very little has been done to punish China.

The have a 6 to 8% growth LMAO and most all of it is counterfeiting or selling dangerous everything from toys tampons dog food medications car parts sex toys YES EVEN THOSE they would sell their mother and that is not an opinion but fact.

They have suicide nets around factories as the workers are slaves forced to work until they fall so suicide is preferable to living.

It is easy to make 6 to 8% growth if you do not have to pay wages or benefits.


Americans that are socialists or communists must really be retarded as to be so blind not to see how these countries under those mechanisms operate. and the complete hopelessness abuse and lack of human dignity or the simplistic rights are absent just how stupid do you have to be to understand that it will never work here either as even with all our supposed rights we get crapped on DAILY IMHO.


America manufactures China does not see the difference between counterfeiting and manufacturing they believe in," by any means" 

and that is up and to murder slavery and child abuse and what actors and artists have spoken out on that LMAO NONE

Kaley Cuoco states she can't stand to see another seal hunt WELL all you animal lovers get over it they kill them because they EAT THEM

and they are Canadians and Alaskans are more citizens that most of us and many are INDIANS or Eskimo's they do not WASTE like I am sure she does, she should appraise her own life from when she was a starving artist and now does she eat everything on her plate wear her clothes until they are show signs of age at least ? dose she drink or party ? that is the most wasteful and injurious to mankind over killing and eating a seal.

when are these people going to grow a brain I love watching Big Bang now I seldom watch it.


For all you Vegans and silly twits here some information you fail to comprehend LIFE IS LIFE and is to be respected used and not wasted  -------


Silver well it is as always a chance it will become the defacto currency but as I read the Bible I seem to think we will go to a cashless / plastic or other chip based economy so the powers that be can control all of us.

Revelation 13:17King James Version (KJV) 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. It has happened where OUR government confiscated all the gold nothing to say they would not confiscate or demand a certificate to buy or sell making it a crime unless tracked.

Our grand fathers buried their money for this and that they did not trust banks ask anyone in Crete or Greece if they trust banks LMAO

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