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almost time for spring gardens

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Generally speaking AfterGood Friday -  Easter is the best time to start your garden.


As the weather is always different that needs to be tempered with common sense.


I have got a load of new dirt and will mix it with rabbit manure and top it off with a bag of good black soil inside old tractor trailer tires.


This has a 3 fold usage first 2 tires places the garden at a level so you can use hand garden tools while sitting in a chari.

Second you can use small re-bar and use on on each bent into a horse shoe shape and stick them just below the tread and it also make a garden frame to cover with clear plastic or bird netting to protect from freezing or critters.

Third the are almost bullet proof should the day come where you need that sort of thing.


out in front of windows covering every thing below the window sill or without dirt  like a football training trial to keep people from having a straight run across open ground add in rebar spikes blocks of wood with nails loos rolled barbed wire staked each end and it's fun for the whole family.


As far as gardening best to get some 4 foot or higher fencing and make your own tomato cages as tomatoes can grow quite tall and only need support and will give you tomatoes until next frost

raied bed gardens give good drainage if you need less drainage put in a 55 gallon plastic bag a few minor holes poor soil for anchoring the first tire and better or enhanced soil in the second potatoes can be started in the second tire once the plant has grown above the 2nd tire lever add the tire and good fluffy dirt not something that can compact to a hard soil and strangle it's growth


things like pole beans or strawberries can be done in stacked buckets (vertical gardening) one bucket 4 bricks stacked on end in center fill around with good loose soil top with pine straw and stack a bucket on top of the bricks fill around with dirt more bricks in center and repeat up to 3 tall or you will have to have a way to keep the wind from knocking it over use a drill and cut 2 inch holes  or cut a slit and use a heat gun to push in the top to make a recess for your plants.


to keep weeds out you can use cloroplast or plastic cardboard after elections the ads are suppose to be removed if not grab them up and layer around to make a weed proof base for your tires.

every year take out the top tire dirt enhance with some fertilizer and fresh black dirt and replant you can use a 3 stack for a mulch pit tear down a restack and re-fill every couple of months. no meats or grease just vegetable scrap coffee grounds egg shells etc.


if you need or want more planting space a hole saw to cut holes in the sidewall of the top tire.


this same principle can be done with garbage cans fiber glass rings cut from old / bad tanks concrete blocks etc.

but stack in bricks to hold them from being knocked over and to conserve soil / hold water.


a warning chicken manure is too HOT as is fresh cow and horse also they contain weed seeds that are not killed in the animals gut during digestion old manure that has been piled from the previous year has aged enough to use mixed with soil.

never mix or irrigate with teas made from animal manure after a plant blooms / buds the manure can enter or dry on leaves and cause e-coli and other problems so don't do it.


at the start of each year you can use a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 sparingly around plants once they bloom a bit more water ever few DAYS too much water is as bad as too little plants like people need to struggle to become strong.


gallon milk jugs w/ the bottom cut off can be used to protect plants from night chills until they are tempered enough to survive cool NOT FROSTY nights some vegetables can handle snow but not freezing wind read and understand that you may not be successful at growing all plants but the ones you can put your energy into those as you can always trade for those you want / need.


Spices are a good small garden project basil tyme peppers onions garlic celantro dill etc can be dried or pickled canned 

beets and greens etc mixed make a good salad mix and also cooked in a large pot with a lid then add bacon grease for flavor ead and your in southern heaven.


Greens and root vegetables are innocuous when grown in the middle of a grass field.


Mixed thought for mixed greens..................



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because we don't have a fenced yard I've declined to plant a garden anymore, kids and derelicts go through our yard and vandalize everything. I do buy seeds for when the SHTF though and when I can protect my garden without interference from the law.

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well that sucks Wally but you could always do a patio planting of a few things like tomatoes or greens in beds against the house.


I love mustard greens washed well de-stemmed pile in a pot the water left from a good cleaning is all you need on medium heat after they reduce by half some bacon chiffonade cut  into tiny strips cooked well to render as much fat as you can get pour ofer let cook down add salt to taste and some cornbread and hummmmmm good.


to me it is not right not to have greens fried yellow squash and fresh sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise salt & pepper and fresh green beans (snap beans) with new potatoes and bacon I eat mostly vegetables in the spring and summer meat is great but I do eat a lot less in summer.


I even like cherry tomatoes I do not raise them but on the salad cart I get my share.

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