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Nancy Reagan

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Not meaning or trying to be disrespectful but as far as I am concerned it is a non-event


In fact unless a sitting official is the only one we may need to honor or concern ourselves with IMO.


I am reminded of, "what have you done for me lately" or as I see it how bad did you screw me then ?


It is to be considered that all people are flawed and none are perfect should I wait in a 4 hour line to see a dead person ? I think not.

most people that I consider need to be honored are common folk that had limited resources and used their gifts to help their communities.

Many of these mega politicians socialites and fame whores use their popularity to funnel money not always their own or only to the degree allowed by tax law.


there are millions of regular folks making a difference every day that never get any acknowledgement I would go and thank their family send money for support for those people all these wealthy folk had their time in the spot light I see no reason for anything other than a nice obituary and that would be carried by most papers and on national TV.


most regular hero's families cannot afford a headstone or burial or their families even know how to cope with their loss or if they may can make the bills.


Sorry but I have no time but for everyday hero's as they need REALLY NEED the honor so their families can see that they did not live or die in vain.

That they were important and respected, so that they can have some warm feeling even in their grief and fond memories that their loved ones made a difference.


I know the Reagan family has more ribbons trophies gifts and pictures with the famous and infamous those I worry about are the ones that may loose their home or struggle from the loss of a key family member.


We elevate people of fame but what did they really do ? most were either blessed in timing it was not as if none before pressured Russia fought against their atrocities and many died in the cold war do we blame them for the fall of the Berlin Wall ? no we heaped all that on one person Ronald Reagan so now are we to place all flags at half mast for Nancy ?


We have wasted too many by lines and ink hours of TV watching slow crawling horse drawn hearses --- they get the glory and we the people get the shaft  as I recall my mother got 250 bucks from Social security. as wealthy as Nancy was or should have been she gets that + 5 bucks as over time it has increased.


94 years----- nice---  most people work and worry themselves into their grave scrounging out a life for their families and most do not have healthcare now as I am sure she did as I blame all of them for breaking the lock box on social security and now we are seeing that our retirement was all smoke and mirrors the stock market is a sham and in the last 60 years each political family got theirs and forgot to insure we were protected.

I do not recall her voice asking to save us little people fom the big bad wolves of our government but she did ask us to just say NO well that really helped.


I am not a socialist or a hard right Republican nor am I anything else I figure if there are rules they are for all not for some but a person that want's what I was promised and I do not see that ever happening and that is the way it is I so not hold a grudge but neither have I any concern for the mighty, the powerful or the notable they got theirs IMHO. 

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