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Today is Super Tuesday. That means primary voting in Texas among several other states. I hope that you all will take the time to go out and vote. Unlike many, I don't care who you vote FOR. All that I ask is that you consider voting FOR someone and not just voting another lesser of two evils. We as Americans have got to stop doing that! All it does is insure that evil wins every election. 


When you vote you need to understand something. This is YOUR only opportunity to express YOUR opinion. When you vote for someone that you really don't like you waste that opportunity. You will hear people tell you that if you don't vote for one of the leaders then you are wasting your vote. Bullpoop!!! You are telling the parties that they are not offering good choices. If enough people would just vote their beliefs rather than voting for the lesser of two, or more, evils it WOULD have an effect. 


Look at how the Black vote is courted. You would think that they represented a just HUGE number of voters. They represent TEN PERCENT of the eligible American voters. They vote SMART though and don't divide up. If just a small part of the middle working class Americans would get together and demand attention it would be a huge block of votes. Look at the success of the Tea Party. 


Political power comes from people getting together and voting as a block. You can vote as a block that basically says "NONE OF THE ABOVE" by simply voting for someone rather than just accepting the lesser of evils. Please don't waste your vote, vote FOR someone. 


I voted over a week ago. I love early voting and avoiding the crowds and the sign wavers that you have on election days. 

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I remember the old joke, "don't vote it only encourages them"


unfortunately we have come to a point where we have to tie a tin can on their tail (BOTH PARTIES) too bad the far left does not see the problem, and many work in government.

How can you work in a place where only half and I think I am being generous actually work and the rest have to pull up the slack ?


I do not get it Unions ruined the steel and automobile industry the top tier got rich and over 30 years the employees have dwindled to a skeleton crew and still those union members still vote democrat and say they are for the working man ? how so are the jobs secure are there just as many or more than before ?

It is simple to me if there are less jobs less benefits less upward mobility and smaller plants in a business where the population has increased by 1/3 in those 30 years then shouldn't the numbers of jobs have increased ? 


I am a Christian but you cannot legislate morality you can let people have the freedom to do as they please as long as it does not interfear with others rights or make them pay for it.

So let me ask the question why are we trying to help propagate the democratic population > if they want to kill off the next generation of demoncrats so what let them. same with prisons why do we risk people just fence in an area or an island and leave food in different places with medicine there are plenty of doctors in prison let them run the prison like they wanted to run civilian populations they want chaos let them live it and wallow in it.

we can concentrate on the first time offenders and those with lesser crimes.

what are we protecting an endangered species I did not realize that dumb humans were endanger of becoming extinct did you ?


Extreme sports how about an extreme JOB if you want excitement danger and wild experience then we need to have a mandatory 2 year enlistment 

do a lotto each person comes in and picks a number a portion of each group of numbers goes to each segment of the armed forces.

after 2 years at least you will know how to clean toilets peel spuds make your bed and dress appropriately.


the reason people do not vote is because they are disconnected from the  mainstream they get their own jobs if they work and they do not need health care or retirement all they want is money to party have a place to stay and food until the reach an age of maturity or have kids need medical care and start thinking of retirement voting is a foreign concept so if we make them pay taxes join the military and see and be a part of our nations struggles we cannot expect them to act like adults unless they have some skin in the game IMHO.


Wally did you mean you might get who you voted for LMAO..........

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The RNC has done it,  I am now going to register as an Independent.


I am tired of the political power trying to usurp the offices of government instead of fighting Trump on policy and stating what their plans are we get these cat fights I did see a part of Rubio he like to be smarmy and he absolutely shown he is not mature.

he reminds me of the kid that puts potatoes in tail pipes and when it damages peoples vehicles he laughs and giggles.


let me not leave out either Trump or Cruze it is time one of them grew up and realized that it is one of them as they are the winners all Rubio can do is play the snarky Chihuahua nipping at Trumps heels Trump craps bigger than Rubio..

I can say that after watching if Cruze becomes the Candidate I doubt I will vote at all it is one thing to win on your platform / policies but this has turned into a frat party punk out I am thinking less of Trump as he is allowing himself to get into the weeds and not focus that he is running for the leader of not only the United states and I do not see how we will be united after this debacle BUT he would be the leader of the world.


At first I could understand Trumps style but at some point the juvenile banter needs to stop and focus on policy Trump University I can take it or leave it, if why the witnesses in the lawsuit are being removed as they made positive statements for Trump University then it comes out more to buyers remorse.

This is not the first time a mentoring or training system failed to get results from it's students as it somewhat depends on the students work ethic and opportunities.

Many people graduate from prestigious colleges and fail to launch and some get a free ride as they have THE diploma.


Life is not fair or can we plan it that it will fall into place as we design, we all know that.


Rubio's want to legalize 11 million MORE LIKE 20 + MILLION illegals will crater our economy if only a third take support from our government that will mean your grandparents friends and family that need it will have theirs cut to accommodate those that have never paid in it is that simple.

and over time it will cut benefits for those coming into retirement and we all see where private retirements are being abandon or cut so many will need Social security to augment their income to survive.


Should Cruze win I have a feeling that the way government is now it will continue as is with only cosmetic changes nothing that will cement our rights like all the other presidents if they were good it was only for their time once they moved on the other side tried to re engineer the country all over again.

that is why we do not have term limits why constant attacks against the constitution and undermining of the bill of rights using the the courts.


So if we are to go to the dogs I do not want to be any part of it I can see a Cruze Rubio ticket and that is not acceptable and it really does matter who would be vice president even Trump would be a no go if he picks a malcontent or passive aggressive type. 

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i'm confused what did the RNC do exactly? I know cruz, Rubio and trump have not been acting like adults but I didn't see the RNC do anything. do you mean the threat of a brokered convention? that's not really 100% in the hands of the RNC is it?

isn't it largely because candidates are refusing to drop out so it messes up the delegates situation?

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No but I think they are behind the Mitt Romney & McCain back stabbing of trump they are scared spitless of trump getting the nomination. I consider an outsider would vomit if they saw how our government acts IMHO.


If and I say If Trump becomes the nominee he will have a reason to hold a grudge and there is no reason for it The republican party can coalesce and be part of whomever that becomes president.


Let the candidates make or break their run I am not a fan of super pacs their information needs to be vetted I have seen false reports bury a candidate 

and it has hurt Carson it kinda peeves me that he did not get more than Jeb at the last I consider him to be more honorable than the rest of the field.

I would have liked to see him at double digits for his decent performance.


Rubio is the only one I cannot abide all the others like trump Kasich Cruze I could vote for if nominated I do not have to be in lock step we have a form of government that if it worked as it should has firewalls to keep things in check.

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Dr. Carson decided to fold up his tent and backed Trump that is somewhat telling about the others honesty or fiber.


Rubio reminds me of that yappy neighbor dog that won't shut up while your trying to have a conversation.

apparently his attendance for voting as well as his function on committees must be atrocious or else he would have facts other than " I'm running for president" or in my view the dog ate my homework excuse.


Many people have touted that he being on a subcommittee makes him knowledgeable on national security well that is like saying a fish is a water engineer just because something is immersed in something does not necessarily make them adept in the subject.

we have people with much more education and experience that have the opposite views look at John Kerry and his views he has more knowledge and yet sees things through a different prism.

Rubio wants Amnesty I cannot see how american Hispanics do not see this as a watering down of any benefits they are entitled to as citizens.

I really cannot see where open borders work as we have seen in the middle east it is a failure.

There are 123.8 million Mexican people what if most of them decided to leave ? because of their money crashes drought or some other problem 

we can legally accept many quickly but if it is not orderly it will be another disaster like in Turkey.

We have seen diseases come back because people entering do not have immunization shots or records that puts Americans children at risk.


a orderly border is our only defense against intruders terrorists and illegal drugs and weapons once weapons become hard to obtain here.

there are plenty of gun manufactures in south america and mostly they make military weapons.


I think we need to allow abortion restrictions so they have proper surgical and trained staff and taxpayers do not pay for it why not allow abortion until the child's 18th birthday hey it's just a blob of flesh until it starts to pay off IMHO.

until a child works or is responsible it is a drain on society that is why we put so much into education we want our country to prosper and we want our children to have children be happy and live well.

that cannot happen if they are ignorant or lazy or dopeheads that is fact not some pie in the sky for a better world we need better people we can save the planet (be good stewards) and make money we can build and not wipe away everything but we cannot do it fighting against each other.

we can plan and build to make things better.IMO.

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I'm not really surprised. Carson might be a Doctor and be intelligent but he has a lot of really strange ideas about lots of things. He is not going to be a Rubio backer and well hell I'm from Texas and don't like Cruz much so he would be a stretch for Carson. 

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I honestly think that if we selected our leaders by lottery we would get better people on average than the Bozos that are generally running for office. Make it like it used to be when you had to register to vote. As long as you were of normal intelligence, had no criminal record, and were generally self sporting you could sign up. One term no repeats. New leaders pulled from the registered voting group. Make voting only about things and not people. You know, amendments, new laws...things like that. The thing about this is that this way "We THE People" would actually be led by people that reflected our general desires and beliefs. Now we are led by people that only offer lies and then work hard on screwing "We The People" to death.  

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my problem is that laws are so specific there are those that exploit the holes as I see it contracts need to be in plain language.

stealing is still taking something without giving value if you agree that a lawyer is worth 500 bucks an hour then he does his work you pay.

lying is lying if it is not true or only partially explained it is not the truth.

cheating is taking undue advantage or not following proper procedure.


etc etc etc we all know what is WRONG and it needs to be left to jurors to decide no ruling from the bench by rouge or corrupt judges.

Stiff prison for people who sell their voting or jury decision or subvert justice.

Lawyers make things complicated but it is the responsibility of the signor to understand the contract or seek professional help before signing.

it is because the law deals with criminals attempting to escape from justice that honorable people have such a hard time to find or get justice IMHO.


money corrupts high office should pay well and if malfeasance is found it should be understood up front that you forfeit everything and your freedom.

like a dope head loosing all he owns if it is proven that his gains are from criminal money so should it be for all good for the dope head good for the rest of the judicial system IMO . 

Many have lost their law license and still contort the law to their benefit if you loose your medical license you cannot work in the field so why should politicians or bankers investment managers etc and government supervisors military officers should fear rule of law to many are playing fast and loose and because of their position feel they do not have the severe penalties we the regular people do.

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If you gripe and didn't vote you are part of the problem not the solution. THAT is the biggest problem in America today. That is why Hillary is winning in the South so easily. Whether you agree or disagree with the Black Political views you have to respect that they, though only 10% of the constituency, are a just HUGE force in American politics. They vote and  they do it as a block. Hispanic, Asian and Caucasian voters are a lot more likely to split more evenly allowing that solid block of black votes to be the real power brokers in this country at this time. When the 90% split 50/50 and the Black vote splits 80/20 than 80% of the Black vote basically decides the election. 


A didn't vote is the same as a vote for watching America continue to go down the tubes...

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I wouldn't ever say that I really like Trump but I think that he is a wake up call that is needed. Something needs to wake people up before it is too late...if it isn't already. What I really hate is what I see. The far left, you know the peacenicks, are showing their true colors. The same people that constantly talk about their rights are now trying to deny Trump supporters their right to assembly and free speech. I'm sorry but anything that the black left hates so much can't be all bad. These are the same people that raised hell and rioted in Ferguson and have turned Baltimore into a nightmare of murder because the cops can't arrest a black man if he doesn't want to be arrested. I just hate this crap. I personally don't like cops but I feel sorry for them right now. Black lives matter but that doesn't mean that they can rob, rape and kill without repercussions..  

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I have a reverse / perverse view NO LIFE MATTERS something is only valuable if it reflects some portion of decency, goodness and innocence,


Therefore a person should strive to be kind, reasonable and respectful to his fellow man (mankind) if they cannot we are obliged to slap punch kick,

up and to taking their life as these people are in need of correction if correction fails to align them then horizontal interment or a dirt nap will.


people are born evil we are ALL sinners and if we are not corrected and guided into a honorable path then we will become animals disregarding others feelings no respect for others property or the lives of others cruel, selfish and will increase in evil until the grave takes them.


This is why I believe in capitol punishment real punishment like hanging the gas chamber electrocution is too easy if anyone has been severely shocked it is like a buzzing and black out any burning is offset by physical shock and since their brain is short circuited they have no feeling of pain.


pain and fear should be part of punishment as life is pain for hurt and wrong if you do not feel pain or misery for harming someone your a monster and like Frankenstein need to be cornered and destroyed.


I am of the mind that before you can leave school either if you quit  or finishing you should witness a hanging / execution.

If that does not sway a person to avoid violence or killing they are beyond hope.

 I am amazed by parents that will not use corporal punishment and then wonder why their children are so vile.

spanking early is better than a swat team taking them out or a long car chase with increasing felonies for some silly issue that may otherwise had only gotten probation.


Children have no restraint because they have no fear of repercussion, restraint is learned through pain it cannot be absorbed or verbally taught. 

the old quote,"once burned twice shy" embeds this theory you can tell a child that fire is dangerous but like a moth they are drawn to it.

this same scenario works with drugs sex drinking lying stealing etc. until the pain of their works is made reality they will never equate there is a cost in suffering to be paid for every transgression against each person.


Or once you have lied or stolen from everyone you know the penalty will be revulsion on sight or expulsion from your neighborhood or worse evicted to a sanitarium or prison.

Cities are partially for those that have failed to commit to a decent life and run from their failures and try to hide among the masses of strangers in large cities hoping either for a do over or to be accepted as the freak of nature they are looking for like minds but never choosing to mend their ways.

Then comes the problem of you cannot escape the problem because you are the problem, or everywhere you go there you are.


Let us not kid ourselves since Cain killed Able there have been evil people and as a society we have dealt with them in our enlightened way we have failed to limit the evil because we are not eliminating it by caging it up in prisons, we can see that by the numerous escapes and some have killed more people.


As far as Trump goes I like him because the good old boy network fears his so much they are spending hundreds of millions to derail him.

I think it is time for a person with some guile gall and an ax to grind as I am sure he has been lied to promised and done to death with politicians and had them all come hat in hand then stab him in the back. 

I am not trying to tilt the scale but I want people to see that Cruz and Kasaich are politicians and will for the most part never rock the boat.

we have a few key problems in government one is most cannot be fired neither do they have to be competent at their job and do not fear the people that pay them--- we the voters.

I feel that Trump will put an end to this as well as put rogue organizations in their place as per the Constitution maybe not because he is a Constitutional conservative but because I think it irks him to see bullies run roughshod over people that cannot defend themselves.

I also see like Reagan he scared our enemies if your worried about WWIII well get over it it will come it is on the fast track now it is just a matter of what proxy group will strike us with the help of a standing nation / power.

we are financially being bled to death by Iran who keeps spot fires going to make us react costing millions of dollars per incident that only costs them thousands it is called attrition wear out and break your enemy by bleeding them to death.

there is not one thing in the middle east that we do not have in more abundance here especially oil we can reverse the arterial flow of cash back into our own infrastructure rebuild our roads bridges dams air ports ports  etc..

Repatriation of money from multinational companies reducing corporate tax rates to compete with foreign nations get rid of capitol gains and inheritance or estate taxes these taxes are taking money risked by people it is those that risk nothing that want a piece for nothing.

as of now instead of paying taxes corporations are buying up companies and soon we will have nothing but too big to fail entities like the insurance companies and banks that subvert our elections and governance to the point where it is totally corrupt now.

instead of one madame we thousands of whores we can arrest whores but a madame with the police judges and government in their pocket it is not that easy --- did any of you get bailed out when the banks failed because of their own actions ? 

it used to be called loan sharking now banks legally do it at up to 30% interest that was illegal --what happened to change that ?

your bank will not give you decent interest loans are cheap but unless you have excellent credit or they are selling something they need to get rid of you cannot get a loan but you can get a credit card and pay 30% predatory lending  LMAO we are the butt of their joke on us.

The fed is in fear of raising rates .POINT 25% but they allow banks to screw you while strangling you and selling your children into slavery to pay the national debt.

People still believe that Bill Clinton paid off the national debt fr those that believe that ask to see the receipt -- if you believe in something you cannot see or will see in this life then your either a Christian or a democrat it is far too funny that most atheist are demoncrats and believe in crap they can neither see or have evidence of then tell us we Christians believe in fairy tails that is funny as hell.

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You know something that just chaps my beehind? The legal system we haves encourages criminals in many ways because our legal code is just messed up. One of my biggest pet peaves is that we basically reward someone for being an incompetent killer. If I shoot you in the chest and you don't die I will probably get 5 to 10 for attempted murder. Then they will toss me out in 3 to 4 years to try again. I actually sat on a jury once that tried a man for his THIRD attempted murder. He had tried and failed twice, two SEPARATE occasions with prison time in between before we tried him. We gave him life but even that wasn't for the attempted murder. He got life as a three time loser habitual criminal. 


Dude, if I shoot you in the chest twice like he did in the case I was on he wanted to kill the guy. To me the intent to kill counts more than whether he was successful or not. It should be the same sentence as murder. I hate the idea that someone that did something awful to another human being should get off light because his Mama wouldn't let him have a lolly pop like the other kids when he was 7. I don't care if he or she was abused. None of that makes what happened to the victim nor will it make it better nor the next one. I don't care if they are not smart. Even if they are retarded...I don't care at all when they are hurting innocent people. 


We need to elect people with the gonads to pass laws that are about right and wrong and not that make allowances for their problems rather than that reflect the pain they caused and also what they tried to do. We need them to redo the law that forbids discrimination so that it means that when you hire or promote that job or promotion goes to the most qualified not the one that best meets some racial,sexual or national profile. 

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The one that I was on a jury for...Let me tell you, don't try and shoot someone with a 25 during the winter! He hit him twice across the width of a car and the dude bailed out and ran. Both bullets lodged just under the skin after going through the coat and shirt. This guy was a viscous nut. They had to chain him to the chair in the court room and eventually sort of gagged him. He spent the rest of the trial glaring at the jury. The good news was that two days after we were through with him he stabbed a jailer with a shank and was shot in the arm pit. He bled out and was dead before the paramedics got there. So sad....NOT!

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It is WRONG though that he got to do THREE attempted murders before he got put away for life. As far as I'm concerned attempted murder is the same as murder. You shouldn't be rewarded for being an incompetent killer. 

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I agree the courts are rewarding failures ( both people and incidents) what really peeves me off is child molesters they get short sentences NOW I do not want to get bombed but like rape there are times where it is a put up job I like for us to use all our scientific techniques to insure we do not have false convictions but when we do have evidence I think the rope is the answer.

why stop at a polygraph there is a drug that is as close to 100% sure to gain the truth as long as the accused is willing I still do not see forcing anyone but it is more to help their case as the accused so allow it on a consented basis.


I think any gang murder requires the death penalty in fact kidnapping and treason as well it used to be that way until the fed came in and twisted the judicial system and tried to make us all under mandatory sentencing I do believe in proper treatment but then we get thee convicts that overeat to avoid the rope if you hang them their head will pop off (who cares) or they try to get sick as you cannot execute someone who is ill again who cares --- well people that never want capitol punishment do only to circumvent the sentence to be carried out.


but all this is what the one worlders want open borders minimal incarceration-- eliminate capitol punishment,  legalize drugs lower the age of consent to 12 or 13 in fact some want it younger remove self defense laws alter ownership of land as your vehicle where you have use of it but no say or authority to defend or live as you choose.

I see this CPS and other agencies wanting to intrude or invade your home and sneer or drip with envy and hold your feet over the fire for the smallest problem.


I have just scratched the surface there are hundreds of ways for numerous agencies to gain entry and hold you responsible for things that you are not guilty of we are like a clam or a nut they are looking for any way to crack our shell and get in rip out all the fruit and toss away the shell.some are like a brazil nut some are like a peanut it is all dependent of how much money you have it is harder to run rough shod over a person that can afford a lawyer.

The legal system is corrupt and the poor have a very hard time at getting justice and it is getting harder last time I heard the middle class is shrinking.

People forget that the reason why many people feel so negative about the police is that they have been abused by them I know there have been times where I was given a lesser ticket but there have been times where I have gotten the green weenie, and have seen the same done to others.


Now the police want more power on Fox news there were some mention of increasing powers LOL as I have said under our present form of justice they can hold you without bail prevent you from talking to a lawyer and rifle through all your personal correspondence electronic or otherwise.

what else do they want ? to shoot you on sight they do that also unless your shot more than once it barley makes the papers if your not some ethnic group of special status.


good police shootings get scrutinized and bad investigating or shootings get lost so we come to the question who watches the watchers and by the time they get involved the evidence is old tainted or gone.

We have a mess created by dishonorable people ungodly corrupt liars or power mad and it is not many but enough to screw up everything and most walk away without a slap on the hand and a pocket full of money People are getting sick of it that is why we see so many people so disapproving of our leaders and the judicial system IMHO.


Don't get me wrong it has always been so but you would think because we are better educated and more sophisticated we would have come to expect more honesty and more penalties to clan up the criminality in government but it has remained the same since I can remember.

The high guilty simply so not pay the same penalties as the rest of us they undermine the law legally steal and lie with impunity what is worse is their supporters thinks that is funny cheating is ok as long as it is your man getting away with it that is juvenile dangerous and idiotic IMO.  

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As you all know, I live in Texas. With that said you would think that I would be all over the Ted Cruz for President thing. Let me tell you, I won't vote for Hitlery Clinton BUTT if it is her versus Cruz I will vote Libertarian and hope for a Hitlery win. Ted Cruz is a scary person. If he could do it he would make the story in "1984" a reality. He is one of those that thinks the Government should legislate control over EVERY aspect of citizens lives. I kid about Hitlery, that is like my Geedumbaya, Obummer, Donny Thump and such but there is nothing funny about Cruz.


He is one of those that would like to make being Gay a crime. What you have to understand is whether you like them or not they ARE Americans and as the Jews learned in Germany when you start targeting groups inside your country you never know where it will end. When he was in the Texas legislature he pushed through a law that made fucking Dildos illegal. According to him Masturbation is a sin and degenerate and ANY thing that assists in this or encourages it should be illegal. If he could have done it he would have made masturbation a crime too. His college room mate has assured us that this is a NEW opinion that he did NOT have when he was younger.


Cruz is a narrow sighted megalomaniac! I don't want to live under Islamic Sharia law but I'm not any more interested in living under ANY other single faiths set of moral rules. This is a fact, America wasn't founded so much as a Freedom OF Religion country as a freedom FROM religion place. They were sick and tired of the endless slaughter from centuries of endless wars and killings Between the different Christian faiths and then between them and the Jews and Islam. Hell's cracked Bells it is still going on there. 


This election year is one of the most disturbing in my life. If this is the best that democracy can offer its citizens maybe it is time to examine other alternatives for selecting our leadership. At this point even a random lottery would offer us a better CHANCE of getting an honest AMERICAN in the White House. I see the rise of support that Sanders and Trump are getting as a clear sign that Americans are sick and Tired of Politicians that are party first , then their loyalty is to the people that paid for their campaign and then SOMEWHERE down there around 5th or 6th is their concern for America and Americans. I'm afraid that this election year no matter WHO wins, America is going to lose.

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I don't find him scary at all and I will vote for him during our primary in may. I will vote for trump(and hold my nose) if he is the nominee though. anything but hitlary or Bernie..


outlawing a behavior is different then outlawing a race. they still haven't confirmed that's its genetic and the xq28 marker has been questioned.

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Anyone in politics that thinks that they need to make masturbation a crime scares the crap out of me. What is next? Long hair, wearing a shirt not tucked in, maybe declaring that a woman wearing a dress with a hem that shows any leg above the knee is the same as a whore. What if he doesn't like loafers? Taxes on cowboy boots maybe. Next he will want to control and/or criminalize certain sexual positions and tax the sex act. UNDERSTAND that when you encourage or allow someone to take away other peoples private rights then you then deserve it when they take away YOUR rights. This guy isn't screwed together right or something. Evil you can fight but crazy just isn't something that I want to deal with. Sadly this election year there is only one that I would consider totally sane but Cruz would invoke HIS version of Sharia law if he could.


Like you I will hold my nose and vote for Donny Thump if he gets it but if it is Cruz I just can't go there. I would actually Vote for Bernie over Cruz...There is NOBODY bad enough to make me vote for Hitlery though. If you want to know what she has planned for America ask J. Christopher Stevens. He knows all about what she has planned for us. 

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    • Секрети домашніх тварин 2 яндекс 0m

      Дивитися мультфiльм Секрети домашніх тварин 2
      Дивитися мультфiльм Секрети домашніх тварин 2
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      Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин у кнотеатрах Планета кно з 4 серпня 2016 Жанр: мультфльм, Секрети домашнх тварин (The Secret Life of Pets) 2015 Новий мультфльм укранською про машинки "Мсто машинок" - Динозавр. Розвиваюч мультики для дтей з машинк КОКО. Офцйний трейлер 1 (укранський)BH Film Distribution Company. Anos atrs. Старт в Укран: 23 листопада 2017 Оскароносн Disney Pixar запрошують у нову дивовижну мандрвку! Мгель живе в Старт в Укран: 23 листопада 2017 Оскароносн DisneyPixar запрошують у нову дивовижну мандрвку! Мгель живе в Angry Birds у кно (2016) - Укранською мультфльм трейлерМультфльми.
      Дивитись трейлер. Секрети домашнх тварин. The Secret Life of Pets 2016 Про що мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин: Тер'р на прзвисько Макс усе сво життя прожив у будинку господаря, насолоджуючись усма привлеями домашнього вихованця. Але одного разу його життя перевернулося з нг на голову, псля того як господар привв у дм дворняжку на прзвисько Дюк. Максу стали придляти менше уваги,вн почав думати про те, як позбутися суперника. Але зовсм скоро м доводиться забути про свою ворожнечуоб'днати зусилля проти милого кролика Снжка, який почав збирати армю кинутих зврв.
      полный спектр услуг покупки билетов онлайн, что позволяет зрителю сохранить время и выбрать наиболее удобное место. После несложной регистрации, в личном кабинете Вы можете распечатать все приобретенные билеты (либо же записать код заказа) Секрети домашнх тварин 2.
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2The Secret Life of Pets 2. 27 травня, понедлок. 10:00 60грн 10:00 60грн 12:00 80грн 12:50 80грн 14:50 80грн 16:50 80грн 18:50 120грн 20:50 120грн 15:50 80грн. 28 травня, ввторок. 15:50 80грн.
      Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин у кнотеатрах Планета кно з 4 серпня 2016 Жанр: мультфльм, Грнч. Офцйний трейлер 1 (укранський)BH Film Distribution Company Мультик про домашнх тварин для дтей. Дти побачать х фото та почують як кажуть тварини, а для тих хто Тайная жизнь домашних животных The Secret Life of Pets (2016) Трейлер- Смотри трейлеры первым! Prije 2 godina БЕБ БОС (THE BOSS BABY) У кнотеатрах Украни з 23 березня 2017 року! Студя DreamWorks Animationрежисер Мадагаскару Тайная жизнь домашних животныхThe Secret Life of PetsW1ns.
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      Анмацйна студя Illumination подлилася другим офцйним трейлером мультфльму Секрети домашнх тварин 2, який показу повернення кшки Хло, що полюбилася глядачам. Продовження популярно анмацйно комед Секрети домашнх тварин буде слдувати за групою домашнх улюбленцв рзних видвмастей, як знають, як розважитися, поки хн господар на робот. Головним гером стор залишаться веселий пес Макс (Петтон Освальт), а новий трейлер показу, що компаню йому на екран знову складе апатична й шкдлива кшка Хлоя (Лейк Белл), яка тут усма способами намагаться розбудити свою хаз
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2. Оригнальна назва: The Secret Life of Pets 2. анмаця комедя пригоди. Прокат з .2019 Залишилося: 5 днв. Перод прокату: .2019 - .2019. Тривалсть: 1 година 26 хвилин. Вк: 3+. Дубляж: укранський. Виробництво: США. Режисер: Крс Рено. У головних ролях: Паттон Освальт, Ерк Стоунстрт, Кевн Харт, Лейк Белл, Альберт Брукс, Ганнбал Буресс, Бобб Мойнах Славетн домашн улюбленц повертаються! Ми й не пдозрюмо, скльки усього вони встигають, коли нас нема поруч. Вдом геронов темн конячки, ще бльше карколомних пригодбагато пухнастих секретв у комед для вс родини! Дивться сьогодн,20 травня. Месники: Завершення. фантастика бойовик. Купити квиток.
      Старт в Укран: 4 серпня 2016 СЕКРЕТИ ДОМАШНХ ТВАРИН (The Secret Life Of Pets) Жанр: анмацйна комедя Режисери: КРС РЕНО (Нкчемний я, Лоракс) , ЯРРОУ ЧЕЙН. Серед талановитих анматорвукр СПВАЙ. Трейлер 2 (укранський). Кт у чоботях: тро чортенят. ПОВНИЙ РОЗКОВБАС. Трейлер 2 (укранський). Angry Birds втають з Святами! СПВАЙ. Трейлер 3 (укранський). Зоотрополс 2016. Викрадена принцеса - офцйний трейлер1 (укранський).
      МОСТ-КИНО ежедневно тепло приветствует тысячи посетителей, приглашая их окунуться в мир кино и прочих развлечений, сосредоточенных в самом центральном месие города МОСТ-сити центр. Мост-Киноэто, в первую очередь, пяти-зальный кинотеатр, оснащенный современным цифровым кинопроекционным и акустическим оборудованием. А 3D-зал, оснащенный самым современным оборудованием объемного изображения, впечатлит даже самых искушенных киноманов.
      30май13:50Секрети домашнх тварин 23Dмультфльм13:50 Event Type :Кинотеатр. Время. (четверг) 13:50. Место. Кинотеатр "Премьера". Видео. Календарь Google Cal 6070грн.2019 - Медиа Центр. All Rights Reserved. НОВИНИ. Под. Надзвичайн под. Полтика. Медицина.
      Про мультфльм Реальна блка 2: Псля того, як блц в назв Злюки вдалося разом з приятелями вигнати з магазину горхв банду грабжникв, вся компаня гризунв влаштувалася там. х життя тепер стала схожа на справжнй рай, оскльки бльше не потрбно було шукати жу, а навколо все було просто усипане горхами Ви можете дивитися онлайн Реальна блка 2. в хорошй якост безкоштовно без рестрац.Схож статт. Гидке с 3 2019 дивитися онлайн безкоштовно фльм в хорошй якост. Все, що я хочу на Рздво один тисяча дев'ятсот дев'яносто одна дивитися повний фльм онлайн безкоштовно в хорошй якост на. Дивитися фльм пекло онлайн безкоштовно в хорошй якост. Попередня Наступна.
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2. Офцйний трейлер Макс (укранський) Старт в Укран: 30 травня 2019 Славетн домашн улюбленц повертаються! Ми й не пдозрюмо, скльки усього вони Вдом геронов темн конячки, ще бльше карколомних пригодбагато пухнастих секретв у комед для вс родини! Студя: Universal Оригнальна назва: THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Жанр: анмацйна комедя Режисер: КРС РЕНО (Секрети домашнх тварин, Нкчемний я, Нкчемний я 2, Поспаки, Лоракс). Facebook:Instagram:Twitter: .
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2 (англ. The Secret Life of Pets 2) — анмацйний повнометражний фльм, прем'ра якого запланована на 30 травня 2019 року. Сиквел мультфльму Секрети домашнх тварин 2016 року. Змст. 1 Сюжет. 2 У ролях. 2.1 Укранський дубляж. 3 Посилання. Сюжетред.ред. код.
      Укранський трейлер Секрети домашнх тварин 2 (укранський дубляж). 02:32. 63 20 квтня 2019. Трейлер Секрети домашнх тварин 2. 01:47. 156 21 лютого 2019. Тизер-трейлер 6 Секрети домашнх тварин 2. 01:34. 2357 5 лютого 2019. Укранський тизер-трейлер 3 Секрети домашнх тварин 2 (укранський дубляж). 01:46. 178 2 лютого 2019. Тизер-трейлер 5 Секрети домашнх тварин 2. 01:25. 194 4 счня 2019. Тизер-трейлер 4 Секрети домашнх тварин 2. 01:13. 686 19 грудня 2018. Укранський тизер-трейлер 2 Секрети домашнх тварин 2 (укранський дубляж). 01:23. 87 18 грудня 2018. Тизер-трейлер 3 Се
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2. ЗА+. The Secret Life of Pets 2. мсто Кив, Одеса-кно у ТРЦ "Квадрат". 29 травня (середа). 17:00 2D. Зал: 4. Завантаження, зачекайте. Купити. Зал.. Служба пдтримки Правила покупки та повернення квиткв.
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2. Пес Макс та його друз живуть звичним життямчекають на свох господарв, поки т ходять на роботу та навчання. Розважаються як можуть та ходять один до одного у гост Комедйний мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2це продовження однойменного фльму, що вийшов у 2016 роц. Про плани зняти сквел оголосили у тому ж роц. Окрм геров, що полюбилися глядачам, зявиться деклька нових персонажв. Трейлер. Кадри з фльму.
      Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у кнотеатрах Планета Kно 30 травня 2019 року. Режисер: Тамне життя домашнх тварин укранський трейлер UA WStudio Secret life of pets trailer WStudio На канал Мультфльми - можна дивитися найкращ трейлери до мультикв в режим онлайн. Очкуван мультфль CANAIS.
      Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у кнотеатрах Планета Kно 30 травня 2019 року. Режисер: Тамне життя домашнх тварин укранський трейлер UA WStudio Secret life of pets trailer WStudio Другий трейлер мультфльму "Секрети домашнх тварин" Домашн улюбленц втають з Рздвом!

      Почни спочатку, фльм 2018 Укранська прем'ра .2019Рецензя на мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 Рецензя на
      Аладдн Дивться у кнотеатрах Filmax з .2019Вуличний крадйАвтовдповдач (0342) 71 05 28 Бронювання квиткв (099) 111 34 80 (097) 099 38А надолужувати втрачене, тобто насолоджуватися життям у повнй мр,Купуй квитки на мульфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 на сайт та в
      31 груд. 2016Пропонумо огляд культурних подй на вихдн 31 грудня та 1-2 счня.Забави у парку розпочнуться о 22:00 годин 31-го груднямультфльмицей Секрети домашнх тварин, прем'ра якого вдбулася влтку 2016-го.як трансформувалася творчсть молодих художникв, випускникв
      Check out мультфльми photosvideos on Instagram: latest posts and popular posts about мультфльми Як мультфльми дивляться наш дти? Думаю, щоСекрети домашнх тварин 2. 2 10 3199 740 22 February, 2019.
      23 лют. 2017Sexy Shorts 2. Останн сеанси! В прокат22 травень 2019Секрети домашнх тварин 2. 33. 52%10. 16%. Всього проголосувало: 64.
      Facebook2019Дзнайтесь ус секрети домашнх тварин королеви лизавети II !фльм Крд 2 2019 дивитися онлайн hd Крд 2 фльм 2019 дивитисяфайлу: 2,91 GBКартина стане 31-ою за рахунком, присвяченою монстру, не рахуючиодзлла Король монстрв фiльм 2019 дивитися онлайн повнстю
      19 бер. 2019Заняття для дтей вком вд 8 до 14 рокв розпочнеться у п'ятницю, 29 березня,технкам роботи в рази швидше, нж дти без тако пдготовки.Щоб вдвдати захд, необхдно форму рестрац за посиланням.У Луцькудопрем'рний показ мультфльму Секрети домашнх тварин 2
      В суд подали иск об отмене назначения Богдана главой АП (). 17:03Долгожданные "Секреты домашних животных 2" в кино (Киноафиша).
      VISNYK. Kherson National. Technical University. Kherson 2015. 2(53)Коротке лляне волокно (або вдходи тпання), частка якого становить 75 % вдодержання целюлози з однорчних рослин (соломи, конопель, льону,ТК Домашнй текстиль, яка входить до складу ТОВ Текстиль-Контакт.
      Секреты домашних животных 228 мая 2019. 0. 93. Аладдин. Синий Смит и бывший муж Мадонны. 23 мая 2019. 0. 450. Неврозы домашних животных,.
      5 лют. 2019кран святкують прихд Нового 2019 року з його то- темною твариною — жовтим кабаном.if the investor came to you himself, there are two Вд без- барвного до сруватогожовтого вдтнку. Але це, як правило, не до-длового сезону, закрити вс домашн34 Financoff Лютий 2019.
      28 груд. 2018мсце примного вдпочинку у затишному примщенн 2.ма сенс дивитися на загальну картину особливостей крани.Таким мсцям необхдний домашнй затишок, та максимальнатварин. Вихдною точкою знань з пластично анатомскелет.(Секреты профессионалов). 4.
      2. УДК . ББК . С 91. Рекомендовано до друку Вченою Радою Бльше того, тварина захища сво потомство, ,найважливша умова успшного виховання дитинив домашнх умовах,вНайбльше полюбля гратися, дивитися мультфльми.Не секрет, що кожна см'я .
      Tagged Нк Ф'юр. Home Березень 10, 2019Секрети домашнх тварин 2Люди в чорному: нтернешнл другий трейлер дубльований укранською.
      Неактивний. Зарестровано: 2019-03-31Мультика секрети домашнх тварин завантажити. Аудокниги любовн романи Малюмо мультфльми 2 торрент. Росйська моваЕртугрул 66 серя росйською завантажити. Книгу з
      +38 (0342) 50-55-55замовлення квиткв. 100% 3. 0% 0. Найближч сеанси в кнотеатр: 28 травня, Ввторок. 17:45. Секрети домашнх тварин 2
      1 день тому Рейтинг Секрети домашнх тварин 2 (2019)Годзлла II: Король Монстрв(триллер, детектив)Годзилла II: Король монстров 16+Секреты домашнихДивитися фльм Т-34 онлайн Т-34 фльм 2012 дивитися онлайн2018 (46-яодзллаКороль монстрв фiльм 2012, щоб спостергати онлайн
      18 груд. 2014 - 48 секicon. BH Film Distribution Company, icon 1, 149, icon. Скачать Миньоны -трусиля (Гадкий Я 2
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2. Червоний Зал. 10:00 2D, 11:45 2D, 13:30 2D, 15:20 2D, 17:10 2D. 55-80 грн. Фолетовий Зал. 19:40. 65-70 грн. одзлла II:
      Дивитися фльм Зорян вйни: Епзод 9 2019 укранською онлайн безкоштовно в хорошй hd якост.страшно дол, залишити Набузабрати з собою королеву Падме Амдалу. Правда, все не так добре, як могло б бути, адже долетти до столиц х республки у них не вийшло.Секрети домашнх тварин 2.
      20 вер. 2018Людина, яка чита книги Bookmate, дивиться серали на Netflix За ц грош — 40 млн трекв без реклами та можливсть додаватиНатомсть французький сервс пропону 53 млн трекв100 млн плейлиств.Лтрес — книжковий онлайн-магазин з великим вибором (831Вибори 2019.
      2. Проритетн напрями вропейского наукового простору: пошукна уроках мовленнвого розвитку у 8 класах……………… 93уявлень про навколишн середовище та явища природи, рослинитварини;Особливо доцльно використовувати онлайн-посбники,Гра, як мультфльм,.
      2. Засновники видання: Чорноморський державний унверситетсльгоспмашин, будвництв та механзац тварин-Рос. Але Орлик домгся вд Карла Х асекурац Звенигора (фильм)wiki. 5.Чорноморський лтопис. 84 весняно посвно кампанново хвил приму-.

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      Секрети домашніх тварин 2 мультфiльм дивитися онлайн
      Секрети домашніх тварин 2 художній мультфiльм
      Секрети домашніх тварин 2 мультфiльм 2020 дивитися
      дивитися мультфiльм Секрети домашніх тварин 2 в hd якості
      Секрети домашніх тварин 2 онлайн дивитися
      Секрети домашніх тварин 2 дивитися онлайн
      кіно Секрети домашніх тварин 2 2020
      дивитися мультфiльм Секрети домашніх тварин 2 без реєстрації
      Секрети домашніх тварин 2 трейлер

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      01.2019Про Агро. Код. Назва. M. Послуги професйн, науков та технчн. 74. Послуги професйн, науков та технчн, нш. 74.1. Послуги з дизайну спецалзован. 74.10. Послуги з дизайну спецалзован. 74 Послуги з дизайну нтеррв, промислового дизайну та послуги з дизайну спецалзован нш. 74 Послуги з дизайну нтеррв. Ця пдкатегоря включа
      Фльм, заснований на мемуарах дружини видатного фзика сучасност Ствена Хокнга. Це пронизлива сторя про те, як любовпдтримка близьких допомагають подолати вс труднощне впасти духом. "Керол" Цей фльм був вдзначений в деклькох номнацях на премю "Оскар"отримав багато захоплених вдгукв критикв. Досить екстравагантнанетипова для Нью-Йорка 50-х рокв сторя взамин, як з скороминущо пристраст поступово перетворилися на справжн почуття. "До зустрч з тобою".
      Повернувши Укран захоплен корабл, Рося подолала золяцю, послабила мжнародн санкцдомоглася ухвалення Украною кремлвського плану щодо Донбасу.
      Мы предлагаем вам сообщить информацию о событиях в Донбассе, которая рассказывает всю правду о жизни и войне на Луганщине. Все нужно рассказывать через истории жизни обычных людей. Моб. 063 409 98 64, . Добавить Введите текст комментария Идет отправка Другие статьи рубрики. Сегодня в Украине чтят память жертв Голодоморов. сегодня11:00. Молодежь Донбасса сможет бесплатно путешествовать. сегодня10:20.
      Дивись онлайн-трансляцю шоу Танц з зрками 17 листопада на21:00. Танц з зрками. .2019.Фото: Ростислав Рпка. 0. Дивись онлайн-трансляцю шоу Танц з зрками 17 листопада на . Ц недл, 17 листопада, овдбувся довгоочкуваний пвфнал Танцв з зрками Зрештою, тро здобуло 28 балв. Наступними вражали глядачв Анна Рзатднова та Олександр Прохоров у компан Влада Ями — разом вони виконали неймоврно яскраве танго. Судд високо оцнили виступпоставили танцвникам максимальн 30 балв.
      Три види. Стандартна (14.95) Смейна (29.95) Для класу (99.95) Для сайту (199.95). RHVoice Анатоль 6. Ольга Яковлва, Анатолй Подорожко (Харкв). 2016. Linux MS Windows Google Android.(2016). нд.
      Рк: 2017. 454.
      до 100 000 . Пльговий перод. До 62 днв.
      Актори, трейлер. 22 in Фльми. 19 0. 0 Однак киношники виршили ризикнути ще раз, взявши в роботу фльм Ворон (2019). Автори виршили не йти второваним шляхом сквелв, а зняти ремейк, взявши основою сторю першо частини. Але франшиза померла, ледь зявившись на свт.
      Дивитися запис. Артем Пивоваров в гостях у . 11 листопада, 12:00 на . Гурт Rumbero's в гостях у . 19 листопада, 15:00 на . Спвачка BARABANOVA в гостях у . 20 листопада, 15:00 на .
      Прицеп дача, дом на колесах, автодом, кемпинг, трейлер, кемпер. Транспорт Причепибудинки на колесах. 84 584 грн Автодом. ТранспортПричепибудинки на колесах. 48 334 грн. Договрна. Суми 12 лист Hobby 10 Deluxe Трейлер Дом На Колесах Автодом Кемпинг. ТранспортПричепибудинки на колесах. 94 251 грн.
      Нackathon 2019 — це захд, на якому студенти органзован у команди, спльно працюють над задачею, повязаною з використанням мов програмування для виршення цкаво та нетривально задач. Формат Хакатона передбача, що учасники постйно стикаються з тими завданнями, з якими вони не мали справи ранше. Вдповдно, навчання новому на Хакатон вдбуваться дуже швидко, … У ЧНУ мен Петра Могили вдбулася зустрч з журналстом Ярославом Чепурним. Листопад 19, 2019. 18 листопада майбутнх журналств ЧНУ мен Петра Могили вдвдав вдомий журналст Миколавського Центру журналстських розс
      Кив, завтра +7+12. Зареструватися Увйти. UA RU.
      "Аеронавти"пригодницький фльм Тома Харпера ("Гостр козирки", "Покидьки"). Синопсис: Вчений Джеймс Глейшер разом з двчиною Амелю Рен намагаються пднятися на рекордну висоту на повтрянй кул. Головн рол у фльм зграли Едд Редмейн Фелст Джонс. Також в ньому знялися Хмеш Пател, Фб Фокс, Внсент Перес та нш. Прем'ра в СШАшостого грудня. Тег: трейлер. Юрий Шевченко 29 серпня 2019. Like. Tweet.
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      Останн новини про кно в 2018 роц. Що можна побачити на вихдних? Дивитися онлайн трейлери до фльму нтерв'ю акторв, очкуван прем'ри, трейлериопис фльмв .2019 - 23:44. Хто пройшов на Голос крани 2019: пдсумок "слпих прослуховувань" другого ефру. .2019 - 23:25. Голос крани 2019: 2 випуск дивитися онлайн. .2019 - 23:20. Учасники з Рос, Шотланд, Казантрумф MONATIKа: як пройшов 2 ефр Голосу крани 9.
      Знайдено 11 ГАЗ 51 вд 604 на 100 автосайтах Украни. Купити, цна, фото, пошук по будь-яким параметрам новихбу ГАЗ 51.- найбльша база автомоблв ГАЗ 51, 1952 года, г. Коломыя Авто в хорошому стан,гаражне збергання. ГАЗ 51, 1952 года,ГАЗ 51, 1952 года, г. Коломыя Авто в хорошому стан,гаражне збергання. ГАЗ 51, 1952 года, г Коломия. Власник.
      12:39Полтика. Рада спростила вирубку Карпат - екологи б'ють на сполох. 12:23Украна Украна - Естоня: де дивитися товариський матч. Расистський скандал: стало вдомо, як санкц чекають на "Динамо". Под Неможливо пропустити: у прокат виходить довгоочкуваний укранський фльм "Готель Едельвейс". Новий рк 2020: чий рк за схдним календаремяк його правильно зустрти. Головн кнопрем'ри тижня 18 - 24 листопада: дата виходутрейлери.
      В 1988-у крани-учасниц програми пдписали з компаню Eurofighter контракт на проектування та побудову винищувача.19 Це дало початок повномасштабнй розробц лтака псля багатьох рокв складних переговорв, затягуваньзволкань. У 1992 роц майбутнй винищувач, який до того згадувався як EFA, дстав назву EF 2000.21.
      15 счня 2019, ввторок. 20:36 Прем'р-Лга Маркевич: Перше, що зробив Курченко - моментально продав Тайсона. Я зрозумв, що це кнець 10 15:23 Аматорський футбол Збрна Украни де на Чемпонат свту з футболу серед лкарв 6. 12 червня 2018, ввторок. 15:16 Аматорський футбол Алв залишив посаду головного тренера ФК Хмельницький 9. 09 червня 2018, субота. 12:14 Аматорський футбол Футбольний сепаратизм з Заходу, або Чому ФФУ повинна реагувати на скорку 22.
      Дивться онлайн фльм Жажда смерти (2018) в хорошй HD 720 якост на . Пол Керси — хирург, привыкший вытаскивать людей с того света после криминальных Пол Керси — хирург, привыкший вытаскивать людей с того света после криминальных разборок. Но после того, как его жена и дочь становятся жертвами уличной банды, а полиция бездействует, он берет карающий меч правосудия в свои руки. Видео изобретательных убийств преступников покоряют интернет-топы, а среди жителей города расходятся слухи о неуловимом народном мстителе, которому теперь принадлежит весь город. Он мстит бодро, весело и со вкусом. Користувачам. Пдписки Кно + ТБ. Акц та подарунки. Наш переваги.
      У новому фльм, який знятий режисером Джей-Джей Абрамсом,багато персонажв з першого фльму Зорян Вйни 1977 року, новий фльм вже отримав схвальн вдгуки. Зорян вйни: пробудження силисьомим фльмом в сер Star Wars , як очкуться, перевищить позначку в 1 мльярд доларв вд продажу квиткв по всьому свту 27 грудня.
      Дмитро Менделв одного разу ледь не загинув пд час польоту на повтрянй кул, коли без аеронавта самотужки пднявся у повтрявв дослдження. До сенату США в 1912 роц було подано на розгляд проект побудови гребл для повернення теплих вод Гольфстрму до берегв Америки. снували проекти перекрити греблею Карськ Ворота, Берингову протоку, спрямити течю Куросо.
      купити квиток на фльм Нацональний конкурс. Частина 3 - вс сеанси фльму Нацональний конкурс. Частина 3 на портал . Опис фльму, рейтинг, реценз, бюджет, дата прем'ери, постер, обговорення фльму 2. Карнвал Роу. 3. Аеронавти. 4. Висока двчина.
      Пройти тест з ПДР Украни онлайн за 2019 рк. Сервс для переврки знання правил дорожнього руху. Екзаменацйн блети з керування для усх категорй 8.78. Яценко Костянтин Григорович. ХНУ Повтряних Сил мен вана Кожедуба Детально про все дивться в ролику: . Дорогий друже, викладачу!
      На цьому тижн кноглядача порадують новинки мжнародного прокату - дв фестивальн картини: фльм талйського режисера турецького походження Ферзана Озпетекаlaquo; Присутнсть пишнотиraquo;американський фльм режисера Л Т. Кригераlaquo; Селеста Джесс навкиraquo ;, а також робота росйських кнематографств, зазначена на недавньому Московському мжнародному кнофестивал, сторичний фльмlaquo; Ордаraquo ;. Любителям футуристичних екшнв пропонумо по-новому поглянути на Суддю Дреддndash; рмейк фльму 1995 з Сильвестром Сталлоне в гол
      Серал Чорнобиль вд HBO: дивитися трейлер останньо сер. Епзод ма назву Вчна пам'ять. Окрым того, вже вийшов трейлер фнально сер про аварю на Чорнобильськй АЕС, яка сталася 26 квтня 1986 року. Опублковано .2019 в Новини ФотоВдео Епзод ма назву Вчна память. Окрым того, вже вийшов трейлер фнально сер про аварю на Чорнобильськй АЕС, яка сталася 26 квтня 1986 року. В Укран глядач зможуть легально переглянутина стрмнгових платформах , MEGOG, тапрямо в премрний день показу3 червня. У попереднй частин Валерй Легасов та радянський вце-премр-мнстр Борис Щербина хотли використати мсячн всюдиходи, щоб видалити радоактивне смття.
      20. Рух через залзничн перезди. 21. Перевезення пасажирв. 22. Перевезення вантажу. 23. Буксирування та експлуатаця транспортних составв. 24. Навчальна зда. 25. Рух транспортних засобв у колонах. 26. Рух у житловй та пшохднй зон. 27. Рух по автомагстраляхдорогах для автомоблв.
      У пошуковому сервс Гугл мепс запрацювала онлайн-карта, де позначено, на яких вулицях Львова не вивезли побутов вдходи,дата, коли ц дан внесли у рестр. Зараз на карт позначено понад 20 таких адрес. Найбльше невивезеного непотребуу Франквському район. Нагадамо, станом на сьогодн смття не вивезли з бльш нж 300 контейнерних майданчикв.
      Ефр визно студ. вробачення. Жити краще. Життя без лн розмежування. Життя+. нклюзивний свт. Кив Incognita. Попереднй 12 3 Наступний. Слухати ефр. Новини 08:00:02. Новини.
      АЗС 100. Льввська обл., Жовквський р-н., м. Дубляни, вул. Льввська, буд. 3. ДОДАТКОВ СЕРВСИ АЗС: ВИДИ ПАЛЬНОГО: ДП: 24,98 грн. А92 Euro: 25,58 грн. А95: 26,58 грн.
      Програмне забезпечення. Онлайн-сервси. Портал мобильных телефонов . Ноутбуки Вд 39" до 43". Вд 48" до 50". Вд 55" до 60" цна на .2019. 5 880 грн. Нема в наявност. Ви очкуте даний товар. Повдомити про наявнсть. Вдгуки про Avionaut Aero FIX(Grey Melange) (0) Питання та вдповд. Середня оцнка користувача: 0.
      24.83. . Cтаном на Сьогодн 11:00 Аеронавти пдтвердили, що, дйсно, був такий турист, що представився фотографом, який хоче зробити знмки Барлоче з повтря. Пзнше було встановлено, що уродженець Стамбула дйсно був професйним аерофотографомвмв майстерно керувати лтаками. У пдсумку вибр Бергкотта впав на 37-рчного Аластера Уевеллайого Pipper Cherokee PA-28.
      .2019 Субота. .11:41Amazon показав новий трейлер фльму "Аеронавти" з Фелст Джонс Едд Редмейном. 21 жовтня. 11:30З'явився перший укранський трейлер фльму "Бладшот" з Вном Дизелем. 18 жовтня.
      26 травня, 2017 16:31. Трейлер сьомого сезону сералу Гра престолв каналу HBO став рекордсменом з переглядв за добу в стор телебачення. Трейлер сьомого сезону сералу Гра престолв каналу HBO став рекордсменом з переглядв за добу в стор телебачення. Про це повдомля Deadline. Вдео було переглянуто 61 мльйон разв через платформи Facebook.

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