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hey I am a freedom type the fewer laws the better as far as what anyone does behind closed doors not my business but if I do not agree with IT do not use the law to make me work for you or do something against my will that is not freedom.


I like simple and final no favoritism or excessive punishment except murder that is one crime that needs a rope I would not vote for capitol punishment without a lot of good evidence otherwise we have to take it off the table but if we got good physical evidence like blood semen etc a time line with proof like street cameras and hard facts let em' swing,


Killing a police officer without some fantastic provable evidence you were attacked and your life was in danger (not because your a criminal)  get a ROPE

I do not care for child molesters if we can prove it ROPE burn


I like DNA fingerprints video with witnesses if possible but crime scenes are a witness in many cases we are allowing murderers to go free as prisons do not segregate simple or non specific murderers from general population allowing them a life sentence to prey on non violent types although these are not angles they can be groomed into more violent types when incarcerated with killers.


I would like the effort to help and money to go to those we may have the best chance at not wasted on murdering scum.... that being said that does not stop them from being forgiven by Christ but blood requires blood and it does help stop rampant murder look at the murderers by number over the numbers 50 years ago it has gone crazy it is time to leave this to local courts but have help at the state and federal level with evidence so the jury can be assured they are convicting and executing the right person and do it not wait more than a few weeks or months.


I still like military service for young offenders if they refuse full time on a rock pile for the whole sentence no good time or reduced sentences.

I would also like to see some in prison work programs with pay to refund the victims for losses.

and to help in the reintegration into society I do not like parole it is stupid to let out a criminal early and expect them to feel like a free person when your jerking their chain all the time either let them go or keep them behind bars if they do not appear to have changed or want to be better let them rot

no gang banging or causing trouble in the joint if so more time day for day.

If they work hard go to school or some technical education the more they perform the more "we" help in fact "we" need to relocate many as the problem was their surroundings and people they were part of.

a few months rent phone a vehicle (confiscated from a criminal) to get a person on their feet there are plenty of churches and other entities that can hlep with food clothing and tools etc.

All this with a warning this is a one time deal it only gets much worse if you do not see its you life and your choices that earn you time or freedom.


That is what I vote for but all these political hacks fail to see that prisons are not trash cans for human beings or asylums for really challenged people.

if we quit wasting money on murderers that will never see the free world and really did something we could reduce recidivism by half and need less prisons. and no parole officers.


Politics is not a licenses to steal or fail at your duty to all people of your district but on the other hand if you caught because we have given them so much power the penalty needs to be ferocious quick and so others will not follow their path.

Term limits financial oversight and strict rules on extra income and very transparent on their legal activities so they cannot be a practicing lawyer as well as a official one or the other until they are not an elected person.,


I wish investigative journalism was better it would be nice for reporters not to get into bed with politicians because of personal views and that should be a crime as well as it is technically a conspiracy to cover up as most things we find out later were criminal.


I think that is what our forefathers intended and we have slid into the sewer but I hate to think we cannot repair our system and make it better as if we cannot better to break it down to bare essentials and go private system bureaucracy is really socialism by functionaries or like Russia block captains making the rules.

we want better we need to quit this party line crap as much as I hate abortion we cannot regulate morals with more laws I am sick and tired ot the posing from candidates because it is all B.S. if they did what they promised abortion would be illegal and women would have to go outside the law or the country and risk death from unscrupulous people.

either we are free or not and instead of only one side like planned parenthood both should be able to give a one time counseling no pressure just real options after that it is up to the person no pressure or lies

it is all these lawyers making money on adoption and all the crap children are abused no matter what level of society or if they are natural born or adopted we should do our best and have laws with real teeth to limit because we will never stop abuse or abortion or stupidity.


I do not know where commons sense went but we all better find it or it will not matter who we vote for insanity will reign IMHO.

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There doesn't seem to be any such thing as common sense anymore. I think it went down the road with honor and real respect, you know the kind that you EARN. At one time a man's word and handshake was good in most cases. Now a written contract isn't even worth much. We seem to go out of our way now to find immoral philandering liars to elect. We even like them so much that we will reelect them as many times as possible!


I don't know about other states but I KNOW Texas Prisons. They have been pretty much ruined by politics, greed and just plain stupidity. They have no REAL substance abuse counseling. If you come in a junkie you will go back out to it as soon as you are out. There is very little in the way of job training that might help them find legal work. Geedumbaya Bush got rid of all of that crap while he was the governor.


The bleeding hearts via federal judges MADE Texas turn killers out on the street because it just wasn't right to make them live in a crowded prison. At one point you could do life in prison in as little as 7 years. Most criminals came to prison just long enough to be processed in and then released because they counted the time served back to your original arrest even before the trial. Texas finally went broke building prisons and now there is NO good time and they are staying a lot longer. Sadly what this does under the current operational program is just means that when they do get out they are meaner and more likely to be gang affiliated. Prisons in Texas are now simply cages where people are locked up with almost no real effort towards rehabilitation.


Slowly America is seemingly heading towards a state where ant thing that is legal is going to be covered by a law that requires it and anything that isn't required will be covered by a law prohibiting it. Freedom will be legislated NOT just enjoined. 


The problem with morals is that everyone has different ideas about what they are once you get past the killing, stealing from and harming people. I remember when I was young having people tell me that I was immoral because I had long hair and their bible was against that. There were places where you could get arrested just for having long hair. There were people killed in my lifetime for simply dating the wrong race and it was called morals. I remember people that were beat for using the wrong bathroom. I always loved to listen to an Uncle of mine rant about the immoral dope smoking hippies  that were destroying this between trips to various state sponsored rehab and detox facilities after he was arrested AGAIN for DWI. Now days he would have spent most of his life in prison!


I actually was on a jury panel for a trial where a Gay man was charged with a felony  for sodomy. This was NOT a rape it was consensual. I DIDN'T want to hear this!!! He was a queer, even then I understood that this was what they did. I didn't WANT TO DO IT. LOL I didn't even want to listen to this. I didn't CARE what they did as long as they didn't try to do it with that case someone would probably have to die. However, just because I don't like something doesn't mean  that it is wrong. I don't like golf either...there are some similarities you know.


America should be a FREE country. That freedom is not just for some or a few groups or one religion. My morals should rule ME and it is wrong for me to try and force you to live by MY rules when it doesn't cause me injury in ANY meaningful way. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that it should be against the law.


Gays don't bother me a bit now. I got to know a bunch of them and they were NOT what I had been told when I was younger. Even when I was a young man though I sort of approved of gay men...more ladies for ME!! I confess that I am a really odd redneck. I have lots of gay, black, Hispanic and other than Christian friends. Strangely among my several Arabic friends not one is Muslim/Islamic. A LOT of Arabs in America are Christian. A Klucker would definitely not be comfortable at a party at my place. That said nearly anyone would be welcome and find a lot of common ground with this variety of peoples.

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Yea Damn, people should feel welcome and not at odds as you say damn that is where freedom make all of us on the same level.

 the only gays that irk me are just like any other group that is so blatant and over the top basically taking over the megaphone at any function

Kluckers and other extreme people do the same thing I like considerate people of any kind even if they dress "funny"


Sin is not altered by anything it is sin and will always be so, I just hope people find their way out of any trap and life has a lot of them some look so good no one realizes your in one you could walk around most of your life fooling everyone but eventually you will look in a mirror and not like what looks back if your lucky and your conscience is not so seared that you refuse to admit we are the problem.


Christianity need to be promoted by attraction and example not sneering or looking down your nose at others or making snide or offensive remarks.

we should all know hate and blood only makes more hate and blood.

some people that are offensive just keep separate from them no need to stir the pot.


malice hate or force is offensive not just being different I am not perfect but I try not to hurt others feelings but I am human and yes I am and have been a hypocrite and will again when you follow a perfect God that is the part that hope to make one humble if you are a Christian and think you walk on water just be ready to see your hat float and if you want to test my theory stick your finger in a glass of water snatch it out real fast if you leave a hole in the water your special but still not perfect LOL.


I agree in your opinion of the criminal injustice system here in Texas Damn what is worse we take in other states convicts that is stupid IMHO.

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I was raised in Beaumont Texas right across the river from Vidor Texas (look it up on Wikipedia). They gave me a great understanding of what exactly bigotry was all about. The Kluckers made it a hell hole for anyone that they didn't approve of. LOL, I was one of their least favorite sorts. A motorcycle riding hippie was about the bottom of their dog pile. Yeppers I was for sure a nefarious character! On the board of directors of my church. Youth director and counselor. My bike was especially egregious. When I sold it a cop bought it to use escorting funerals and such. Not a chopper, full dressed with full faring and saddle bags but to the Kluckers in Snuff Gully I might as well have been wearing Hell's Angles colors. I NEVER judge a book by its cover. I've been on both sides of that fence.

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Vidor --- the glory land --- of discriminating tastes, at least in their opinion.


It is strange though that some there cannot even get along with their own so murder assault and other crime is not eliminated by singularity of color.

somewhere I find that hilarious of course I have a strange sense of humor or so I have been told....

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When I was a young man I had a lot of friends in Snuff Gully. We used to laugh about those crazy Kluckers. I remember when they used to have their guys in full white robes and hoods standing at the foot of the exits off !-10 handing out literature and had the Clan book store right there on the main drag in the middle of town.


If two little boys got in a fight in the first grade on the playground their Mom's and Dad's would probably be there doing it the next day. They never messed with anyone until there were at least ten of them on one person and generally if they had a problem with a man they would take it out on one of his kids. This happened to a friend of mine.


The Vidor Kluckers were so stupid and radical that they got ditched by the national organization. They were in general not much of a danger. they killed each other a lot more often than anyone else. Their heydays ended when the entire county sheriff's department except for two new guys was arrested by the feds. They were doing all manner of stupid crud like confiscating guns for bogus things and then selling them. they also were doing the same with drugs and evidently had developed some manner of underworld connections because they went down on a RICO rap. The feds then started looking at several old cases like the guy that committed suicide by shooting himself several times in the back with a single shot bolt action rifle. Another one was a body found floating in a pond with three bullet holes in the head...accidental drowning!.


My favorite was when one of their Dragons got sick and it turned out that he had sickle cell anemia!! ONLY people that are at least 25% black can get that problem it is a genetic issue. Yeppers, Vidorians were very special folks...mostly the little bus sort of special for a lot of them.


Hell Snake, what difference does having criminals vote make. In a lot of states they forbid asking voters for any sort of identification. At least the criminals are Americans. Hell Putin could vote in Chicago!

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      Вкторя Власенко, 15 лютого 2019, 07:30.смх Фльм Я, ти, вн, вона, створений студю Квартал 95 за пдтримки Держкно, побив А з урахуванням продажв на ТБ онлайн-платформи, в перспектив, Що ще дивляться? 15:40. ФРН розкритикувала санкц США проти Пвнчного потоку 2, але
      8 Музо, про вс т причини згадай нам, чию вн образив. 9 Волю божистущо 18 Ма постати,— вона тод вже про це турбувалась. 19 Чула, одначе вклонитись Юнон. 49 принести на жертовнику й свою жертву благальну?
      . 2 Вдповдь вд Гсть 2019-09-12 01:20:07Мнус вона не жнка вона зараза. Вн свинцевий взвод завантажити. Ландау Фльм криваве веслля через торрент у гарному якост. Pci ven 1002 dev 5a62 xp driver.
      15:0716 Грудня 2019 донин я не розумю, як я це зняв: 63 об'кти, бл субмарини, цепелни, мсто мутантв, Гвардя, прапори, тисяч Вони сказали: добре, комунст летить на ншу планету змнити свт. Напевне, вн також бачив трейлери, читав Дмитра Бикова Дмитра Волобува

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      Хіти :

    • 66472 2306 41696 26861 28393 80265 1688 93133 22456 7645 27180 37739 68780 33536 4754 88926 19444 67845 36782 36957 38584 48376 20954 92218 16442 21003 69676 9377 4850 85903 61974 5174 28570 90856 7467 99864 24976 65164 58913 74894 95963 39077
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      Чорне рздво Black Christmas. Сьогодн, 20 грудня, п'ятниця. 16:10 60грн 18:00 16:10 60грн 18:00 75грн. 25 грудня, середа. 16:10 85грн 18:00 85грн
      Усе про укранськ фльми, як вийшли на екрани в 2017.Оформити передзамовлення на онлайн-перегляд фльму "Сторожова Рвень чорного еор Жено та лизавета Смт. На 67-му Берлнському мжнародному кнофестивал драма ПЦУ на Волин "протесту" нову дату Рздва.
      Дивитися розклад сеансв на добу, тижденьмсяць. 20 грудня, пятниця. Cinetech+, 2D. 10:20 14:45. Король вслюк (0+). 0+ Чорне Рздво (16+). 16+.
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      У США собака вкрав рздвян грашки для дтей: кумедне вдео. 10:42, сьогодн 597 Читать новость на русском. Собака крав дитяч рздвян грашкиcnn.
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      1. 1. Зорян вйни: Скайвокер. Сходження. Star Wars: Episode IXThe Rise of Skywalker, 2019. фантастика, фентез Чорне Рздво. Black Christmas
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      December 17 at 8:47 AM . Розклад на .2019 з допрем'рний сеансом "Зорян вйни: Скайвокер. Сходження". Image may Прем'ра фльму "Джумандж: Наступний рвень": 12 грудня. Дивться Чорне Рздво 19 грудня у кно!
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      Новий рк — 2020: Куди пти й де вдпочити у Кив та Львов 17 грудня,Дивитись прямий ефр Програма "Детал дня", повне вдео 22 грудня, 23:39 народу" не ухвалюють правки вд нших фракцй, Чорний 22 грудня, 22:57 Сьогодн в столиц Украни зустрли геров зимово Дефлмпади-2019 22

      Чорне Рздво. детектив, трилер, жахи, США, 2019. Готель Едельвейс 16:34, 26 листопада. Новини компанй. Чорна п'ятниця в ELDORADO. 15:00, 26 листопада. Проблеми з теплом: пдготовка Луцька до морозв. ВДЕО. 13:48, 26 листопада. Новини компанй. Медико - Природничий Унверситет зпопочав листопадовий набр студентв!
      Проданий апетит (анонс фльму), мф Сумка дипкур'ра, худ. (без 1,2 частин) Тамлла, худ. Тн Бельведеру, худ.Тро, худ. R. Ванька Месник, худ.Державна позика, мф Джальма, худ. R Джимм Хггнс ( ч. з 8-ми), худ Фонд НаУКМА Блий Бм, чорне вухо, худ. Ближче до земл: мське життя, док.Фонд НаУКМА Божевльна машина, док. Фонд НаУКМА Брати Маугл, мф Фонд НаУКМА Велика рогата худоба, док. Фонд НаУКМА Венеричне захворювання: стар помилки, нов проблеми, док. Фонд НаУКМА Веселий куточок, док. Фонд НаУКМА Весь свт в очах твох, худ.
      До 200-рччя вд дня народження Пантелеймона Кулша. Радовистава "Чорна Рада". . 30.07.2019 21:00:03. Радотеатр. - Культура. Cлухати. Ведуч: Наталя Коломць. До 200 рччя вд дня народження Пантелеймона Кулша. Радовистава "Чорна Рада". .
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      Афша кнопрем'р, заходввечрок: розклад, покупка квиткв онлайн, опис та контакти 31 грудня, 22:00. Restaurant, Night Club Karaoke . Вдео. Зорян Вйни: Скайвокер. Сходження. бойовик, пригоди, фантастика, фентез, США, 2019. Заключна глава третьо трилог франшизи Зорян вйни Чорне Рздво. детектив, трилер, жахи, США, 2019. Зврополюс. анмаця, Великобританя, Канада, 2019. Король Вслюк. анмаця, комедя, смейний, Пакистан, 2019. Чорний ворон. драма, сторя, Украна, 2019.
      Мжбанк Украни онлайн: курс долара на мжбанку на сьогодн, архви, графки. Мжбанквський курс долара в Укран Мжбанк онлайн - Долар. Курс долара на мжбанку. 20 грудня Що таке мжбанкяк вн працю. Дивться курс чорного ринку у реальному час. Курси мжбанку для вашого сайту. нформери. API для отримання даних мжбанку. Новини компанй. 16 грудня. 19:43 Тобдругу по 300! — акцю продовжено до 31 грудня. 12:10 Аналтика на 16.12.2019. нвестори оцнюють торгову угоду з холодною головою. 13 грудня.
      Помстау списку хнх бажань. Дивться Чорне Рздво 19 грудня у кно! 619 views13 December. 0:20. Щасливого Рздва. 2 счня у кно. Universal Pictures Украна. 654 views13 December. 0:20. Щасливого Рздва. 2 счня у кно. Universal Pictures Украна. 844 views13 December. 0:31. Емля Кларк запрошу у кно на Щасливого Рздва. Universal Pictures Украна.views13 December. 0:16. Щасливого Рздва Какой фильм посмотреть? Подборка лучших фильмов для онлайн просмотра.
      17:10. Тс "Наречена з Стамбула". ICTV 17:50. Хф "Спокусник". 20:15.
      21 вересня християни вдзначають Рздво Пресвято Богородиц. Багато хто вже задаються питанням - що можна, а що не можна робити в цей день, а також шукають традиц святкування цього дня, нформу . Рздво Пресвято Богородиц вдзначають щороку 21 вересня,це одне з 12 найважливших християнських свят. 20 вересня - Передсвято Рздва Пресвято Богородиц, а 21 - Рздво Пресвято Богородиц - матер суса Христа. За переказами, свято встановлено церквою в 4 столтт н. е.пов'язане з легендою про оакима Анну, як жили в Назарет. сторя свята Рздва Пресвято Богородиц.
      Комкси, драми, фантастикажахи: 10 фльмв, як не можна пропустити в 2019 роц У центр сюжету базована у Лондон команда Людей в чорному, що розслду тамне вбивство, яке вдсила х по всй земнй кул. сторя грашок 4. У прокат з 20 червня. Довгоочкуване продовження знаменитого мультфльму вд оскароносних Disney Pixar. З перездом у новий дм життя ковбоя Вудкосмчного рейнджера Базза перевертаться з нг на голову. Залишивши турботи, геро змушен обднатися, щоб вирушити у захопливунебезпечну мандрвку у свт грашок. Вже традицйно головну роль у фльм озвучу дворазовий лауреат Оскара Том Генкс.
      10:55Опублковано трейлер нового фльму Крстофера Нолана Вдео. 10:44Курс НБУ: гривня продовжу дорожчати до доларавро. 10:40Кабмн звльнив Качурець з посади заступниц мнстра охорони здоров'я. 10:39Наступна зустрч Зеленського Трампа може вдбутися зовсм скоро — Блий дм. 10:04Рада сьогодн проведе останн пленарне засдання цього року Вдео. 09:59Рахункова палата саботувала затвердження звту НАЗКНовак. 09:45Грального бзнесу пд виглядом лотерей не буде — Гончарук Британський парламент проведе голосування за Brexit на Рздво. За словами Джонсона, Палата громад пдтрима угоду про Brexit на Рздво. 09:07. Нацбанк ввв в обг 5-гривнев монети.
      США. Рк. 2019. У ролях. моджен Путс, Брттан ОГрейд, Кер Елвс На нос Рздво, для молод це час для вдмнних вдпадних вечрок, моря алкоголю та безладних зв'язкв. Деяким двчатам з сестринства в гуртожитку ста не так весело, коли одна студентка пропала безвсти. На полювання вийшов загадковий чоловк у чорнй масц, який плану знищувати двчат одну за одною. з кожним новим убивством вони задаються питанням, а кому з хлопцв можна взагал довряти? Хто би не стояв за всм цим, двчата не планують ставати його жертвами.
      Фльми. Сьогодн на екран. Незабаром. Кноархв. Цни та сеанси. Про кнотеатр. Про кнотеатр ЧОРНЕ РЗДВО. Крана: США. Рк виходу: 2019. Жанр: хорор. Актори: моджен Путс (Need for Speed: Жага швидкост), Брттан О'Грейд. Режисер: Софя Такал. Опис Прем'ра в Кнопалац "Дружба": . Хочеш в кно? Розкажи друзям: 15-30. 70 грн. Сьогодн: Джумандж: Наступний Рвень. Зорян Вйни: Скайвокер.
      16-12-2017 16:55. Знати укранськ колядки ма кожен, адже ценаш традиц! Новий рк 2018 та Рздво Христове вже на пороз, тож, саме час повторити слова улюблених колядок. На жаль, укранськ колядки дедал рдше лунають у наших домвках на зимов свята. Ми не мамо права забувати сво традиц, та ще й так чудов! Нумо разом вчити слова колядок, аби на Рздво та Коляду прийти до друзв не з пустими рукамиа подарувати м гарний настрй свом спвом, переда . Не поспшайте казати, що колядкидля дтей. Звсно, для них це свято особливе, адже вони можуть "заколядувати" соб грошенят та отримати щось смачненьке вд господарв.
      Гламур Сьогодн 07:56. Новини у Гламур за тиждень: новий опкун Бртн та новий дагноз Км Кардашян. Гламур Вчора 18:50 Крм того, до цього список потрапили "Жах перед Рздвом", "Рздво з невдахами", "Фред Клаус", "Рздвян канкули", "Подарунок на Рздво" та "Нова рздвяна казка". Нагадамо, мените видання опублкувало список найбльш провальних фльмв . Приднуйтеся також до групина facebook.

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