What are your top 3 provinces to not live in Canada, when the SHTF ?

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i'm curious as to why not BC I've travelled a lot there and that's where a lot of the rural properties are for BOL's....

The provinces that I picked have the biggest city's in Canada.

More population in larger city's , mean more crime.

When the poop hits the propeller even the rural properties will not be immune to dangerous things happening in their area.

Once the city's have been picked clean, the surviving people will spread out like locus, rapping, killing, taking what ever they need or want & with no remorse.

I'm sure I've said this before, trust no man or woman of flesh.

Because humans in general can be angels of light or Devils.

Push the right buttons, be careful of the outcome.



In GOD I trust, everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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ICE!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrr! The only ice we see in South East Texas comes out of a freezer in the kitchen. Throw me out in a swamp filled with snakes, gators and leaches and I'm right at home but the thought of trying to survive a Canadian Winter EVEN with all the modern conveniences intact would be a challenge I'm not up to. LOL, to each their own. 

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I like cooler climates over hot & humid ones.

In snow ice climates I can layer up to keep warm.

In hot & humid climates you can take off all your clothing, down to your birthday outfit/butt naked & still be over come by heat.

One thing I've noticed in life, people from hot & humid country's tend to look much older than their age.

Looking kinda dehydrated grape.

People from cooler colder country's look much younger than their age in most cases.

Look in your fridge, food stays fresher even left for weeks.

Leave your food in the oven, for a week.

Don't matter if the oven is turned on or not, the out come would be burnt & smelly food. LMAO .

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I find that my opinion of the Gaspe Peninsula (formed in summer of course) is that, it would make a great place in Canada to have a second home, even in the winter. Then again, I've never set foot there IN the winter, but a guy can dream, right?

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Looking at the map I think the only place I would live is Queen Charlotte Islands as the pacific winds would keep the stink away.

too bad they could not secede from Canada but like the Falklands they would land troops and take over with those bad black guns LMAO.

Yea England does not mind giving away foreign lands to foreigners but they will kill your azz if your a citizen and try to separate.


I like the way they handled the gun problem in Australia brutally and take away rights to a trial and be held without bail now that's refreshing LMAO.

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As for as the age thing P210SIG is that what you are seeing is a natural difference between the nationalities that originated and settled in each part of the country. We have a lot of the darker skinned Mediterranean and Hispanic peoples. In areas where the people tend to be more of the North and North Eastern Nationalities they will usually look younger as they age. At 63 I have almost no gray hair on my head and almost no wrinkles. My Dad was just turning salt and pepper when he died at 72. That side of the family is Scott/Viking with lots of redheads. Did you know that a redhead never turns gray? The other side is black German (Big Stocky Barrel Chested and NOT Blond) They age early and my Mom was turning gray in her 20s. 


A lot of people age bad here because with 7 months of summer a lot of people spend too much time out in the sun. We spend a lot of time outside here even when we are not near the beach. Did you know that Mexicans are snow white if they don't get out in the sun enough? Even black people get chalky if they are out of the sun for too long. Sun does tend to age people. I worked at night for decades and have always been a night owl so haven't aged too much. 


The people that can live in the tundra will have a very high survival rate...after the initial die off. That first winter will thin the herd down to just the few TRUE survivors. The further you move South the longer that winnowing will take. The cold is like the arid desert areas. It is totally unforgiving and one mistake will mean your end. I will be hot and the mosquitoes may eat me alive but I won't freeze to death or die of thirst. Critters find it equally easy to live here and so are in huge numbers. That means I won't be hungry either. 


You know, it is a lot like the different kinds of animals. A polar bear would have hell living here but then I don't think a Gator would work out well up there. Each person represents a different skill set and inbred natural physical attributes. Where you would live comfortably may be totally different from where I would thrive. 

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The bigger a State is the more diverse is its culture. The big cities nearly always lean more to the left in most places. Fort Worth is an exception but Houston and Dallas are pretty liberal at times. The advantage we have in Texas is that we also have a just huge rural and small town population base and while the big metro areas go Liberal by a couple of percent the rest of the State is 75% conservative so Texas goes conservative. The difference between East Texas and West Texas is HUGE. The East is forested and the West is pretty bare and dry. In the West there are lots of Texcicans (Native born Hispanic Texans) and very few African Americans. There are lots of Texicans all over Texas and let me tell you these are NOT wet back Mexican illegal aliens. Many of them are like me and are 5th and 6th generation here in Texas. I have friends in Southern Illinois and it is nothing like Chicago. They are mostly old time coal miners and such. I'm sure that this sort of thing is true in most states.


The big thing that you have to take into consideration is the Resources versus population ratio in the area. The greater the resources and ease of survival in an area the more people that area can take without it turning into total chaos. The fact is that as long as they are the right kind of people, you are better off not doing the mountain hermit thing. I by choice live just outside of a small town that is mostly made up of older retired people, prison workers and just regular old school country folks. Everyone is well armed and we in general would be a tough bunch of nuts to crack. 


At about 80 miles north of Houston central I am a little closer to that than I would have preferred but in general the rather special circumstances of the area more than make up for it. We have more cattle, hogs, deer and horses than we have people. Prison workers are NOT shrinking violets and will work together... violently if necessary. Our weather is generally very mild during the winters. The summers are hot but you get used to that and modify your daily routines.


The point that I'm working on is that each person needs to find the kind of place that they are best suited to survive in. I am NOT a cold weather person. I've only made 2 snow men in my entire life! I don't have the clothes or the knowledge for that sort of environment. On the other hand most people look at a swamp as an uninhabitable wet waste land and I was raised in that sort of thing.


Desert environs are tough BUT if you can learn to make peace with it and learn its ways you can survive where few will be troubling you. Water is precious in the desert but not as scarce as you might think. The native Americans and the Aborigine in Australia lived well where few could survive.


Survival above all else is an Art Form! My way is best for me. If you don't like it then most likely you just don't see it the same way I do. Beauty, Home, Love and Happiness is all in the eye and heart of the beholder and no two hearts are the same.

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