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What are your predictions for the year 2016?

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I'm predicting food prices will be much higher.

Civil unrest between the governments & citizens around most of the world.

More drastic weather issues, world wide.

Do I feel positive about the future for mankind, hell no!

There's a few things about Putin, Obama, Trump, Clinton, China, North Korea & terrorism, for now I'll just keep things to my self.

All the best to everyone here at SurvivalCache & may GOD or what ever God you may believe in, bless you in your needs in life. Amen !

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I pray that things remain the same God has seen fit to help overcome the problems that come as in everyones life so far life is good.


I remember a friend told me once."fake it till you make it" or put on a smile and carry on.


I figure everything will remain the same until after the election in 2016 every political group dumps their refuse on the next it has become so common it's a cliché.

One of the many reasons people are looking for an outsider instead of a political hack.


I'll stick my neck out and say I figure law of averages Ted Cruse will be our man. I have no idea why but that is what I think anyway..

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Gas prices rising back into the $3.50 range.

More terrorist related killing in the USA.

Racial tensions escalating.

We will have troops on the ground in the Middle East before the end of the year.

Trump is not going away and may team up with Cruz like Reagan did with Bush. 

The Democrats will back Hillary even if she were indicted for espionage and murder. 

Americans are hopelessly stupid and will elect Hillary.

Obummer will show his true colors with the parting presidential pardons he will do.

Inflation may start next year but it will be like a snowball and build slowly at first.

The Pope and the Catholic Church are coming up on hard times. The Pope my not survive.

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