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Are you a pathetic aging incompetent technophile ?

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A news story today was informing the greatest generation that they need and there are classes to teach seniors to text.

the reasoning that millennials are text predicated and seniors were distraught that they could not contact their children or grandchildren.

One reason that they are too busy to answer a call and are more used to texting and contact through twitter and other non verbal communications LMAO.


First let me say I am not or ever will be held to any standard or expectation except my own if people do not answer my call - I have a delete button on my contacts and have no problem using it,

I have the power of the purse and do not mind exploiting that in my world it is quid pro quo treating me like a retard and ignoring me will get a few things cut out of the will save me money at holidays and I will rat you out to whomever make it more painful to I have no problem ignoring your calls texts mail or pleas I had and have a life friends and children that have appreciation that I can give gifts to.


Blood relation is over rated in fact some of the humans on this planet I that have irritated me most were extended family.

I have friends children that ask if i need something and do not have their hand out I do not have to bribe them but I do make sure I show them with real goods and buy them things to show my appreciation.


If my closest do not keep me in mind I will  reciprocate Rather a sea of friends and respectful mourners than no family because as in life they did not have the time.

It is my intention to have an Irish wake a lot of good food music laughing and hopefully a good time by all might even have door prizes and party favors.

I am a Christian death is not negative only a temporary separation of mutual believers but  people that refused to get in the lifeboat  well they get to swim for it by choice.

No I do not want to die and have the normal uneasiness on pain or suffering that may be associated with passing.

I did notice that it appears everyone will experience death so far all the insurance and retirement investment commercials have yet to convince me I will live to the ripe old age of 182 LMAO some children actually believe that crap.


In a world of people with little to no hope but many being decent and at least try to be a benefit to their fellow man use your will to help them if your family does not respect you enough to keep in touch your last will and testament should be used as a training moment if they did not care about you in life so you actually think they will linger or visit your grave after you leave or have teary eyed memories I really doubt it. 

If you really want to piss them off give it to those they hate like the republican party or the NRA LAMO------- really I would give it to a children's hospital like Saint Judes or the Shriners IMHO.

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I am NOT a "technophile". I am near-illiterate-IT almost senior and don't give a crap. That's WHY I have adult children,

and grandchildren. THEY can resolve this grandpa's IT "issues".

I do text, with my damn index finger NOT my thumbs which are prehensile, and used to keep a notch above my primordial

near-genetic relatives.

If my texts are misspelled because of MY large fingers, figure out what I weas trying to say or give me an actual call


I do not consider texts to be actual official communication of any kind. If you are unable to communicate orally

then you are worthless.

Screw 'em.

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I just thought the story was manipulated to make seniors look needy and out of touch or unable to comprehend technicalese.


Hell I was there using some of these technologies at their beginning as had radio telephones in our vehicles dealt with teletype etc.


Young people get this weird idea that before 2000 we were still using stone tools and smoke signals.

I am happy to know some very intelligent kids that are not stuck up about their "SKILLS" they are sharp and know it but know some things they need to ask about and goggling it dose not always impart the tactile input need to accomplish a physical task.


There is a real annoying portion of news that aims to emasculate men pose women as sterile and solitary and need no man to complete them.

I guess that is why divorce is very high young people seem to have some unattainable idea of what marriage relationships mean and that dysfunction corrupts the family hierarchy the parents are not respected as individuals as well as partners either without a functioning other half smothers the joy out of a partnership that should last a lifetime, 

I go not recall womans work or mens work as being different what needed done got done by whoever was there.

because of one being the bread winner the other would have to take up the slack man or woman

Children have such high unreasonable expectations   like a credit card unlimited entertainment and WIFI everywhere and fail to understand it is expensive in fact a person that makes minimum wage cannot afford all these luxuries but children feel constrained and their peers only make them feel inferior.


Somehow this has twisted their reality and I see that as being part of the problem with more young people are impressed with socialism and unrealistic timetables for their starting point of the social and financial ladder if they have a degree they expect to transition to an equal stature as when they lived at home and expect as much free time and gadgets if they don't have streaming content you think they got gut shot.


there seems to be a sense they have been cheated more  do not accept criticism and imposed upon if you ask them to work for their salary as they think a degree either give them make others perform their responsibilities like a monarch on a throne.and publicly chastise employees under them.

I see it constantly a continually overturn of managers supervisors for failure to perform or alienate others I do not see the bonds with younger people as a work FORCE.


I really do fear for our children when they reach our plateau as their children will not want to be saddled with emotional of family support as just a generation ago.

what surprised me is the amount of patricide to gain the parents wealth is increasing exponentially even murders by a spouse has increased to insane levels I think it may be we are appeasing them and coddling them too much and not enough stress on discipline and respect IMHO.

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