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DO not join anything

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some years back there was a group started here in Texas

they sent you a form you filled it out and WALA you were

on a data base belonging to big sis


seems the first in any group is a snitch or a g-person

and then the cats out of the bag any group is considered

anti not looked upon a reasonable but dangerous


don't believe me not my problem


if more than one person knows it's not a secret

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Very true sir. This is one reason I got off of soical media sites like facebook and other forms, it really doesn't serve much of a purpose for me but gives out way too much information to other people. People's houses have been robbed becuase they post how they are going on vacation for a week. On a side note when I'm buying stuff at a store and they ask for my phone number I no longer give it out. They look at me kinda shocked and try to give me some story about how its just for return purposes or whatever yet since I have stopped giving stores my number the amount of telemarketers and random phone calls have gone down to zero.

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