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Bows for Little Kids

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Our son is 5 1/2. He is very tall for his age. But, since he is only 5 1/2 he doesn't yet have a lot of arm strength. We want to get him an archery set for Christmas but don't want to spend an arm and a leg (we want to see if he's interested and build some skill), but we don't want to buy him a toy. Any recommended brands? I've seen a few ideas on Amazon. But I'm interested in other ideas.

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also try they have a LARGE selection of bows for all types of people...type in "bows for kids " in the search box


I like the "bear" brand myself...


I would also teach him with a recurve or longbow if you can then graduate him to a compound...


its normally expensive to get a bow setup though mommy....

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Every kid should have a bow I used a recurve simple effective small game and target and cedar target tip arrows

a quiver arm guard and a 3 finger glove and your in business .


I like compound bows as they relieve hold stress just for grins I looked up Wally's internet shortcut and saw a Bear® Archery Fred Bear Scout Bow Set

Not expensive and I know it will take small game with the right tip / head 30 bucks/

the arrows are like all accessories a bit pricey but you need to get the carbon fiber so you can interchange points field point for better sticking than the ones that come with the set (2 arrows) and a small game head (they call it) and maybe a fishing point.


The small game point is a blunt tip with 4 wires making an X this is for multiple reasons more diameter to gain a hit hangs on limbs and weeds to stop it from burying in the leaves / grass and expends it's energy well to kill quick I have used similar on birds squirrels and rabbits works well.


An arrow is a weapons platform the tip does the work and there are many choices just to let you know my brother shot at a bird in a tree the arrow did a cartoon return trip and nailed him in the calf of the leg not deep but painful just remind him what goes up comes down and wearing eye protection is a good idea cheap polycarbonate polarized glasses stops glare and protects eyes but anyone needs to keep their eyes on what they do and arrows ain't cheap you can't find them if you do not watch where they go.


when I was a kid we made our own reel holder 2 thin pieces of flat steel drill one hole in each end and one center of one piece to span the lower limb attach a arm 1/2 inch pipe with an end cap *don't want your reel to go bye bye ) drill a hole in the end cap bolt it to one of the center of 1 piece of flat steel,  find an old zebco reel 20 pound test line and a couple of hose clamps and you have a bow reel, a bit of rubber padding under the bolt head not to mar your bow limb we used old bicycle tire tube rubber.

we hunted fish in shallow water as arrows get hung in brush easily.


When I was a kid we did not wear / require a life vest not always have parental supervision had to let them know where and who I was with and when I would come home normally I had to stay in Q_BEAM sight of the boat ramp.

I owned a boat with a one lunger motor I knew a propeller and a meat slicer were one and the same.

the only restriction was trot lines my father knew them to be very dangerous alone and without him along a big catfish or alligator and your snagged and overboard before you can yell add in current and wind its the trifecta of bad JUJU.

NOt about bows but once you start living the outdoor life you want to try it all and it is all good fun but needs to be taken seriously young people used to die breaking through ice drowned accidentally shoot themselves or others with arrows bullets and sling shots I know a few people that lost eyes or missing fingers or toes.


Depends on his age and strength it may serve him a few years once he decides he wants to progress he will probably have experienced other equipment and know more what he wants.


One other piece of advice fire it to check its range and know where to set your target a back stop of some canvass some feet beyond will stop arrows flying into the weeds we just used the barn wall.

I used a small kick ball to act as a moving target.


I know I am preaching to the choir but just to get it out to other readers any weapon sling / sling shot / bow / gun is can be entry level hunting it should form a child into a respecter of life,  concerned hunter no game should suffer if at all possible.

game is food or leave it alone -- waste not want not.

it should have the end result of appreciation of life and the beauty of nature and understanding that life is a struggle all creatures live procreate fight and die loose offspring and suffer from elements and there is even time for play but it is a brutal and savage world, and nothing lives forever.

A well rounded person need to have some experience with sports or group activities as well as interests that involve individual achievement responsibility and social interaction with the ability to empathize or in some way you will be socially and ecologically retarded.


This is why some people murder they never learn to care or understand pain or suffering they cannot express themselves or are introverts to the extreme too much correction or beating creates a savage too little correction makes a selfish brat no suffering or spoiling makes a person incapable of empathy or care not playing a group sport or activity makes a loner and all of this teaches us how when where and limits to personal speech and behavior.

twitter and facebook children are being arrested and bullying people they do not even know saying things they would not in public acting out in very inappropriate ways cheating in school and seem to have no concept of getting pregnant or doing drugs or having abortions it is a IMHO a lack of experience as well as a lack of morals learned by living a well rounded life and a conscience that steers them correctly.

the farther we get from the agrarian / nature / ranch farm life the more our children fail to understand how hard life is and without at least  parent to guide them day in and day out they become heathens schooled on the street and schools being full of them makes your child less likely to become a well rounded responsible citizen. I will get off my soap box now ----


I have not used a bow in 40 years + but my memories of hunting as a kid never fade I even put a frog gig on an arrow and drug a tow sack of frogs home many times game fish are not to be hunted with a bow just for general information I did not know that when I was a kid <);=}

Of course now they have kiddie jail for kissing girls fighting and smoking in the boys room a cigarette will get you executed smoking dope is fine LMAO

how times have changed just owning a weapon makes you a lunatic any weapon,  when I was a kid we thought David in the Bible was an over achiever now they make him out to be a threat to society war monger or terrorist IMHO.


probably more than you ever wanted to know about my bow experience and personal thoughts but there it is -------

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Ditto on the Cabelas suggestion. In fact, they have an indoor archery range FOR kids. take him there and let him "play" and you can

critique how he does first hand. they also have a BIG selection of "kid-sized" archery gear,but for sure, let him "play" on their indoor

range and see IF he really DOES like it, first.

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