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LDS Preparedness Manual

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I just finished reading over this sort of skipping over some of the different kinds of beans and grains. This is one of the few preparedness guides out there that take a realistic look at how bad it could really get and what it would take to get threw it. I don't mean to discount the works of others but this is up there with the works of Ferfal and Robert Atkins(I'm 85% sure this is the same guy who made the diet...) Ferfal lived threw it Atkins has good theory on it but the LDS manual falls somewhere in between with a hodge podge of personal accounts theory and actual practice with the storage of the well known year supply of food. Important things to take away from this is the importance of food storage as all to often I see more bullets then beans.


I just checked and the main site has a review of it here


download link


Atkins survival plan:p

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