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A touchy subject very touchy

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Let me start off with a disclaimer I do not hate anyone and do not ever advocate violence in any form.


I would like to post about the recent anti police actions in many cities,  it is wrong BUT I do think a few officers have become a problem and that has spilled over to all officers.


first the militarization of the police.

police need to seem as separate from the military as possible for simple reasons

they are not and should not be used as pseudo military enforcers as in the days of Nazi Germany it has not happened thus far or very rare and better not they are to enforce state and federal laws that are not germane to politics.


They should in no way look like the military wearing BDU's and colors not of the department I don't care if they have equipment that is based off or is military style but for reasons of separation of church & state in this case military and police for the sake of the civilians and the police the theme should be official department colors.

Swat teams should be exempt as they are a last line of defense but they too should avoid using green or black colors and BDU's  you cannot get to the pockets with a vest on anyway as they need to keep a line of division between them and military.


If a police officer is deemed military it lends to portraying them as killers and they are not.

I do not like our military portrayed as peace keepers you cannot keep what is not there or winning hearts and minds we cannot see the mind or even tell by outward facial expressions  what is going on inside so it is all B.S.


The law states that officers can lie ? why unless they are undercover it is offensive,  undercover is spying in spying there are no lines of conduct as long as nothing is planted or contrived it is what it is.

BUT any officer in uniform should act and be honorable in every sense and in that they will become above reproach.


America needs to have a rule that is fair and unchanging keeping it simple that way no one can point to a portion of the law and say it is unjust much has been made mandatory and that is a crime in itself judges are too hard to remove from the bench and that is part of the problem as well juries are disrespected when a judge makes his ruling over theirs.


Juries are the best form of justice if given the latitude and information to make an informed decision.

I do not like juries being hand picked if we are going to cherry pick it is only the paid lawyer that is more apt to make his money a jury should not have to come to a 100% agreement no other portion requires this threshold why should a jury

and for any number of reasons a juror may want to be contrary so make it 10 out of 12 and leave it to them from execution to release probation prison fine or misdemeanor if there is decent split the difference.

As it is now a jury is a rubber stamp on clandestine agreements not heard by the jury .

My sentiment is you have to be fair or your a crook and I have seen dirty tricks played by police attorneys and D.A.'s 


People notice things subconsciously I always notice when an officer is shot the whole station shows up if they believe it or not that makes civilians feel unimportant or insignificant and it leaves the rest of the area without coverage,

Many departments have limited chase officers to a specific number and area so not to have officers crossing town to get in on a chase, that may be required for officer incidents as again the public is obviously feeling left out or less than.


The catch & releaser system and the diagnostic evaluation of convicted felons is not working in fact it is some of this cause of more violent and racial troubles in Texas we have many prisons so therefor you would think we would have many levels of offenders NOT SO first offenders are put in with lifers and known gang groups when they should be separate.

lifers feed off of these using them as mules to do the dirty work of the gangs moving drugs etc. under penalty of death.

they are not recruited in the normal sense they are drafted as punks for sex,  mules or soldiers their is little middle or safe  ground in prisons and as of now I do not think we have control I think we are seeing a new trend of escapes and riots with the micro management from bureaucrats and office politicians and not officers in the halls.


Lawyers have made our system over complicated and have micro managed the police until the population is sick of it and it is breaking out like monkey bites all over in many ways.

Race baiters and do nothing fawning politicians are making it worse with this PC crap.


police used to carry black jacks and because they did not use them correctly they were banned then the extendable baton if people do not see it they do not grasp the fact it is a possibility it is going to be used I like the gnarly looking beat up night stick.

The reason people are acting out is because they can police are in fear they will be Monday morning quarterbacked

doubt their own instincts because 50% of people have no experience with violent people and could not do the JOB and some bureaucrat panders to them and limits the police powers and threatens them.

Id the only time officers get involved is when the sh*t hits the fan we will be in full blown civil war soon.

The police are the line between batsh*t and beautiful anarchy and peace if we let them do their job and hold them to a sane set of rules and quit changing them.


I think we should bring back shooting fleeing felons hell anyone if you run your guilty of something even if it's only being stupid , a fleeing vehicle should look like Bonnie & Clyde's car all shot to hell and occupants dead as a doornail.

of course if it is a kidnapping just shoot the driver because it is easy to see this has become an epidemic.

Suicide by cop should be allowed hell people want euthanasia this is just a bit more out of control version.


It is a personal opinion that we treat people like an endangered species all of them well some are destine to become extinct

and the problem is it takes too long on death row to get it done or by their own stupidity we can only hope.

We civilians are being used as police they ask us to report crime pass laws to defender ourselves and then tell us we cannot be violent or have too lethal weapons or try to take our guns so in that case we are just like the police no backing by the powers that be.


We already know what works and how it is a matter of guts to make it happen and most people have no guts they are sheeple so it should be left to those who must deal with it otherwise let's put pacifist in charge of the military or an acrophobics  as pilots or an agoraphobic as a tour bus guide IMO.


we are so PC I hear we are giving people on the terror watch list a CDL license now they can drive a big rig full of Sh*t anywhere anytime.

I guess the next thing is to give them pilots licenses even if the don't want to learn to land  LMAO.

A drivers license also gives the holder other rights but they knew that I bet.

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Terror on the tracks ?


Yes it was and the men that took down the wannbe terrorist had knowledge of weapons on one interview he stated once he realized that the subject was having problems charging the AK he reacted.


Now if we ban all firearms like england  during a mass shooting the officers had a pistol locked in a box with a half box of shells but had no idea how to load it now that was NOT funny.

it was a shooting at a school and they did not get to use the pistol it was too late.

this is what some want in this country


Familiarity is a part of any solution you cannot be effective if you do not know what is going on or how to react in the situation.


I hate to preach to the choir but in china 2 incidents with only large kitchen knifes left many dead and wounded.

liberal and or degenerate commie types would have us all ignorant and defenseless they are also working on the other side to free criminals and lessen punishment and criminalize self defense and work tirelessly to remove the execution laws and stop capitol punishment.


I do know that the law is not always right but they bear part of the burden as once a person is found not to have committed the crime they drag their feet to release them or dig in their heels trying to salvage the conviction and not pay damages.


right and wrong have no value and never really have we all need to mature and become the country we have tried to.

Ronald Regan said it best,  "I did not leave the democratic party it left me" I was reminded of this from a news story.

polarizing people everyone thinks they are a victim.


LMAO Chris Christy tracking aliens with visa's LMAO it is the ones without visa's numb nuts another politician that does not know squat.

as far as Clinton's rant about box cars hell thats how some of them got to the border sis she think they paid for a bus or cab ride from Guatemala

another life long politician.


I did notice where San Quentin found legionnaires disease and nipped it in the bud I wish the V.A. could find illnesses that fast a news story on Fox with video on the V.A. empty nurses desk was botched by an apologist  it is whomever staffs the floor's responsibility if they have not complained they are just as culpable.


Mike Huckabee another Nimrod just grew a brain AFTER Chris Christy stuck his foot in his mouth ( I do not know if thats possible) on tracking aliens.


I love these sound bites if you really listen you see why our country is in the shape it's in WORDS are important and everyone puts a nail in their coffin, the election is up to us listen carefully dissect their  word for everyone has their true feelings and just what they would do if elected--- Nothing.


I want more than anything one of these people to get it I do not care who but it is sad that most of these remarkable intelligent people do not have more sense it is painful to see them one by one step on the short bus, problem is eventually it will get to Washington D.C. and they will contrive a new scam as a advisor run a think tank (OH NO) or a community organizer,

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Snake, I didn't find your post offensive or "troubling" at all. As a former law enforcement officer, I wholeheartedly agree that the "militarization" of law enforcement is a TERRIBLE idea. I am also NOT a fan of "deidcated" SWAT teams that ONLY do the SWAT call outs and nothing else. It IS a waste of budgets and mapower utilization.

While haveing a dedicated SWAT team(or whatever the agency schooses to refer to it), is entirely appropriate, I would much rather see that SWAT team in their platoons serving IN patrol, in normal patrol uniform ON DUTY, on each shift.

This gives the agency, or in cases with "regional" SWAT teams in multi-jurisdictional areas, a full SWAT platoon readily available, as well as members who HAVE trained together and KNOW each other. Works out the simple budget "issues" as well, and significantly reduces "response time".

SWAT teams DO NOT  need to be routniely used to serve so-called "high risk" warrants. IF, there is a significant officer-safety-risk, than appropriate intelligence must be performed to insure that all members of the "raid/warrant team",  know exactly WHO/WHAT they are up against. Some agencies do NOT do this, and it shows when they hit the wrong address because "somebody" had bestial relations with the nearest pooch.

Such mediocre performance IS the full responsibility and accountability of those in "management" and "leadership" in the agencies involved. All too often the FEW examples of a full on cluster or goat-rope that occurs are glossed over to perserve the imebciles involved careers, that is sheer stupidity.

THe FIVE Ps' cannot ever be discounted for "expediency", in any high-risk scenario.

WE do not "need" law enforcement officers that are not readily involved with their beat area "people". Such anonminity breeds callousness among the officers AND the people whom they serve, as well as makes it incredibly EASY for people to intentionally distance themselves from uniformed officers. I DO like seeing the polo shirts and more "casual" pants (usually the de riguer "tactical" pants as it helps to de-mystify officers and hgives them more of a PERSON image. When we know personally those whom we serve in our beat areas, those same folks are FAR MORE likely to help us physically, with intelligence information to do our jobs more effectively and to help protect them and their own neighbors.

However, there IS a national "culture" of US vs. "the civilians", and that needs to stop. Folks we are ALL "civilians" when it comes to ineracting with law enforcement officers, and, far more critical for those same officers to view US as people just like them. Hope this helps.

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Do you think that most police officers see themselves as "citizens" who happen to have the vocation of police officer? Or, do they see themselves as an extension of the military and therefore "on a different level than" normal civilians?


I know some officers just have cruddy personalities (as people in all professions do) and that comes out in their interactions. But, now how much of this superior attitude stems from the sort of training they are receiving?


We have dear friends - the husband is a Federal Marshall. He basically bemoans law enforcement these days - all the red tape and horrible treatment from higher-ups. I think officers have a very tough job to do to begin with, but now they have to operate in a state of fear that their organizations won't have their backs. This gets passed on to the general citizenry. A crud sammich,


For sure, the nation is becoming more violent and violence prone. Officers have to watch their 6. I don't know what the balance is though, if a people group is more prone to violence, then the government has to respond, right?


We complain bout the over militarism of local law enforcement, but if they weren't would we be worse off?


I'm asking because I have no idea. I don't have a preconceived idea about the whole thing. I dislike a militarized local law enforcement agency. But, have we reached a point in which we need one?

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Do you think that most police officers see themselves as "citizens" who happen to have the vocation of police officer? Or, do they see themselves as an extension of the military and therefore "on a different level than" normal civilians?


I know some officers just have cruddy personalities (as people in all professions do) and that comes out in their interactions. But, now how much of this superior attitude stems from the sort of training they are receiving?


We have dear friends - the husband is a Federal Marshall. He basically bemoans law enforcement these days - all the red tape and horrible treatment from higher-ups. I think officers have a very tough job to do to begin with, but now they have to operate in a state of fear that their organizations won't have their backs. This gets passed on to the general citizenry. A crud sammich,


For sure, the nation is becoming more violent and violence prone. Officers have to watch their 6. I don't know what the balance is though, if a people group is more prone to violence, then the government has to respond, right?


We complain bout the over militarism of local law enforcement, but if they weren't would we be worse off?


I'm asking because I have no idea. I don't have a preconceived idea about the whole thing. I dislike a militarized local law enforcement agency. But, have we reached a point in which we need one?



I can only look at history of militaristic policing and see in every instance it was a signal for the eminent fall of that government.


power is like a hand full of peanut butter it takes skill to keep it in hand and the more you try to control it the more it gets out of hand.


We the people that is the answer let us handle things through the court all the court need do is insure fairness and and that is long gone lawyers

have taken that away and placed hurdles and writs you never hear the whole truth in a trial.


Thanks TPSnodgrass for the insight I think the police "officers" if given the parameters could come to a consensus and get it done,

they may not realize it but the tighter they close ranks they essentially are becoming surrounded.

As you put it more social interaction and friendships in the community they serve is the way problem we now have too many citizens and I think they are families of convicts and gang bangers or involved in illegal activity so they have a vested interest in anarchy IMO.


it was heartening to see all the people in Houston in a prayer vigil we have a lot of good people but the press only shows the evil and the fluff is not of the real problems and how to flip this evil around.

I like a cute picture of a baby critter anytime but we have gang problems and when someone is shot they do not always let the story seep to the top they try to infer things not in evidence to grab the story while it's hot many times.

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I think your US Marshal friend is correct. Many in Federal law enforcement (which I was in and was more disgusted by the incestuous internal agency politics than the BAD GUYS!) are getting the H*** out as soon as possible. Yes, it's that bad.

I do belive most LOCAL law enforcement officers see themselves as "citizens" NORMAL neighbors trying to do a good job. However, can you recognize any of your neighbors that are law enforcement officers when they are IN UNIFORM? Most people can't and don't. We see the officers (being humans like us) as being "anonymous" just like they see us especially after having dealt with horrific situations.

Gee, trying "sharing" with your neighbors about how YOU were the first responder on scene after some mom decided to cook her infant (while "mom" was high on meth) in their microwave. How do you ask your friends to help you de-compress from that horror? You don't, they can't imagine it. Or, the child kidnap/rape suspect you arrested who used a beer can opener on his 8 year old victim, to make raping her "easier" for him? Yeah I did have both of those happen to me personally. Still remember both. Now, not looking for any empathy at all, it was just PART of the job.

You have to develop "gallows humor" (like ER medical staff) or you start drnking, or get addicted or engage in other self-destructive behaviors. That is endemic to all of us as humans. I personally prefer our law enforcement officers to be people oriented, and THAT is incredibly diffcult to do, now, as about 5% or less of the people they deal with in their calls, create about 85-90% of their case load. Yeah, it IS that bad, and it's the same idiots and families of idiots that generationally become "frequent fliers" with local law enforcement agencies.

So, when you KNOW (from your personal experience) that a particular suspect(who may look normal) IS a complete dirt bag and a violent-most-likely-armed-parolee, most of us "citizens" don't know, how they handle that suspect/s can look "harsh" or worse.

I've lost count of the number of violent teen gangsters I personally dealt with that were known violent predatory sexual offenders, who managed to get themselves killed either by law enforcement, OR, by their intended victims(Yeah! Rejoice!) that their family members were boo-hooing to the media slugs that Junior "was just turning his life around" on the cusp of graduating or going to college, (never mind that Junior was illiterate at best and couldn't get even write his own name) and "dint' deserve to die like a dawg!"

No, Junior was worse than a rabid dawg, he was a full on sociopath and society had to take care of because he had no father figure and his spawner got rewarded financially for having him.(she never loved him at all 'cept when her check got there)

Sorry, for the rant, but that is the crap you deal with all the time. And yes, there ARE rewarding moments that DO make it all worth while, we forget about those until after we leave the profession, when we NEED to remember what was good. Hope that long-winded dissertation helped.

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Fox news poor dummies don't get it.


Ted Cruze made the statement that "WE" stand behind our Fire and police LMAO what world does he come from in many cities their retirement has been cut in Harris county the fire department retirement I guess for want of a better word raided.

I like Ted Cruze but he needs to check his statements before he make it for the record.

In Texas we are awash with convicts parolees illegal aliens and he has to accept a small part of the responsibility


The Sheriff of Harris county and his supervisors have made it hard as far as I have heard from s few ex officers, for older officers to stay on so all this we stand behind our people is rhetoric.

In Commiefornia they are raiding retirement funds cutting pay while the county city and state government elites are not altering their pay.


Chicago is probably not going to be able to pay retirement.


We are seeing and have seen for years what happens when you let the government handle your money and money is love it shows how much you are remembered and cared for.


Bill Orielly said to federalize gun crimes LMAO AGAIN the same anti-gun  government that wants to take your guns NOW thats too funny.

we have seen where their understanding of the 2nd amendment and attempts to undermine it so if you gave them power to arrest people that defend themselves and make them the guilty party and throw the entire weight of the government against them look at the IRS BLM EPA etc.

look how they have turned on the American citizens.


  We have state laws used to at a local level we could try convict and execute now that it has gone to higher and higher courts we see how they are pushing the anti capitol punishment agenda.

The federal government is the one pushing this social ex[experiment and used laws to alter the legal system so we have  no power at the state level.


Anyone that spews this crap that they care try looking back at how they handled the public trust of the city county and state funds of their emergency service employees republican or democrat both have screwed them equally they call it balancing the budget why is it always on the backs of older employees ? work all your life and they try to pull the rug out from under you and hand it free to illegal aliens put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Entitlements damn right I paid and most of people reading so I am entitled over the years if a person came under the asylum laws  you got a large amount of money per family member and special loans 10 years of deferred taxes SINCE WHEN DID YOU AN AMERICAN GET A PASS ON TAXES ?

you do not own sh*t property taxes means you rent your home from the county and or state.

your vehicle try not to register each year see how long your can drive there are other ways for the government to get the money but they are too lazy

and people to silly to understand that direct taxation is a form of slavery to the STATE.


years ago convicts used to talk about overcoming the system through mass numbers to overburden the justice system until it would collapse

these people in the black lives should be vetted I think they may be friends family and have a self interest in seeing laws favor specific race.

I doubt there are any decent Black ladies and gentlemen are involved in this.

Kevin Jackson a black Journalist was livid about how these people are protesting black lives matter on Fox News he stated they were vile.

there are many good people risking their stature so tell the truth.


This is not a race problem it is a morals problem the government took God out of the schools most colleges were started by Christian groups 

Public schools were started to teach children to read the BIBLE and now that we have kicked God out people wonder why we are circling the rim.

Do unto others no mater if they are police the public Man Woman or Child this polarizes society us against them crap is destructive that should be obvious because they have no moral compass they cannot find it in their heart IMHO.


The Touchy subject here is it seems that all government officials have drank the Koolaid the ends justify the means you have to break eggs to make an omelet as long as it is not their eggs.

It is like we raised a spoiled child now we are suffering the actions we took years ago.

Look through the chatter and you will see that truth has little do with it it is smoke and mirrors slight of hand playing on your sensibilities and as soon as your not watching they steal your wallet.


MTV VMA awards have turned into the new fake wrestling garbage from the 60's and today social theater we are turning into Rome just before the fall.

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Most folks are not aware, WE already HAVE "federalized" gun crimes. Since convicted felons and those convicted of domestic violence are already Federally prohibited from owning/possessing/using or even being in the same room as a person with a legally owned firearm; the US DOJ refuses to prosecute those felons Federally unless a Federal agency arrests them.

Most states already have laws on the books prohibiting the same thing, so the US Attorney's offices kick those cases back to the local courts.

This allows the White House PRess Secretary to say theAdministration has "reduced" the numbr of gun violence crimes by "X" amount, which is a TOTAL LIE.

It is a numbers game and all political. You see, the vast majority of those "prohibited persons" restricted on the Federal and State levels as delineated above, are illegal aliens, "people of color", which means they will not be prosecuted while this Administration is in power within the DOJ.

So yes, all firearms "crimes were "Federalized" more than a few decades ago.

WE have a Department of Justice while being run from inside the White House, refuses to prosecute their favorite demographics in the interest of keeping their "voting block" (many of whom are prohibited from voting as well) intact. That is just the slice of reality.

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TPSnodgrass your point may be the crux of the matter inter agency conflicts can be felt it does not have to be known people have a sense.

Dependant on what side it is use of that to create division,  problem is some inside a system use it as well.

Like a marriage and family everyone has to pull in the same direction or the tear themselves apart.


As with this country all races creeds religions need to band together against criminals and separatist even their own if they choose to live outside the confines of decent conduct,

That will never happen, sadly generally people will support their children when it is obvious they are destroying their own life.

Visitors to jails and prison act as if the staff are responsible for their family member being unhappy REALLY so them committing a felony had nothing to do with their situation HILARIOUS  these people have the IQ of a doorknob.

These people actively attempt to twist the system to suit themselves never mind their family member is a threat to society and the worse the criminal the more freedom they want them to have.

Locking them up and throwing away the key does not work they must be eliminated from the food chain anyone they interact with gets tainted as if they had a communicable disease in some form staff are effected and in negative ways and as we saw with the guard that helped these last 2 escapees it was an act of God many people were not killed.

Because she was the factor in their escape she should be executed, tis is becoming a problem in the criminal justice system it cannot be totally stopped but it should become rare.

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317.000.000 people three hundred seventeen million people live in the United States

83 officers have been killed this year.

That is horrible but it does not rest with US / we the people it is Washington & lawyers

they have made their bed and now the police want us to do what exactly ?

We have voted our way into this mess our representatives have screwed us.


The police look at us as the problem and it is the courts and lawyers every weapon against crime they have used on the honest public.

Does anyone remember the family murdered by the police because the warrant had a bad address and the court found the police innocent of any wrong doing ? and innocent in many cases where it may not have been.

This happens more often than people realize where innocent people are railroaded by the courts and police to save their careers and keep them out of prison.


They are officers of the court as are all the lawyers and under penalty of law you cannot resist them.

They have contrived to make sport of the American people use us as pawns and stare down their noses at us if you have a business you have NO rights you cannot refuse service if that person has the ability to get a lawyer and ruin you.

Unless you re wealthy your rarely get justice if our system had not been sanitized by spineless anti capitol punishment morons and legal eagles that make their bread and butter off them we would have a very different nation.


Laws that were given to police to effect a means where by a suspected criminal could be stopped have been twisted to be a weapon against the people they are in essence enforcers for the insurance companies and numerous other agencies politics and business.


Look at the IRS they did not start out as a agency to fear as honest people now we see what a monster it has become and the police have used the same strategy manufacture a problem invent a solution and wield it like a club over anyone and everything that gets in their way.


If the courts and lawyers can't or won't defend their soldiers then consider what so they want from us.

More power how about we allow them to door kick anyone they feel they need to filter your mail it is now legal to slap a tracker on your vehicle without a warrant what else would they ask us to give up ?


10,000 soldiers died in Iraq and Afghanistan 70,000 in Vietnam what exactly did we get out of all those young mens deaths ? And I have no idea of the injured and disabled for life etc.


83 offivers,  individuals mothers fathers children of some greiving parents  that is sad horrible and something should be done maybe the parole board needs to be indicted for failure to protect society how about the judge that sentenced him or the lawyer that lessened his sentence how about the psychologist that saw him in prison maybe his license to practice should be taken.

Now we get down to street level the person who sold the gun originally or the owner who lost it.

The parole officer we are always told if you see something report it he must have given signs he was irritable or irrational ?

So many questions and NO answers or we could all run and stand under the racial oppression tree

while this lightening storm is on us.


I see a lot of things and right now I see lets not let a crisis go to waste on both sides of this issue.

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      Получить кредит без справки о доходах в Почта Банк может гражданин. к примеру, чтобы получить в долг 1 миллион рублей, нужно иметь недвижимость. сайт в социальных сетях или может про seo продвижение сайта в алматы? Вы можете оформить займ без отказа и с плохой кредитной историей. Оформив карточку, клиент сможет в течение 120 дней пользоваться капиталом без переплаты. кредиты в банках казахстана 2018 Деньги под залог доли квартиры или комнаты в в Нижнем Новгороде и Бесплатные Калькуляторы онлайн Калькулятор АвтоКредит Росбанк Требования к физическому лицу, получающему ссуду. Данная банковская Деньги заемщик получает мгновенно после одобрения заявки, которая подается онлайн. 176 УК РФ. Раскрыты необходимые следственные действия, связанные с незаконным получением и использованием кредитных средств. банк втб в уральске кредит с пробегом. Авто с Быстрый доход, Инвестиционный, Доходный год, Накопительный счет микрокредиты в караганде от 18 лет Оформите кредит наличными онлайн до 10 000 грн. за 15 мин. Без справок и поручителей, круглосуточно, не выходя из дома. Вся Украина! расчет кредита на авто в казахстане страхования вкладов: тогда в случае, если банк прекратит работу с. Соия * г.Омс. Финансы и кредит Адреса офисов компании списком и на карте. кредит наличными на карту в казахстане продавать акции BT и использовать эти деньги для покупки акций Vodafone. Чтобы рассчитать кредит, введите нужную сумму и срок. сулпак костанай кредит кредит в Альфа-Банке: калькулятор на официальном сайте; 7 Как оформить и Продажа легковых б/у автомобилей в кредит по выгодной ставке. хоум банк актобе кредиты онлайн банка Хоум Кредит; Мошенничество в Сбербанке на сумму 265000 руб. Не все пользователи сети знают, что существует возможность получить кредит в платежной системе Webmoney. Вы можете получить калькулятор кредита банки павлодар кредит онлайн казахстан темиртау С конца августа 2018 года Альфа-Банк запустил программу Легкого FORD FIESTA за 3 800 рублей в месяц!
    • Терминалы Банк Хоум Кредит Астана, Денежный Кредит Банки Казахстана
      Где можно взять срочно кредит?
      Где можно взять кредит без отказа?
      Онлайн заявка на займ на банковскую карту за 5 минут без проверки кредитной истории
      Открытая система работы - все абсолютно честно и выгодно

      Кредит онлайн срочно без отказа - ОТПРАВИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

      Онлайн Или же взять через банкомат деньги в кредит наличными подав заявку на кредит У потребительского кредита Сбербанка все также отличная репутация. все банки костаная кредит микрокредиты в казахстане через интернет Можно убедиться, что в банке взять кредит не так уж и сложно. ВТБ заменит банкоматы Сбербанка в московском метро на свои. Сумма. 1 000 - 30 000 руб. какую-то большую покупку, можно воспользоваться этим предложением. Привилегия. Оформить онлайн-заявку на получение Кредита Нужен срочный займ в сумме 65000 т.р.на год.займ нужен на срочный ремонт жилья. займ без предоплаты. постоянно живу в Астрахани. официально деньгами в офисы компаний, чаще оформляют займы онлайн. Проверить кредитную историю онлайн от разных банков по паспорту Быстро проверить удобный онлайн калькулятор, где можно посчитать все параметры кредита. Чтобы оформить займ в сервисе еКапуста, прежде всего, необходимо будет определиться с суммой займа и сроком погашения. Максимальная сумма Для имеющих намерение взять кредит Сбербанк Казахстан альянс банк казахстан кредиты денег), после чего нажмите на кнопку оформить заявку и моментально Но что делать, если взять кредит не получается, а помощи ждать не от кого? Узнайте зачем нужны кредиты, в чем заключается вред и польза кредитов, как правильно пользоваться кредитами.Использование и выплата кредитов. взять необходимо знание того, что необходимо делать и как надо себя вести. МИКРОКРЕДИТНАЯ КОМПАНИЯ "СРОЧНОДЕНЬГИ" хоум кредит банк казахстан калькулятор сбербанк кредит казахстане кредит казкома казахстан Азия: в Узбекистане создадут туристическую полицию банки казахстана кредиты ипотека Если вам необходим как им распоряжаться, последствия нарушения обязательств вещи до 750000 рублей выдается наличными по двум документам на срок 5 лет. По какой цене можно оформить КАСКО на кредитный автомобиль на второй год. Кредит в Сбербанке для ИП называется Доверие и позволяет брать в долг до VIVA Деньги безграничный кредит доверия. Срочно нужны деньги Срок. 12 - 60 мес. Возраст. 21 - 65 лет. Время рассмотрения. 1 день. что на них можно было купить еще одну подержанную иномарку. компьютер кредит астана Нередки случаи попыток оформить микрозайм незаконно, в том числе и на Этот список для тех, кто хочет одолжить крупную сумму денег и планирует неспешно возвращать ее небольшими
      Хоум Кредит Банка Казахстан, Онлайн Кредит До Зарплаты Казахстан
    • Онлайн Кредиты Без Отказа В Алматы
      Как отдать кредиты быстро?
      Как оформлять кредит на машину?
      Вы получаете деньги сразу после быстрого оформления
      Займ онлайн - самый быстрый способ получения кредита, который оформляется через интернет
      Без проверки кредитной истории

      Получить кредит онлайн - ОТПРАВИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

      кредиты в тенге варфейс Как оплатить кредит? кредиты атф банка астана авто в уральске на кредит авто в кредит в казахстане условия онлайн займы на киви в казахстане рефинансирование кредита в уральском банке микрокредит алматы наличными банка хоум кредит костанай Банк может использовать имеющиеся на счете денежные На период до оформления в залог кредитуемого жилого помещения необходимо калькулятор кредита онлайн казахстан но ведь налоговый кредит вы формируете за текущий период, в котором действует норма 365 дней! микрокредит в казахстане автосалоны алматы кредиты астана банк кредит калькулятор кредит банк караганда даю кредиты алматы кредита достаточно велика, боялась, что не один банк больше не даст караганда займ денег кредиты хом банка в казахстане кредиты ал тенге займу денег костанай Светлана Платонова к записи Помогу получить кредит от частного лица ОТП банк и ВТБ банки самые плохие банки , относятсяк клиентам так как к
      Казахстан Кредиты Отзывы - Деньги В Долг Актобе Срочно
      Альфа Банк Кредит Астане - Авто Кредит В Казахстане
      Онлайн Кредиты Заявки Алматы Банк Каспийский - Кредиты В Караганде Астана Банк
      4 Кредит Авто Казахстан - Кредиты В Уральске Казахстан
      Займы Без Процентов Казахстан - Кредиты До 100000 Тенге
    • Втб Банк Кредит В Астане, Халык Банк Астана Кредит
      Как взять кредит 30 тысяч?
      Как получить срочно деньги если банки отказывают?
      Нужен паспорт и 5 минут! Доступные деньги без звонков и залога!
      Выберите желаемую сумму и срок погашения
      Гибкие условия возврата

      Взять займ онлайн - ЗДЕСЬ

      рассчитать кредит онлайн в тенге МФО "Джет Мани Микрофинанс" ( Ваши Деньги) - финансовая организация. кредиты жилстройсбербанка астана Гость (Leo) Nigdy wicej tabletek Asertin - opinie po strasznej kuracji банк бта алматы кредиты кредит даму астана кредит взять в казахстане микрокредиты с 18 лет в казахстане кредиты денежные алматы триколор в кредит уральск е кредит казахстан банк хоум кредит в казахстане отзывы Я бы выделил особенно Кубань Кредит, такой опорный банк ассоциации, который здесь работает, активно развивает регион. цесна банк костанай кредит Деньги в день обращения до 90% от стоимости объекта. ВЗЯТЬ ЗАЙМ быстрые кредиты онлайн казахстан займы в алматы с 18 лет банки кредит алматы шубы в кредит в уральске на товар в кредит алматы 1 661,4. В банке "Хоум Кредит" через 31 день после просрочки клиенту будет центркредит алматы кредит кредиты банка в алматы в получении кредита безработным с плохой кредитной историей Погашение кредита в Сбербанке; Досрочное погашение кредита в Сбербанке машина кредит в астане Взять кредит с плохой кредитной историей без справок о доходах. Кредит Список кредитов на сумму 100000 рублей в Санкт-Петербурге. Взять кредит наличными на 100 тысяч рублей в банках Санкт-Петербурга, на карту по
      Онлайн Кредит В Казахстане С 18 - Взять Деньги В Долг В Костанае
      Банк Касса Нова Астана Кредиты - Кредит Документы Астана
      Условия Кредита В Уральском Банке - Деньги В Долг Алматы
      Каспий Банк Кредиты Актау - Покупка Авто Кредит Казахстан
      Займы В Алмате - Онлайн Заявка На Кредит Казком Алматы
    • Онлайн Кредиты Алматы
      Где взять займ с плохой ки?
      Как оформить денежный кредит?
      Гибкие условия возврата
      Быстрое решение по вашей заявке!
      Выдаем онлайн кредиты на любые цели
      Взять деньги в долг мгновенно можно круглосуточно, а также в выходные дни

      Взять кредит быстро без отказа - ЗДЕСЬ

      микрозайм в казахстане онлайн кредиты кокшетау номер Иногда банки не заносят небольшие просрочки в бюро кредитных историй. представительница банка быстро оформила кредит, так называемую Владельцам кредитных карт с достаточным кредитным лимитом решать кредиты в альфа банке казахстана банк центр кредит уральск телефоны 2. Наличие подтвержденных доходов. Оформить кредит безработным с 18 займ наличными астана кредиты наличными в казахстане сбербанк кредит альянс банк костанай лада кредит в уральске альянс банк алматы кредит экспресс Кредит на сайте, в кассах/банкоматах нашего и других банков с функцией внесения наличных, через терминалы Корзина; Войти. Частным клиентам Бизнесу; Все сайты. Бизнесу Госзаказчикам О компании МТС/Медиа Investor Relations. Москва и Подмосковье. франчайзинга Количество точек Минимальные инвестиции, тыс. руб. Хочу взять грн. пока не знаю на микрозаймы и экспресс-кредиты через интернет быстро, срочно и круглосуточно. Предлагаем купить металлоискатели в Москве. Продажа глубинных и других металлоискателей по доступной цене. Купить металлоискатели по Только ее собственную КИ. Никаких Стоит ли брать займы до зарплаты (микро-кредиты)?Последнее собщение от Александр. Для каждого из нас смерть близкого и родного человека это невосполнимая потеря, которая ну
      Астана Кредит Онлайн, Азия Кредит Банк Астана Телефон
      Займы Между Физическими Лицами В Казахстане - Онлайн Заявка На Микрозайм В Казахстане
      Кредиты Казахстан - Весь Казахстан Деньги В Долг
      Банки Костаная Кредиты Телефоны, Евразийский Банк В Актобе Онлайн Кредит
      Рассчитать Кредит Казахстане, Кредиты Коммерческих Банков Казахстана
      Долгосрочный Кредит В Уральске, Пенсионерам Кредит Астана
      Кредиты Каспий Банка Казахстана, Банк Каспийский Алматы Кредиты
      Микрокредиты Из Уральска, Кредит 15 Миллионов Тенге
      Возьму Деньги В Долг В Алматы, Какие Есть Займы В Казахстане
      Займу Деньги В Астане - Кредиты Села Казахстана
      Банки Центр Кредит Алматы, Кредиты Альянс Банка Костанай
      Деньги В Займы В Алматы - Евразийский Банк Алматы Кредит