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it would DEPEND on what tyoe of fish you area fishing for in your area, or retreat area. Sorry for the confusion.

I would "suggest you stick to a 4-6 lb test ONLY for starters.

Take the reels INTO a sportings goods big box store, they SHOULD put the line on your reel for FREE as part of you purchasing it. You DON'T "need" to purchase a whole spool of line either, nor do you "need" the bestest, most recent, super-duper invisible line that is out either.

Remember, their job IS to get you to part with as much of your money as possible.

Might want to research out some of the smaller fishing stores in your local area, (call them is a great idea) and see who is the most helpful and whon WILL spool your reel for free with line purchase.

In any case, get yourself some SMALL hooks, (higher the number, smaller the size, ) most panfish, bass, crappie, trout will hit/strike a small hook/lure/bait than they will a bigger one. Hit up Cabelas dot com, and click on fishing section. You can educate yourself there a whole lot to.

For removing hooks from fish's mouths, I've found that surplus hemostats, (always inexpensive are fantastic to use.(and INexpensive)

Hope this helps.

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I would add that some reels like open face / spinning reels do not like heavy line and backspool and get tangled.

these have a bail that needs to be cocked hold the line with your index finger and use that finger to point at your target as your finger straightens the line is released.


Bait casting reels take some technique to master using your thumb as a drag so the reel does not over spin and back lash and slip the line it also does not like certain stiff line,I use bait casting reel for throwing lures and rubber baits


Spin casting reels like a Zebco these are the easiest and I use these as stationary fishing cast and just wait for a strike, but they are not limited

as to what you may catch on them 808 are the larger better reel and I always have a couple of 33's for pan fish up to 10 pounds and catching bait


Cane or telescopic poles are generally not equipped with a reel and use a length of line as long as the pole itself they are simple and effective


there are salt water reels and rods heavier built and made of material not conducive to corrosion but still need to be rinsed in fresh water well and oiled before storage.


Fly rods / reels are a different breed of cat if your not wanting to invest a lot of time and money skip this.


I put on line off the spool with a pencil as an axis through the spool some line has memory and want to stay the circumference of the spool until it conforms to the reel

keeping the line coming as it was spooled prevents line twist and back lashing


size some like braided line produce enough compression to harm the spool but are limp have no memory but tying is tricky but are very strong

I use this for jigging in heavy cover like grass and limbs as it is strong and gives me a better chance to get my lure or fish in the boat.


6 to 20 pound test depending on the area --- are you fishing on rocks on the bottom or dangling live bait or casting into the edge of brush

and what size fish you may get hung into,


Some areas have fish with teeth you may need to use a leader there are steel coated steel stranded and heavy monofiliment snap hooks and swivels are used for a number of reasons ask people who fish a lot the generally are happy to B.S. so take it with a grain of salt but some tricks on rigging work

fish are not stupid and have natural instincts you have to mimick to get them to overcome their natural defense / skittishness .


do not over fill reels with line use within the recommended line weight all this information can be found on the Internet


lure / plastic color is a argument that can get almost into a gunfight generally I have only a few purple orange chartreuse rust red  and white In some things like jig plastic  bodies / trailers make sure you keep plastic bait separate they melt other plastic and melt paint off lures etc.

there are plastic worm proof bags that store these safely.


Hooks are another science I like tru turn hooks I also use treble hooks and any size from sardine hooks to 3-0 off shore and salt water depends on what I am going for sand trout redfish shark small black tip I like stainless hooks for salt but there is no telling it's the ocean.


I keep a fair assortment of hooks  tackle and extra line


a few types of lead weights slip weights  split shot  egg and disk but I doubt more than 1/2 ounce most line reel and rod combos don't need can't handle more.


I carry cans of spam for treble hooks dog food for baiting fish in and corn for  when I run out of options as well as stink bait

I blend chicken liver and put it in a ketchup squirt bottle and squirt it into a plastic bulb with a twin hooks in it keeps catfish from stealing your bait too easily. like worms minnows shad crickets and other bugs like mealy bugs and catawba or caltalpa worms june bugs etc.


I do not know of any right or wrong way to rig or fish it is great if it works sucks if it don't I have seen a bass take a worm that dangled over the water held by a twig off a limb and I have seen fish trailing the bait jump into the boat and foul hooked fish.

worse have used the same bait and fished next to people they caught fish I did not and vice versa.

the right line / technique and bait day and moon phase weather barometric pressure and season  you may catch something if not catch a tan at least

the worst day of fishing is better than the best day ever at work IMO.

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