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Generator Brands?

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Have used coleman they suck a brand from one of the "TOOL" companies  it sucked I have had good luck with honda 2500 ER

I use a small one my idea is to run only freezers / refrigerators and then fan and A/C maybe a few battery chargers.

It takes a large generator to run a whole home.


You need to have proper sized electrical cords or they will melt I use the Yellow Jacket brand and keep the generator close as possible to the load.

and buy a short or plug crows foot to split to 3 recepticals 


I have made cords with SO cord I also have extra plugs for different recepticals it is not cheap but the right wire and plug your amperage and voltage will be optimal where using under sized extention cords cannot handle the loads heat up and melt the plugs or cause the motor to strain on under capacity wire size.

the longer cord / cable there is amp / volt  loss try to keep the length 25 to 50 foot and do not connect more than one cord in tandem if you can help it.


Wire is a insuficient discription there is method to madness of stranding / stranded wire over solid romex.


you can have an electrician tap into your panel to power your home BUT you have to flip off your main breaker or when the power returns BAD JUJU.

or you can have a transfer switch installed.


all I know is I use a window A/C and close off other rooms and I can use a fan and a couple of lights  or I can wait until early morning when it is cooler and power 2 freezers and a refrigerator as long as you do not open them all the time this keeps food frozen and or cool.


as far as heat have an altrernative like a propane radiant heater that mounts directly on a bottle and have a few 20 or 30 pounders or if you have a large tank pipe in a valve to a couple of rooms and use fans to equalize the heat.


unfortunatly prices are as such where my method of having 2 - 2500 watt generators or what ever  so if one fails you still have a backup instead of having a larger heavier generator if it goes down your out of luck.

you cannot (IN GENERAL)  run generators in tandem to get higher voltage and unless it is a sinewave output electronics can posibly be damaged.


these are questions you need to cover if you plan to use electronics or just powering A/C and refrigerators. it is good to have extra spark plugs, proper oil and or oil filters if it uses one  fresh gas and allow a cool down after a tank of fuel if you can also read on the break in of the motor recomendations and change the oil as recomended

and do not use synthetic oils small engines unless otherwise instructed by your manual use non detergent motor oil I try to use a specific brand throughout the life of the generator I just buy it by the case use it in the mower and generator snd other equipment.


A side note I do not use the fuel shut off if the rubbers in the carb get dry they go bad it is best to run the generator for a time once a month and or drain and use the fuel in other equipment keeping fresh gas in the unit kinda a pain but if you want it to work when you need it have a schedule on a calender and stick to it. 


another option is a Miller welding machine or such you can weld or run off site any power tools I have used one for running a squirrel cage fan to quick burn a pile of trees.

This depends on if you or others can weld or are interested or have plans to build off the grid or away from power.


I hope this helps.

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Hondas & Yamahas are on the top of the list for quality generators.

They are a lot quieter than other brand names.

Me personally I prefer using solar panels in stead of a generator.

When the ballon goes up most generators are noise & will give your location away when running.

Solar will not.

Generators need more work to maintain, fuel, oil, spark plugs etc.

If your generator brakes down, one will have a hard time getting it fixed when things go south,

Unless you mechanical knowledge in fixing things.

I like solar, they are quiet, no fuel to store, easy on the pocket book once you have one set up, solar is cheaper over all.

With solar you need panels, a inverter, & deep cycle batteries which is your fuel source.

Start small with a solar system if ones is strapped for cash.

You can always add more solar panels & batteries & get a larger inverter when funds are available.

Hope this helps & may GOD bless you all.

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Check out the Honda generator sites as there are units that can be ganged for greater output available.  Honda does offer the least noise of any units that I know of.  You can reduce noise levels by building noise reduction surrounds and or placing the unit in a hole.  If you are like many of us the $99.99 with coupon unit at Harbor Freight might be a consideration.  You could stock pile several of those for the price of a Honda unit.  I totally agree with Snake short fat power cords with copper wire are the way to go.  Learn to maintain your equipment and store fuel with stabilizer in a safe secure location....not in an attached garage. 


As for solar....learn what it takes to keep it working....just as other equipment have the replacement parts to get back up if something fails.  Study up on batteries and look into products  and prosedures  designed to extend their life.

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Thanks guys! I will look into/research/read up on solar as it's interesting, but it's not feasible for our current abode, which will already give our location away anyways, since we live smack in suburbia. I definitely want to know about it for the future when we move out of suburbia.


BTW, we met with the real estate agent and we plan to list the house in March 2016. I'd LOVE to be out now and get settled before winter, but husband and family schedules bar that from happening. He has a month away in training and I'm starting home school with one child and I just cannot deal with one more "straw" on my back, especially one as large as moving and packing, and selling and finding a new house and buying it...


Re: generators, we ended up buying the DuroMax XP4400 4,400 watt 6.5 HP, 4 cycle gas powered with the wheel kit. It was on sale. Right now, price is a big factor. We paid less than $350 for it with a cover and wheel kit. We shall give it a go and try it out once we read the manual and get the appropriate cords and other back-up supplies suggested.

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all I can say about generators that the weak point is the connection between the motor and the generator itself if the motor takes a Sh^t you cannot 

separate and work on anything and the rear oil seal between the motor and gen set  is what starts to leak as these new cheap motors are poor workmanship and vibration eats the seals .


If any engineer/s had money and would break off and produce their own models of generators with some attention to repair ease of maintenance 

down draft carb with glass bowl top mount fuel tank real oil drain external magneto and coil joy coupling connection between engine and gen set on a frame and base that is top side work friendly,

build it with a diesel motor option and a washable air filter with optional hand start / electric starter.

they would rule the world.


most any motor could be bought like a short block and fitted but you have to buy a lot to make it worth it.


It is the ignorance of the public that allows for piss poor products to be produced the makers know that after 30 days returns are difficult to get through so they build crap that lasts or runs for months and not years by the time the buyer figures its junk too late.


Honda is the only generator worth buying IMHO and even them I think a internet review of dozens of people at least and I hate new models a model change to me is to limit segment and limit liability and loss most of the changes are not worthy of a model change as it is cosmetic.

it is now like a vehicle if you do not have all the engine numbers you cannot find a generic repair part and in less and less years you cannot find any replacement parts and your forced to buy a new model.

Now lawn mowers decks are so thin once they rot out you find they do not have replacement decks or parts if you could weld it.


I really feel like the reason they have not used plastic is because it would outlast the tin foil crap they use now 

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