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A Great Shaking is Coming

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In my personal religious beliefs, I DO believe that a "great time" is indeed coming. To me, it will appear as the "Storms of LIfe" that will descend upon ALL of us. Those who have prepared in faith, to the best of their own ability and own capability, I believe will be blessed.

Now, I understand in my own faith and practice that it "rains on the just and the unjust" to paraphrase that well known scripture in the Bible. AS long as we are prepared "we shall not fear". I believe that wholeheartedly.

Ive also come to the realization that "helping" or giving chairty to those in need is critical to MY salvation and MY personal relaitonship with God. So, I will help as much as I can(directed by the Holy Spirit of course) without putting my own house out of order with God.

I fear not what any man can do, I've already seen what men can do, I've also seen the miracles that God has done in my personal life. WHile I am not "sure" about the "timing" of what Rabbi Cahn has stated in his book, history shows that certain events have happened exactly as he has described in his latest book. I feel that I need all the help I can get to do what is right for MY family to the best of my ability.

So, come what may, He, and He alone decides how our Earthly lives will play out. I'm not "worried" at all. Concerned that I might not measure up to what I need and know I must do to be "right"? Of course!  That's why we have these excellent references and support from fellow Preppers!

Hang in there MotherLiberty, ALL is NOT "lost"!

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In my personal religious beliefs, I DO believe that a "great time" is indeed coming. To me, it will appear as the "Storms of LIfe" that will descend upon ALL of us. Those who have prepared in faith, to the best of their own ability and own capability, I believe will be blessed.

Now, I understand in my own faith and practice that it "rains on the just and the unjust" to paraphrase that well known scripture in the Bible. AS long as we are prepared "we shall not fear". I believe that wholeheartedly.

Ive also come to the realization that "helping" or giving chairty to those in need is critical to MY salvation and MY personal relaitonship with God. So, I will help as much as I can(directed by the Holy Spirit of course) without putting my own house out of order with God.

I fear not what any man can do, I've already seen what men can do, I've also seen the miracles that God has done in my personal life. WHile I am not "sure" about the "timing" of what Rabbi Cahn has stated in his book, history shows that certain events have happened exactly as he has described in his latest book. I feel that I need all the help I can get to do what is right for MY family to the best of my ability.

So, come what may, He, and He alone decides how our Earthly lives will play out. I'm not "worried" at all. Concerned that I might not measure up to what I need and know I must do to be "right"? Of course!  That's why we have these excellent references and support from fellow Preppers!

Hang in there MotherLiberty, ALL is NOT "lost"!

I found this video very encouraging, actually. "Be of good courage." Above all Rabbi Kahn focuses on getting right with the Lord and knowing Jesus as your Savior. That has been his paramount discussion, which I think gives his message a lot of Biblical credibility. I appreciate how he is also careful to state that God is sovereign and can do what He wishes. So, He may or may not have something in this Autumn - specifically September, but He may, we just don't know. Like Kahn says, "The safest place to be is in the Will of God and the Name of Yeshua."


I'm there already! So is my close family. He is the base of our survival pyramid. The ROCK!

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I do consider many things but I also remember:


Luke 17:23 KJV  And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after them, nor follow them.


Mark 13:21 KJV  And then if any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not:


I have noticed that Jonathan Kahn does not seem to deify or exalt himself and does call that God is not mocked etc.etc.

this leads me to consider that his information has validity it also is not of his own construct he saw and heard as I did, 3 people of power in our government state the same verse from the Bible this was / is odd as these people were not showing any signs of being religious before or since.


Khan is not stating that God is here or there that is in his favor, I have seen the slide into immorality and deviant and perverse beliefs and resurrection and rise of cults  that ebb and flow throughout history.

Only this time they are absorbing many hundreds of thousands of people if that is a anomaly of present increased population and our close proximity as well as mass communication 24/7/365 much of it would have shocked or sickened our grandparents.


Our children have been poisoned against us incrementally daily their videos Television and school instruction has undermined any value system we have tried to instill in them, we cannot compete with the onslaught of immoral attitudes and information that praises sin and shows no sign of punishment or fall from popularity well it does but in a sense that they can eventually remake themselves into a new ICON.


They now give out  trophy's for porn in all the same arenas as the Oscars music direction actors actresses.

For many years full explicit sexual acts on stage sex parties swapping and bi parties night clubs have been increasing.

you would think that the many diseases would have curbed these "cults" because thats what these actions are it is a way to separate people from God and immerse them into an alternative form of congregation or communing with humanity.


I know a shaking is coming I only hesitate to confirm its date as no man knows the hour or the day : 

Mark 13:32 KJV  But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.


People have become desensitized due to so many prophesying the end date and not that our end as individuals is what we should be concerned with

mankind has a problem in relating their own personal death and the coming of God each generation has balked or laughed at a coming disaster.

people still live in Bangladesh after over just my life time many hundreds of thousands have died from Tsunami's and tidal waves, you would think they would learn and get away from the beach but OH NO next day they are beach combing.


After in this century alone Marxism Communism as well as all the other forms of godless governments have murdered many millions have come to destruction and still people believe that these forms of governess will save us in fact 35% of one party seem to agree with this form of government.


NO matter how many sermons or natural disasters waves of disease or pestilence some will never accept God or his Commandments some would rather serve in hell that reign in heaven that has never changed and never will.

days before Christ was called by the people to be crowned King in a few days those same people chose to release  Barabbas over Jesus  and allow Jesus to be crucified that is mankind for you.


Out of my lips and heart I profess God is the creator and Jesus is the Christ Son of God he was crucified laid in a tomb after He preached the Word to those in Paradise (not heaven) he resurrected with the keys to death hell and the grave.


Do I understand it all NO,  God the creator of the universe He is as above me as an amoeba from Einstein even further as God created LIFE and without God there is no life no soul nothing.

I cannot conceive of any other way or understanding of life nature space and time when I have it does not hold together.


I am watching the History channel It does not surprise me that mankind is so confused with such twisted ideas of the ethereal and history that at least to me have much different meanings they confuse things so well it seem almost probable .

Matthew 10:28 KJV  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


Just to let everyone know I cannot remember all these scriptures I have to use many Internet sources using pieces of scripture I recall to find the book and verse if you read enough of the Bible you are reminded of scripture to answer a question if you are not knowledgeable of the Bible you will not find answers only opinions of mans wisdom and that is always inferior to God's Word IMHO.


In conclusion MommyLiberty I do think there is a great shaking coming is it THE ONE unsure many have come and gone people have swarmed the churches and in todays view they were unlearned - ignorant knaves but God has chasten his people and as to if this is the ONE i cannot say I do know that these incidents happen and mankind has become the better or worse for it.

America was a example of people wanting a different way of life originally it was thought to contain riches of Gold and Silver and it was in the form of what really is wealth "Freedom"

It became a dream location for those oppressed to find shelter from tyranny and religious pressure to find freedom and liberty,

Too bad that mankind has such a short memory of how our forefathers were treated like animals and killed on a whim or worked to death.

We have pushed God out and let satan in and we can easily see the transition once before satan ruled here in America and we with Gods help overcame then we allowed satan back in this time what will it take for us to recognize it is him and what will we do about it as we always have the choice, will we kick him out or will many embrace satan and bring us to destruction ?

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I have a great dislike for the Bible thumping. It gets in the way of rational discussion. The Bible as are most all books is intended to be taken as a whole and not picked to pieces. When you pick it to pieces it loses all meaning. I hear people all the time quoting the Bible to explain why someone else is evil and should be killed or punished. That is why they justify their hate for Gays, Blacks, Islamics, Jews or nearly any other group that you would like to justify your hate for.


I always think about things like "Judge not lest you be judged", "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"...


When someone starts doing the end of the world I think about "No man nor angel will know the time of his passing. Only God knows that."...


The world ends every day for some people. Millions die every year! If we all went together it would be no different to each of us. If the world is to end, so be it. Prepare for it by living each day as if it might be the last. Love as many as possible, hate as few as possible, Smile, laugh, TELL those you love that you love them EVERY DAY. Leave the rest up to God and don't worry about it. Anyone that tries to tell you different is most likely trying to line their pockets. Fear has always been used by people in Religions as a tool to get people to throw their money away and TOO them. Don't look to people for the answers...the answers are already there if you will just shut up and listen to the quiet soft beating of a baby's heart...look into the smiling face of a child...feel the warmth of the sun...just open your heart...



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well at least my BOOK does not say to hate anyone there are those I am to keep separate of / from unrepentant criminals etc.


I do think too many as you posted Damn look to find reason to exalt themselves or hate another.

Problem is if you point at someone three fingers are pointing back we can see that there are those who by their nature are either self destructive or dangerous users and will not change by their own choice those are a destructive force and all should avoid them but all can come and be forgiven of ALL sin.


Money can be thrown away but at least in my place of worship we have accountability we vote on what needs done and where we put our money this is the way it should be it is those that show up for an hour a week and think they have done enough and that do not hold the clergy to some rules are failing their community.


This year a lot of money went to the youth many cannot afford or do not have parents that would do activities ours has sent them to camp and gone to bowling water park and other outings they have also gone and helped in the community repairing homes cleaning and yard work for the elderly.


A church is for like minded individuals to not only honor God but to find ways to help in their home town some go to the hospitals old folks homes

some of their own accord some as a church group.

our church is part of the food bank and has helped people with personal issues gas money health care and many of us have skills that we put to use in the church and community.


If anyone goes to a place of worship that only seems to swallow money and you do not see it going out to improve the community I think they need to look for a better place of worship IMHO.


My use of scriptures is not to condemn anyone but to add insight to whatever the issue may be inciting fear or hate is not scriptural the prophets have warned "the people" and this country has been warned it has ignored the warnings and in less than 20 years 5 times more prisons have been built.

we are concerned as a country that our economy is harboring a condition that could become a disaster.

our nation has allowed 50 million abortions, may seem simple but an abortion is to solve a promiscuity problem it does not SAVE the mother

if there are so many rapes we need to concern ourselves with including that into the abortions rules then we are worse off then anyone can think.

So we have a tidal wave of rape and that in some cases ends in murder so what is the problem ?

then they go as for as to include incest,  well now if they are giving abortions to victims of incest why are the perpetrators not in prison ?


Now we have Planned parenthood selling infant organs and laughing about it they are looking into the smiling face of a child just before they kill it.

all this is splitting hairs people that are willing to end the life cycle of a child are not to be trusted IMO.

It is now almost impossible to adopt a child here but for 3oo bucks  to 1,000 we will kill one there is some sick mind behind all this.


It is nice to open your heart but if you do not open your wallet not much is going to get accomplished I hate to mention this but I was at the

V.A. a person in front of me asked for a coupon to get lunch as he was felling sick it was obvious he was in need the nurse had to get back with the doctor and told him to go sit and wait but he would get help knowing how long it takes the V,A, to do anything I just gave him 5 bucks.

when I smoked I would bring an extra pack and if asked I would give out a cigarette I have never been a tight wad money is a tool I do not give with strings attached.


I can't afford to judge people as I am probably way worse than any of them could possibly be, I'm a Christian failing falling but I never want to quit all I want is people to have an alternative to being miserable or escape their life if it is a problem I do not save anyone Christ does I just try not to make the world any worse than it is and if at all possible a little better if I can.

I would thump another book but I have read most and I did see where they had truths but not who is in charge and how I can relate to him.

When Christ went to paradise he took everyone out that accepted the WORD so all those that died before or between and had not the WORD I am sure they are judged with that in mind God is fair.


I am just as sure that many in all Godly religions will be in heaven and maybe some that were in no religion I am not of a group the considers theirs the ONLY religion, there are parameters.

I have seen where being a member in a good church you have a support system we are human so you cannot be always be a taker a balanced person is always a benefit.


I do not like the "seed money" and "you cannot out give god" sermons or the people that use them.

I also do not abide the absolute 10% ties as your correct God does not need our money it is in reverence and in how / mindset of giving if you gave all and are indignant about it may as well not have given at all, that lesson is well evident in the Cain vs Able story.


I have seen what real conversion can do if everyone was like that be a better world.

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I hear you Snake.

Bless others in need, never take advantage of people who are down & out with greed.

All I know is that I've come to this earthly world with nothing & when I die someday, all my worldly posessions that I've gained while I'm alive will be left behind for others to do as they wish.

As I grow old, it's my soul, that I am told to hold more dearly, that I am totally sold.

So behold, everyone reading this, you have been told, living with GODs words in the HOLY BIBLE is pure GOLD. Amen.

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You folks are a LOT better people than I am! I feel like pulling my blankie over my head and retreating a  lot of the time. Relationships with people are our greatest blessing AND heartache in this life.

I've seen a lot of the miserable rotten terrible things people do to each other in selfishness, and am glad I no longer wear a uniform or drive a company car with red/blue lights on top. it DOES grind on you.

I do try to be a good person and treat people like I like to be treated. Works out well for me. For those who want to prey upon me or my family and loved ones, I feel no remorse in dealing with them in a manner that is not "polite" nor "nice". It is entirely their personal and willing choice as to which response they get. I will go either way. I have a personal preference of course, but sometimes, people will not choose the better way. So be it. Not a problem for me at all.Our Savior never expected us to be IN toxic relationships with people or to allow our Spirits to be damaged by toxic people and events. I believe we have a God-given duty to protect our souls and those of our families,loved ones and friends. That's the road I try to stay on every day. Doesn't always work out, but I'm never far off the right path at all.Thankfully.

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Will Next month be an end .... according to some yes it will.  It will also mark a beginning of the next cycle.  We are told to be ready ... to prepare to be able to make it through the times of tribulation.  Is religion the opiate of the people as some say?  Only if the "religion" is more important than your faith in GOD.  Too many bad things have been done in the name of religion (a word used for so many different beliefs).  For those of us who honor the one GOD it is seen by our actions (not that those actions will assure us of anything) by those who are around us.  Just as one cannot make another ready to survive .... only show them the way to do so, there is only ONE who can save. 

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Regardless of what happens any month I just want to do whats right in any situation, that does not mean that people will love you or agree with you.

some people are just naturally contrary evil or unjust.

If Christianity did not exist people would still want to be treated fairly, it is funny how the most crooked con person hates to be cheated but does not mind getting over on others.


I have found people are dumb for the most part or allow themselves to be ignorant and by any pole number it comes out to be more each year.

they used to call them lemmings now it's sheeple over 50 % fall into this ditch.

So I figer it is an even 50/50 shot they will become problematic, and that is just sad IMHO.

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My birthday just happens to be on one of the Four Blood Moons in this latest sequence of Blood Moons listed in the Shemitah. Oh joy! Always "knew" there was something special about that birthday.....will be an interesting birthday in any event. Inching ever closer to "emeritus status" or that corchety old guy.

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My birthday just happens to be on one of the Four Blood Moons in this latest sequence of Blood Moons listed in the Shemitah. Oh joy! Always "knew" there was something special about that birthday.....will be an interesting birthday in any event. Inching ever closer to "emeritus status" or that corchety old guy.

After reading this, I started to cough & chocked . hoping you will have a safe & happy B- day.

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Hey I think we are here.

The stock market is all over mostly DOWN.

I am waiting for money to come on a roll like toilet paper so you can zip off a few wraps to buy a cup of coffee or wipe your butt as if this keeps up the value of a dollar will be the same as a single sheet of azz wipe IMHO.

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P210, thanks for the birthday wishes and I have to ask, OFFTOPIC, you really have a P210??????

I've fired one, ONCE in my lifetime, haven't seen one since. Superbly accurate! Made ME look good.

Well done, sir IF you do have one! Don't let anybody like me, I'll try to poach it from you or nag you to let me buy it! (no worries, couldn't afford it at present anyway.)

Not to worried about the coming birthday, either it will be a non-event, OR, we will all wake up in a much better place! Not to worry, even though I've not actually met you all, I like how you all THINK! My kind of people.

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P210, thanks for the birthday wishes and I have to ask, OFFTOPIC, you really have a P210??????

I've fired one, ONCE in my lifetime, haven't seen one since. Superbly accurate! Made ME look good.

Well done, sir IF you do have one! Don't let anybody like me, I'll try to poach it from you or nag you to let me buy it! (no worries, couldn't afford it at present anyway.)

Not to worried about the coming birthday, either it will be a non-event, OR, we will all wake up in a much better place! Not to worry, even though I've not actually met you all, I like how you all THINK! My kind of people.

Yes indeed TPSnograss I really do own a Sig-P210-6 model.

It's in mint condition & the slide rides on the frame like butter.

My son will own it one day when I'm gone to meet my maker.

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Since the prediction was made in the First century AD there have been 8 tetrads. Each one was going to be "The end of the world" at that time. With and 0 of 8 batting average I like our odds of it whiffing again for 9 in a row. LOL, when I hear someone predicting the end of the world I always wonder if they are living that belief or laughing while planning for the next holiday. It is one of the oldest rackets in religious history. Paul was the first and preached that the second coming and end of the world was eminent. He told the people not to have sex because the children would never grow up. We are still working with that crap and it is still causing trouble. The people that took it to heart like the Shakers no longer exist. What do you want to bet that this guy had a full wood shed and is ready for winter.


That was what one of his predecessors did. He had thousand and thousands standing on mountain and hill tops waiting for the second coming after giving away most of their "worldly possessions. HE as it turned out was well and fully prepared for winter and ready to live large...They nearly strung him up after he said that it was just a small miscalculation and that the world was going to end next year.

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Correct me, I could be wrong, but I don't think anybody said the end was coming. The video in the original post was on information about a great shaking in the US - not the end. I think the underlying principle is that God is a covenant God and while the USA isn't a "covenant country or people" like the current and past Jews are, this nation was founded on a definitive and strong Biblical/Christ-centered basis.


Side note: before we go all "separation of church and state," that phrase came from Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Danbury Baptist Church. It was a response to them regarding a previous letter they had sent him asking about whether or not people would be expected to follow a government determined religion/Christian denomination, which had been the standard M.O. in England and other parts of Europe.


He used that phrase, "separation of church and state," not to say that religion had no place in government, but that the government would not concern itself with the religious/faith matters of the people. In that regard, the State would be separate from the Church - as is - no set, governmental religion AKA Law of the Land Religion. He did not mean that statesmen and governing officials could not pray, worship, or gather in faith-based ways inside or outside of the government. In fact, the first action the new President Washington took after swearing Oath of Office was to walk to church in NYC, along with the Cabinet and other statesmen and pray for the new nation.


But, back to my original point...If you ask God into your world, life, community, and nation - He will come. And, if you make Oaths in His name and swear on His Word and want to honor Him and obey Him - to become a Light on the Hill sort of nation, then when He gets kicked aside and removed, then I do think He gets righteously angry. He is a person after all.


So we aren't like Israel - the ancient people or the current nation state - in covenant with Him. However, we were founded on His principles and up until the last few decades or so, we were a nation that did make mistakes, but for the most part, walked in His teachings and ways. I think this is a fundamental reason why the USA has been so, so blessed with resources and wealth. He honors those who seek Him and gives them a bounty to serve themselves AND aid others (around the world).


From my original post and Rabbi Cahn's video, the matter isn't the end of the world, but rather an awakening in this nation to get people to come back to Him. In addition, Rabbi Cahn and others believe that based on Scripture, whenever people desecrated something of the Lord's they/their people were met with judgment. Well, what did the USA just desecrate in July 2015?


The fundamental basis for family and the base of all societies has been redefined. While Rome (a pagan culture) was full of homosexuality - they never, ever for once stated or demonstrated that the basis for FAMILY was anything other than a one man/one woman marriage. Marriage remained intact in Rome. Yet, here we are in a Christ-centered historical nation literally redefining the basis for human civilization. The bedrock of all civilizations throughout time has been changed here. Can we honestly think this will end well? Even if God weren't part of the equation?


And, we all know that when we make something and someone comes and messes with it - we get angry and rightly so. I think we can absolutely expect divine judgment on our nation for what the SCOTUS did in July. All 4 of the dissenting Justices gave warnings of what would follow.


Some day, the world will come to an end. Do I think it's now? No. Could it be in my lifetime? I don't know. But, it wouldn't surprise me. The Bible says that wars, threat of wars, and disasters will all increase near the end. More human blood has been spilled in the last 150 years, than in all the previous centuries combined. That's significant. We need to pay attention and be alert to the times.


The shades of grey are disappearing. The time in drawing near where people will need to decide on which side they are fighting and walking. If you aren't with God, then you are against Him. He doesn't operate in greydom. We can say this is mean of Him and think it's not fair. but actually it is wonderful. How often do we get a clear and concise, definitive and perfect plan for ourselves? Um, never. He gives us one - we can choose to take Him or not. But, we don't kind of take a salt shaker of God - sprinkled on Sundays - check off that box for the week.


The early church fathers and Christians throughout history were/are right to preach that the end is coming even if it hasn't yet come. Because when we DIE: that's the end. We don't get another shot at redemption. My end may be coming tomorrow. So may anybody's who is reading this. We can think all we want that the end of the world people are silly folks. To some extent, we are - we cannot know the timing of these things. But, we can know and understand the season. Yet, these folks really aren't that off base - the end of the world comes for us all at some point. Literally, MY END IS DRAWING NEAR every time I have a birthday.


One of two things happens...we die and go into the ground and turn to dust and that's the end of it. Or, we die and we go someplace else to live. Personally I ask, "what's the point of living this life at all to just go and be worm fodder?" Furthermore, what about that "glimmer" people have in their eyes? The lifeblood? That "spark" people talk and write about? We have a glimmer, a lifeblood and a spark to go be eaten by ground insects? I think there's more to us that our physical bodies. We're too complex and majestic to have our ends in the ground. There has to be more.

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Well the "SPARK" im most peoples eyes is probably gas for most people.


What really befuddles me is we have proof from many "Ghost hunting" shows where they have evidence from many pieces of equipment that there is something on the other side, my thoughts are these are evil spirits the devil and his angles are not in hell yet but not here either.


As far as going in the ground 2 Corinthians 5:8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

so all that is left is a husk the body means nothing after death we get a incorruptible  body what that means I have no idea but if it is like an angels body or Christ's it can move between this world and the other in a blink of an eye it does not thirst hunger become sick or die.


People that think there is no other side have no respect for anything but the moment and self they are always looking for the next thrill lover more money and stroking their egoor getting it stroked.


there are a lot of hour a week Christians so many I am not sure the 70% number of people that say they are Christians is more like 10% I can only post from my experience in any church how many teach bible study children's church visit the sick and elderly ?

giving money is OK but there are many people who are hurting or need other help and Christ and Christians have a place and responsibility to help that does not mean to enable or throw money at problems but to also be a backstop and support group.


Churches have sinners all of the people are sinners sin is not small or large it just IS anyone who has felt shame or guilt may have sinned it is a condition of the conscience like blushing is for embarrassment this like any other reaction we can control or make ourselves desensitized to  or ignore.

just like a martial artist becomes less effected by pain.


Unless peopls can easily point you out or know your a Christian or think there is something different about you then you may well be a Christian but not doing all you could to effect a better "YOU" I have that problem and work on it.

Christian are not perfect or better than anyone ( those that think that,  are like the brother in the parable of the prodigal son) look it up read it and understand none are perfect no not one.

All I try to be is a help to a hurting world not to create wreckage and not break my arm patting myself on the back it is what I am and was always expected to do as a human being so expecting or getting praise from people is poor form it happens we can feel good about it but I at least need to stay grounded and not become self absorbed.


Your right in my opinion MpmmieLiberty we are more than the here and now or our physical form.

Science has proven that people that pray and contemplate spiritual things have more positive brain waves better overall happiness.

Now this is not just Christians but I think we have a better outlook were we are custodians of this earth our connection to mankind and responsibilities.


looking over all the religions Christianity is the only one wher we have a God that is personal and concerned with  and died for us and has a free and open invitation at any time in our life.

All others expect people to owe them or have no personal connection some have the opinion that they must  diminish self and become nothing others are required to commit great works and even a few are about destruction committing acts and  or works that are increasingly self destructive.


Today the stock market fell losses were heavy and it has been a bad month I hope this is not a precursor to worse events reading tells me this is not the first time and I think we have more dominoes to fall people will say this has all happened before wel it hasn't and saying it does not make it so.


In 50 years this world has gone like a mad dog running in the dark.


I think we are in for a monumental event a bad one.

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I agree that it is pretty bad right now Snake but it has also been a LOT worse at times in the past and we are still here and moving on. I remember atomic bomb drills in my elementary school days. If you asked a boy what he wanted to be when he grew up he prefaced his answer with some version of "If I don't get drafted and die in Vietnam I'm..."


I remember an older friend that went to war withing a week of December 7th. He was a reservist. When he left he didn't even know his wife was pregnant. When he got back He called as soon as he hit shore in NYC. His son answered the phone. My Mama lost her first husband on Iwo Jima; never even found a body. Big boom and he was vaporized. My uncle Harvey was a tail gunner in a Flying Fortress. They were shot down over France. A bullet went through his right eye and out his temple. He survived and jumped and then got to be a Guest of the Third Reich for two years with no medical care.


At least right now I feel pretty good about the chances of my kids and grandkid living for a while longer. What you are seeing right now is simply that the core of Americans has forgotten how to act right and even what IS right. We are like a lion that has laid down with jackals. They have lost their fear and now are feeding on his kids and chewing on his tail. Eventually the lion will remember and when that comes home it is going to be ugly. The tree of Freedom has to be regularly watered with the blood of patriots does NOT just refer to enemies coming from the outside. It has happened before and will happen again. The US is once again in a “peace in our time” sort of idea. It will end just as it always has in the past. The big difference this time is the enemies are more HERE than THERE this time.


You don't make peace with a Cobra! You either kill it or remove it. A cop took a beating the other day. He said that since the big black dude was unarmed he figured he would be better off taking a beating than defending himself with his gun. When you reach THAT point it is time for the real patriots to let the lion roar. If you attack a cop you are attacking AMERICA. You are attacking ME. As a person that cop might be bad but until he proves that his job and uniform deserves respect.


The Jackals defend the right of the bad to harm the good. To me that makes them even worse than the bad people. At least that dude that beat that cop unconscious had the cahonies to do it face to face and man to man. The Jackals do it from the shadows behind the bad people. The lions ribs are showing because the jackals take his prey that he worked hard for away but that doesn't mean that he is toothless. It is past time for the lion to fatten up by eating a few jackals up! Then the survivor jackals will remember that you may walk softly but that big stick he carries is more than a walking cane to help the old guy along.

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Atomic bomb drills yea I remember going into the hall and doing the duck & cover against the brick we also did the desk dive.


I remember a lot of things all of it was a lie and a damn lie nothing is what it appeared to be and it is still all an illusion.


Trust is a commodity that I have little faith in I have seen Honor dignity and life viewed with such irreverence and used as a tool it disgusts me,

It's wrapped in a flag an idea and sold like a pound of sausage and we all know the old saying you don't want to see how it's made.


I have faith and Honor God and Jesus in this world but I carry on lead and steel as a talisman against dark forces, or never go naked through a thorny thicket.

In some dream there were days when I was ignorant of the world that day is long past I fell like I am walking in a world of mannequins empty eyes stiff almost robotic when your not looking at them somehow you think they could have moved .


J.D. Salinger, “People never notice anything.” and his other quote “Sleep tight, ya morons!” always produces a pulse jump I only refer to his quotes I cannot say I feel as others that he was a great writer but much like Lenny Bruce shock & awe glimpse into a damaged "ID" nourished by booze and a lack of belief or humanism gone bat crap.

His book the Catcher in the rye has gotten praise but many a nut ball used it as a perverse demonic bible If anyone has any doubt that certain books games or pictures and video can alter the mind I rank some of these as information left to more stable minds and not fertile minds of the young.

I personally view it as indoctrination of evil and many press on the young as to make certain books as mandatory reading material and curse the Bible.

Why do we wonder that the world is spinning out of control or it may well come crashing down in any moment.


People want freedom from rules  as an example Ashly Madison it is now very apparent that there is cost to sin and 37 MILLION have now been uncovered it is and will be very costly.

there have already been suicides and divorces the cost of human pain and suffering cannot be tallied there is no formula for sins destructive power.

how many children will lose a parent how many will have life long issues how many billions of dollars of loss and all unintended consequences.

the U.S. population is 318 million so just over 1% were involved in this debacle add in prostitutes criminals the mentally insane functional drug dependent mentally ill alcoholics dope heads child molesters gang bangers crooked officials thieves and the world that provides them with fuel like pornography gambling bars  if each alone is only 1% of our population I think we have a problem.


There is a whole litany of things I have not mentioned this place is a cesspool it has stunk so bad for so long we no longer notice it.

our children are acting out what we have allowed to seep in through the cracks this ship is foundering it will sink.

If you can gloss over 37 million I guess I see no reason why the world is oblivious to just how close we are to Noah's day as explained in the Bible.

there are 44 BILLION porn pages viewed per month so how many men and women make this porn ?

in Texas has 100 prisons that does not include state jail and other incarceration centers juvenile asylums halfway houses rehabilitation centers and a host of other holding patterns.


In 1968 there were 517 people on death row and 200 million people in the U.S.  in the U.S. NOW 317 million and 3002  people on death row.

Many have committed such heinous murders that are doing life without parole and those numbers are not included.

Hell has saddled up and is riding hard the evidence is clear who bothers to find it ? no one they are too busy watching porn texting and joining sites like Ashley Madison.


I have never been blind to what goes on at one time I just did not care but I see clearly now and i intend to tell it like it is in the last few month I guess some people must have missed it riots looting racial strife murders of innocent people for no other reason than to start a civil or race war and it's not that bad ? the middle east is burning and we are on the threshold of going back in after loosing 10,000 ++ people and 2 trillion dollars and accomplished nothing but make it 10 times worse,

I think thats what the gawkers and people jeering Noah while he was building the ark I wonder what people were doing in Rome just before the fall 

WE / People today are  like the people who watched the tide roll away and walked toward the beach wondering what was going on.


As I see it we are in a similar situation we see it refuse to comprehend it and it is about to wipe many of us out IMHO.

Ephesians 6:12King James Version KJV 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  

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I can not help but see the Islamization of europe there are already NO GO ZONES where the population is so anti western culture it is dangerous.


Watching the news there are plans for Germany to take in 800,000 syrians really so in 5 years there will be no German officials all of them will be voted out and replaced with --- you guessed it europhobics and Ameriphobics.


since it is politically incorrect to use the term "radical mooslims let us agree to use Ameriphobic or Europhobic as the term allows.

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I can not help but see the Islamization of europe there are already NO GO ZONES where the population is so anti western culture it is dangerous.


Watching the news there are plans for Germany to take in 800,000 syrians really so in 5 years there will be no German officials all of them will be voted out and replaced with --- you guessed it europhobics and Ameriphobics.


since it is politically incorrect to use the term "radical mooslims let us agree to use Ameriphobic or Europhobic as the term allows.

Yeah. Just saw an article that the refugees are insisting that the German women cover their arms and legs. Sigh.

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      Aldi Australia is set to launch a free-standing wood-fired pizza oven for an affordable order moduretic online legitimate $149. The stylish model is a fraction of the price of designer versions costing hundreds. The Vikings, the 49ers and the Patriots all overcame double-digit point deficits, and the Ravens obliterated the Texans in a week that kept people guessing. Photographer Vladimir Antaki spent six years visiting shopkeepers in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East for his new book priceline pharmacy temovate of portraits called 'The Guardians.' Clarence Williams, of Palo Alto Middle School in Killeen, Texas, has been placed on paid leave for a week while the local school district reviews a report of the incident. School officials did not provide details on what prompted the teacher to allegedly tape the boy's mouth shut on October 23.
      Pizza Rat is not the only resourceful city critter. A look at the endlessly entertaining (and slightly dangerous) world of urban wildlife. Peugeots shares slipped and Fiat Chryslers soared buy now bettamousse online shopping since the two automakers announced their merger of equals. The reason Its not so equal after all. But with big shareholders and CEO Carlos Tavares on board, Peugeot is probably on a path of no return. Lisa Jucca explains. The family of Jessica Brooks, 18, was told by staff at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent, she was suffering careprost price in egypt from gastroenteritis, food poisoning, and later sepsis.
      PETE JENSON IN MADRID Is it crazy to suggest the next Ballon d'Or winner could be a defender? That was the question Diario AS asked buy tacrolimus uk tesco after the Champions League final. The writer and broadcaster on Crombies, cool tunes and the photo that pulls on his brash boy heartstrings The two parties did not cheap ketrel order payment otc trust each other before Saturdays workout fiasco. Not much has changed. Femail has tasted 14 of the pastries on offer from Britain's money order sifrol shop most popular supermarkets in a completely blind taste test.